Hello, I’m Natalie. The Least Creative Person You’ll Ever Meet.

No, I’m not exaggerating or begging for compliments when I say I’m not creative. I’m not. Not even a little bit. When I make a recipe? I follow the step-by-step instructions to the letter. No deviations, no ‘a little bit of this and a little bit of that’. Not using measuring spoons and cups? Would never occur to me.

Scrapbooking, when I do it, is all very linear and uniform. My home decor? Simple and off the shelf. If you see something creative in my house, I’ve stolen the idea from elsewhere. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. Fashion is not in my repertoire.

I’m pretty plain Jane.

Which brings me to my point…I have a couple of new ideas I’m rolling out next year.

One will feature mommy bloggers (and maybe even a daddy or two if I can talk Pop into it) that are willing to share some of their biggest and/or most memorable mom fails. Some will be funny, some sad. Some frightening…some might even be heartbreaking. I have no idea what to call my wonderful new idea. Mom Fail Mondays (I don’t even know what day it will be on yet)? Monster Fails? Monster Mommy Moments?

The other is to create a button for my Saturday Favs. You know, it’s the post I used to do on Saturdays that showcased posts I found around the blogosphere throughout the week that I thought everybody else should read and enjoy. For anybody that has a post that is one of my favorites, I want to give them the opportunity to put a special button on the post so others can see how much I loved it. Some people might use it, some people might not…it’s just my way of showing them that I was inspired by their words. What do I write on the button? Mommy of a Monster Fav? This Post Showcased At Mommy of a Monster?

So now you see what I mean when I say I have no creativity in me. I need help coming up with some catchy names. Do you think you can help? If you come up with a catchy title for my new mom fail feature or for my Saturday fav blog button, I’ll send you a little something. Maybe a gift card to Starbucks? Barnes and Noble? Target?

So help me out…PLEASE!

And so it goes…

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  1. Jennie @ Modern Mamaz says:
    Those are awesome ideas! I'd love to offer you my assistance here, but I'm fairly certain I'm even less creative than you are. Seriously, I can't even sew a button.

    So... I'm afraid I have to leave you with a pat on the back and a "good luck with that!"
  2. Totally crack me up. And btw, I am your twin. I have stolen almost every idea I've ever had from someone else. Yep. No help here. I thought your ideas were great. I think it's even greater you have a plan for that far ahead. Like two full weeks? Wow. I bow.
  3. TheNextMartha says:
    Monster Fails

    Got Fail?

    Mommy Fails Us

    Mommies Fail Too

    Failing at Raising Monsters

    Raising Monsters sprinkled with Fails

    Fails are the New Black

    Come Fail with Me

    You Failing Too?

    You fail, I fail, meh. Grab some wine


    If it weren't for the monsters, I'd hardly fail at all.

    I had monsters. They stole my brain. Now I fail.
  4. HexingThoughts says:
    I like "Failing Monstrously" for your first idea. For the second, maybe something like "Something The Monster Didn't Destroy"? I'm sure I can come up with something else once I shake this whatever I have. Hit me up later.
  5. You could use, "Mommy of a Monster Must-Read" for the Saturday ones.
  6. Failure:
    1. You are not a failure until you stop trying.
    2. Yo mamma says you Failed.
    3. No humans were hurt in making this experiment
    4. Don't try this at home, not your own at least
    5. Mommy Dearest at your service

    1. I love you Man-MOM
    2. You rule and win my first born, second born, heck take all of them.
    3. Thanks to you no therapy at MOM
    4. Monsters Best Babysitter Award (via Skype)
    5. Stock in Wine Just fell thanks to your brilliant ideas- MOM
  7. Kelly Higelin says:
    Meltdown Monday
    monster mess ups
    monster for a mommy
  8. JustMom420zaks says:
    I like the Monday idea, because it goes with the whole Monster thing:
    Monstrous Mondays!
    Monstrous MOMMY Mondays?

    The button? Easy.

    One Monster of a blog!
  9. I thought I had some ideas until I read Martha's comment. Just when I think I'm creative I read something from someone who has actual talent. I look forward to seeing what your genius followers come up with. My only creative skill is coming up with excuses no to go to birthday parties.
  10. The Blue Zoo says:
    We should have a who is the least creative contest!

    I like the Fails-R-Us idea up there.
  11. Laurie Wallin says:
    I love fails 3, 4 and 5 from polwig. And Kelly's Monster Mess Ups.

    Way to utilize people's strengths here! Love it!
  12. Doll Clothes Gal Pal says:
    A great idea dear! :)
  13. Funky Mama Bird says:
    I like Monster Mom Fails personally. I also have more than a few if you're looking for content!
  14. The Empress says:
    I fell in love with MonsterMommyMoments.

    And I would kick start it, b/c I have failed and lost it miserably too many times to count.

    It could be funny, poignant, insightful..but it would be about how we fail, and just pick ourselves up.

    One hint: I lost it with no one likingmy turkey burgers. I was a mad woman. The kids just sat and stared horrified as I went nuts.

    Yeah, makes me shudder. But they've already forgotten about it. And now it's a funny story.
  15. I am NO help. None at all. I'm just like you. Plain Jane.

    Cute ideas for the new year though!
  16. I like Mom Fail Mondays, cause it's catchy.

    And hello? you scrapbook? I bow down to you. Because I don't have the patience for that shizz.

    Merry Christmas, Nat. It's amazing how a random drop by on someone's blog can lead to friendship, isn't it? I hope you have a joyous holiday with those precious kiddos.
  17. Monster Fails for the win!

    Seriously love love that idea.
  18. If SHE can figure it out.......... says:
    I lost all my creativity when Baby E was born. I *tried* to scrapbook his first year, but only got to month 2 before I ran out of ideas. And when I'm forced to decorate Christmas cookies? Well, lets just say there isn't a whole lotta 'variety' :)

    However, I'll throw my idea in the ring:

    Failing Monstrously
    Failing Gracefully
    But I really like TheNextMartha's Come Fail with me :)

    As for Saturdays, I got nothin'.
  19. How about:
    Mom Bombs

    For the Saturday how about:
    The Secret's in the Sauce

    I really love these ideas (not mine) but the mom fails and the fav posts. Can't wait for them!
  20. Dolli-Mama says:
    I really like
    "Yo Mama says you FAILED!"
    That's my favorite, with big red F in the button box! Love it!
  21. I am a total plain jane as well...i love my jeans and tshirts!

    No ideas on a name for the mommy fails...not creative...maybe Mommy Fails Too.
  22. Booyah's Momma says:
    Momster Moments?
    Monster Mash?

    Clearly, I have no creativity either.
  23. Oh, girl, I'm not creative either! My blog title was the first thing that came to me. LOL
  24. Monster Mommy Moments....love that! And you know, I don't have a creative bone in my body. Most of the time I can't even re-create something I've seen someone else do!

    I like the idea of the Saturday Favs button, too...maybe Monster Loves This!
  25. SO not creative, hence "Mommypants Moments." Alliteration does not make it creative, Cheryl! ;)
  26. Monster Fails is perfect, and I'm trying to think of a name for the highlighted post one...
  27. what about something like:

    Official Mommy of a Monster Fave

    Faved by Mommy of a Monster

    Endorsed by the Monster

    something like that?
  28. It is okay not to be so creative. It is all a learning opportunity. Any ideas you have are all worth writing down. That is one thing I learned while studying Graphic Design.
  29. I like Monster Fail. :)
    I'm not very creative, either. I take that back... I'm creative at 2am and by the time I wake up, it has passed!
  30. Oooooooo . . . . ooooooooo . . . Oooooooo . . .

    I got nothin'.

    I work better under pressure.

    Nope, still got nothing.

    GOOD LUCK and can't wait to see/hear what you decide on! (You've got some great suggestions above!!) Oh, and Happy Holidays to you and yours, dear!
  31. Monster Mom's Corner comes to mind. I think you're very creative and know that it'll be just the ticket when you're ready... Just stopped by to wish you Happy Holidays.
  32. well, the next martha just totally kicked ass in suggestions.

    you know i'm sending one in for the FAIL series. i'm a failure often. proud of it.
  33. You have already been given some great suggestions above... I love:

    Monster For A Mommy
    Mommy Fails

    Monster Favs
    Top 5 (or however many you want) Mommy of a Monster Faves

    Good luck and looking forward to both!