Healthy Fast Food Choices? Try Starbucks Bistro Boxes!


I’m out and about running errands with the kids a lot, and it seems like we always tend to do it right around lunch time. There’s only so much fast food I can take in any given week…and I’ve been trying to find healthy alternatives to burgers and fries. Which is why I did the happy dance when I found Starbucks Bistro Boxes.

These lunches are packed full of delicious wholesome food with whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. And they only pack 500 calories or less! That’s right…an entire, delicious, HEALTHY lunch for 500 calories or less!

There’s a selection of 8 different boxes including: Cheese & Fruit, Chicken & Hummus, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Chipotle Chicken Wraps, Protein Bistro Box, Salumi & Cheese, Sesame Noodles, and Tuna Salad. I haven’t tried them all yet but the ones I have tried are YUMMY!


starbucks_salumi_&_cheese_bistro_box Every time I go into Starbucks, I’m hoping for the Salumi & Cheese Bistro Box. Nope, I didn’t misspell “salami”, salumi comes from an Italian word that means “salty meat” and encompasses a range of cured products, including salami. And I loooovvve Italian deli meats! The Bistro Box contains slow‐cured prosciutto and traditional and peppered salami are paired with Asiago cheese, rustic crackers, marinated Greek olives and even a piece of premium Starbucks chocolate for dessert! And at only 420 calories, what more could I ask for?

Sadly, I haven’t been able to find it yet. But I continue to look…


starbucks_chicken_lettuce_wraps_bistro_box I have tried the Chicken Lettuce Wraps Bistro Box, and it was good! It contains crisp red lettuce leaves that you can fill up with Cantonese inspired chicken filling, chopped peanuts, a mix of fresh vegetables including cabbage, carrots, and cucumbers, and cilantro, and a yummy peanut sauce. For dessert – a premium Starbucks chocolate. I was surprised how fresh everything was, and that the veggies were crisp. I would definitely try this one again…especially since it was only 360 calories.


starbucks_chipotle_chicken_wraps_bistro_box However my favorite right now is the the Chicken Chipotle Wrap Bistro Box that comes with whole wheat tortillas, white chicken breast and a crunchy lime-cilantro slaw that you can top with zesty pepper jack cheese and a tomato-avocado salsa. That slaw is EXCELLENT and I want the recipe for it…it is seriously that good! And of course the dark chocolate for dessert. It’s only 380 calories, and just telling you about it is making me crave it!

The two bistro boxes I tried were both filling, fresh, and delicious. It was just the right amount of food without leaving me feeling full and bloated.

So what are you waiting for? Next time you’re on the go, check out the new Starbucks Bistro Boxes…I think you will love them as much as I do!

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Starbucks Bistro Boxes and received a gift card to facilitate my review and thank me for taking the time to participate. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have and will continue to recommend Starbucks Bistro Boxes to family and friends!


  1. These look absolutely delicious!!! I must find them and devour them before the Crazies find out what I'm up to!
  2. I agree..they are good. I'm a Starbucks partner so unfortunately have od'd on! Up here in Canada we don't have the lettuce wraps though! I'll have to try those next time I'm in the states!
  3. They do look good but I have to admit, once I see the amazing Starbucks lemon cake slice ... let's just say I probably wouldn't be choosing healthy. LoL
  4. Those look delicious and pretty filling for being relatively low in calories. Thanks for sharing :)
  5. i always wondered what those tasted like...they all look really good! definitely better than fast food.
  6. I love, love, LOVE the Bistro Boxes! We live in Starbucks land and have one on every corner. NOT kidding, every single corner! So it's really convenient for me to stop and pick one up, and much better than the alternative which is usually not eating anything at all!
  7. I'm glad you reviewed these. I've been debating them for a while. I sort of did the same thing with their breakfast pastries. Thought they looked too good to live up to their appearance in taste. I assumed they'd be all dry and crumbly. Wrong-o. Soooo, I'm going to splurge next time and get one of these. Thanks!
  8. Hello...YUM! These look really good. I'm going to pick one up the next time we are out and about, and stop by Starbucks for a pick-me-up. Hopefully I'll find the Salumi & Cheese Bistro Box.
  9. I loved reading Healthy Fast Food Choices? Try Starbucks Bistro Boxes! | Mommy of a Monster & Twins and look forward to more. I noticed at the bottom that there was tons of HTML showing instead of the end of the post. Are you seeing that too or is it just my browser?