Honest Scrap

I’m honored and very excited to receive the Honest Scrap award from onelovemama. The objective of this award is to share ten honest facts about myself and then pass it on to five other deserving bloggers. So here we go!
1. I LOVE to get the mail. No, you don’t understand…I LOVE to get the mail. When I was about 11 years old, I went on a 3 day Mexico cruise. One of the activities they had to keep us kids busy was to write a message, put it in a bottle, and chuck it overboard. And somebody found my bottle! He sent me a letter about how he found it and a t-shirt. Ever since then, I have always loved to get the mail.

2. If I’m at a potluck and I don’t know who made something, I ain’t eatin’ it.

3. I like strawberries, but hate strawberry candy. I like watermelon candy, but hate watermelon. I love sushi, but I’m not a fan of cooked fish. Weird huh?

4. I am a reader! It’s my favorite thing to do. I even write about reading. Reading is my escape. “So many books, so little time” -Frank Zappa

5. I love summertime and family bbqs. I’ve got a big family – my parents have been married almost 37 years, I’ve got 2 brothers and 2 sisters, and all but one of them has kids. We get together at least 2 or 3 weekends out of the month to bbq and hang out. There’s not too many other people I’d rather hang out with than my family.

6. My hair is blond, but that’s only because I color it. I’m not even sure of its real color anymore.

7. I would rather dehydrate then drink Pepsi. It’s Diet Coke or bust.

8. I love watching Forensic Files, Disappeared, I Survived, etc., but when I’m home alone at night I scare myself  by thinking about the shows and all the weirdos running around out there.

9. My favorite flowers are orchids…all different types of them. But every time I try to grow them, I end up killing them.

10. Today is my Dad’s 57th birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!! Actually, I don’t know why I’m even saying that because he doesn’t read my blog. But my Mom does, so Mom, please pass it along 🙂

And now, I’m passing this award along to 5 other deserving bloggers. I can’t wait to read their ten things and learn more about them! Please stop by and visit their blogs – these are the blogs that I don’t ever miss reading!
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Side Note: I really, really, really wanted to include Funny or Snot, but she’s told me before that she’s not a fan of doing this type of stuff. I still want to give her a shout out though because she is hi-lar-i-ous!!

And so it goes…


  1. Maureen says:
    Congrats for the award! That is uber cool that someone wrote to you from that message in a bottle. How cool is that?! I used to have so many penpals when I was younger and I still miss getting a real letter in the mail sometimes. About reading...I'm so with you on that part! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY for your Dad. May he have a blessed one with many happy returns :D
  2. bbcd mama says:
    Congratulations to you! The message in a bottle story is great! And I'm the same way about root beer/root beer flavored candy.
  3. I am so with you on number 2 and I still probably won't eat it unless I have visually inspected the kitchen it came from.

    I appreciate the shout out and support despite the fact that I am a big fat flake with the inability to follow through with anything (I still feel guilty about the other meme. I tried, but I couldn't make one word funny :) Lots O Love
  4. i love this type of post...so fun learning things about our blogging friends :) and thanks for the blog recommendations...can't have too much humor in life!
  5. Way to go on the award! I am like you...if I don't know who made it...I am not tasting it!

    I am a reader to...but there is not a lot free time for that.

    I love family bbq's too! They are the best. I wish my family lived closer to do that.

    Happy Birthday to your dad!
  6. Paul and Kerry says:
    cracking up over the watching the true crime shows. I cannot watch alone. ever. Great list and congrats!!
  7. Love this list! Ha ha..I hate watermelon candy and LOVE watermelon. Too funny! How cool that you come from such a close knit family. Those are few and far between. I am lovin' your blog and so glad that I found it..or did you find me..can't remember! ha ha

    Thanks so much for the honest scrap award, too!! I am honored that you thought of me. I love the fact that you think my blog is full of honest sCRAP!! ha ha
  8. Helene says:
    You and my husband are very similiar with your taste in food! He hates tomatos yet he loves spaghetti sauce...hates fish but he loves tuna fish sandwiches. Makes no sense at all...LOL!!

    How cool that someone found your note in a bottle! I told my kids that next time we get some balloons, we'll attach a handwritten note in a ziploc bag to it and hopefully the person who finds it will e-mail us and let us know where it landed! They get such a kick out of stuff like that!

    Congratulations on your award! Very well deserved! And thank you for passing it on to me...you made my morning!! I should probably tell you that I totally suck at awards but please know I do appreciate the thought!

    BTW, I had no idea you were in CA...I just saw that on your profile! I'm in Northern CA!
  9. Pepsi should be banned from this planet.
  10. Christy says:
    I dye my hair a lot too. I usually go red. However, the last time I had my hair cut, I skipped the color. And finally, I think I am starting to see my true hair color - a very boring, dull shade of brown. I have to admit, I am a little disappointment. I am predicting that I will be a red head again in two months.
  11. Christie@MommyDrinksBecauseYouCry says:
    #6 I wish this were true but since I've been home and out of work I have no money to dye my hair and ewwwwwwwwwwww. I am NOT liking what I see. Rusty orange and grey. WTF? It's just noe cool.
    #7 All the way. Pepsi is just gross!
    Thanks for the award. I'm excited to do this!
  12. Lol...well, I just gave you this award too :)


    Your family sounds lovely!!
  13. scrapwordsmom says:
    Just found you on Blog Frog through SITS. Wanted to see what your blog was all about. Super fun post and congrats on the award! Those are always fun. I won my first one a few weeks ago. Made me so giddy:)

  14. Diana's Domain says:
    I think you must be a daughter I had that got transplanted before I met you. lol You sound a LOT like a younger version of me! I am now at the Nana stage and posting about my grandkids and what they say and do~I am your parents age.
    I had an older child and then 3 kids in 4 years and I used to write daily letters to my friend (before blogs-thank you). You hang in there, honey, you're doing fine. The kids are alive and you still have a sense of humor. What more could anyone ask for? NanaDiana
  15. Diana's Domain says:
    I guess I should have included a link to my blog, huh? Duh... Can you tell I am new to all this stuff? http://thenanadiana.blogspot.com/
  16. I told Dad Happy 57th Birthday from you!!! Funny thing is, he's only 56! :) Don't make us older than we already are...time goes by too quickly as it is!
  17. Natalie says:
    Mom! I'm making myself older too! I know you guys are exactly 20 years older than me; that means I think I'm 37! Why would I do that to myself??!!
  18. Love your list! Especially the message in a bottle story! I have always wondered if anyone has ever found one. Very cool.

    Congratulations on the award. It is well deserved!

    Oh, and happy (belated) birthday to your 56 year-old dad. :)
  19. Natalie..You made me think too. I thought I was 54 but you made me stop and think when you said your Dad was 57. I knew we weren't that old! lol