Here, There and Everywhere!

Well, I’m all over the place today!

I’m super, super, SUPER excited to tell you all that I’m over at In These Small Moments today guest blogging for Nichole’s series Small Moments Mondays! So many amazing bloggers have guest posted there, and I’m honored to become part of the group. I’m sharing a time that took my breath away. And every time I think about it, it takes my breath away again. Thank you, Nichole, for inviting me over.

OurMommyhood.comThis is a fantastic announcement, and I’ve been waiting for weeks to share it! I’m back over writing for Our Mommyhood! I’ll be writing regularly over there every month, and I’m so excited to be part of their team again (thanks to Editors Liz & Betsy…two of my favorite bloggers). If you haven’t been over there to visit, you really should…there’s something for every mom there! You can check out my post over at Our Mommyhood  it’s all about me trying to pick out a Halloween costume for the twins. Do I dress them the same? Different? As opposites? You help me decide.

Because I’ve got these exciting things going on today, I won’t have a separate post here. Except this one. But I’m not counting this because really I’m just directing you over to Our Mommyhood and In These Small Moments to read me there 🙂

And so it goes…


  1. blueviolet says:
    You are sooooo busy!!! I must go investigate your other postings then!
  2. Tatter Scoops says:
    You are one busy, momma! :D Will head over to check them out.
  3. Look at you!! Congrats on your features.
  4. Wow, you are busy! I don't know how you do it all. Going to check out your posts now.
  5. Look at you all over the blogosphere! You go girl!!
  6. Sharlene T. says:
    What do you do between three and four in the morning? I've got a few chapters you could write! Heading over to check out your posting... Come visit when you can...
  7. Woot for the guest posts!
  8. How are you doing this? You're so crazy talented.
  9. redriverpak says:
    Way to go Natalie! :)
  10. I'm so happy to feature you on Small Moments Monday. Your story is exactly what SMM is all about!

    Congrats to you for contributing to OMH. What a collection of amazing women!

    Thank you again, Natalie, for sharing your story with me. :)
  11. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    Ok, off to Nichole's place I go!
  12. TornadoTwos says:
    Busy day for you- congratulations! Off I go to check out your posts.....
  13. Congrats!!! I could not think of anyone better to be getting all these gigs!
  14. Sheena Simpson says:
    How in the world do you do it all?! I am lucky if I can post on my blog! Gotta go check out all your posts now or maybe tomorrow the kids want cookies. See what I mean?
  15. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:
    You busy Mama!! On my way to go check you out at Nichole's!
  16. Isaiah Ketterhagen says:
    Nice post! Is there a fatherhood website equivalent to the motherhood?
  17. The Drama Mama says:
    YAy!! You need to guest post for me sometime too. You really are such a great writer. I'm going to stop by those places later. Have a great day!
  18. Melissa (Confessions of a Dr. Mom) says:
    Loved your post over at OMH and now going to check you out at Nichole's place :)
  19. Crazy Brunette says:
    Hmmmm, but for a crazy bitch... who just happens to have two kids causing havoc where ever they go????

    Thats a lie... they know they'd be fucked for acting like assholes in public. LOL

    Home- you may act like a shit.

    Out- you may act like angel children!

  20. You know, this working 5 days a week with you all over the place makes it hard to keep up with you!! (pant pant pant) OK, that and the fact that I'm so much older.

    Congrats on your guest spots!!
  21. MommaKiss says:
    i just wanna say hi.
    and that i've finished that glass of wine.
    and that i'll try to link over soon.
    you're like Mrs. Popular & everything!
  22. Making It Work Mom says:
    Congratulations! Super Busy!
  23. Ok, so I'm heading over there now!
  24. Natalie...I liked your post...but your house will never have real spider webs and stuff like are a clean freak! Where'd that come from?
  25. You go girl! Heading over to Nicole's just as soon as I get caught up here.
  26. The Empress says:
    On my way to your two posts, and I 'm so happy for you.

    I can tell how charged up you are about this, and that is the way to live!

    Go, Natalie, Go! Live that life...b/c I can see how happy you are when you are writing.
  27. Congrats on the bargain shopping and I don't remember if I commented over there because I have been busy too, but I read your guest post and I loved it! Agreed, one of your best ever.