Meet Mia, Our Honey Badger…And She Don’t Care

This is me and little Mia…otherwise known as the Honey Badger. Sure she looks sweet and she’s definitely a cutie, but underneath all that cuteness there is definitely a little monster. Ethan used to be the monster, but Mia’s taken over that title. Mia is our Honey Badger, and she don’t care.

Now if you have never heard or seen the Honey Badger clip on You Tube, none of this is probably making sense and definitely wouldn’t be funny. But sit tight because I’ll get to that in a minute…

I’ve told you before that we rarely call our kids by their names and that we always call our kids by their nicknames – and they have a lot of them! The one that has stuck around longest for Mia (and that all of our family calls her too) is Honey Badger. Why? It’s a long story…

We used to call her the Silent Assassin because when the other kids picked on her or pestered her, she would act like she didn’t care. And then? When they weren’t paying attention to her? She’d plan her attack and catch them off guard – hitting, biting, or pulling hair. She don’t care.

She can be mean, very mean. And when she is tired or crabby, her attitude can be downright scary. You don’t mess with The Badger. So Jason coined her The Honey Badger. I think it’s because it’s a cute name for something (or in her case someone) who can be so mean and nasty.

Then one night at work, Jason was telling his co-workers about her. They didn’t know what a Honey Badger was so they did what we all do – they went to You Tube to look for a video of one in action. And that’s when we found this little gem.

I swear I laugh every time I watch it! Randall is hilarious! Honey Badger don’t care…she don’t give a shit.

And we were out and about one day and I saw someone wearing this t-shirt:

My goal in life has become getting this t-shirt with Mia’s face in place of the badger’s. I really need to get a life.

So if you hear me refer to Honey Badger, Badge, or Badgey, you’ll know that I’m talking about my Mia.


  1. I've had a post in draft for a while about Zoe called The Sparkly Honeybadger. She's a total princess, but damn that girl don't care. She's fearless and crazy! Leigh Ann recently posted..ReadingMy Profile
  2. Oh, we have a Honeybadger too. Justin is the nastiest kid sometimes. I have no idea where it comes from, but I'll tell you what: he doesn't take anybody's crap!
  3. What a fun post and good for Mia being someone that you just don't mess with! PragmaticMom recently posted..Gift Ideas for Everyone: 12 Days of ShoppingMy Profile