He Even Lectures Me In My Dreams…

I woke up this morning to Lila crying and demanding milk. At 6:20 AM. I was not happy.

I was also not happy about the dream I remembered. Jason died. I don’t know how or why, but I HATE those kinds of dreams…they stay with you for the entire day and leave you with a horrible feeling. It bothered me so much though that I must have cried in my sleep because I had a dried tear trail from my right eye. No kidding.

Anyways in my dream I was completely devastated. But then he came and visited me as a ghost, and from what he said, I knew it was really him.

I decided to tell him about the dream this morning because I knew he would like what he told me in the dream. Here’s how our conversation about the dream went:

Me: Babe, I had the worst dream ever last night.

Jason: Uh oh! About what? (only half paying attention because he was on the computer)

Me: (as I am literally knocking on wood) Well, you died. And I couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t get off of the floor. I was in heap screaming “NO NO NO” over and over and then you came and visited me as a ghost.

Jason: Were we making pottery? (referring to the movie Ghost)

Me: No! I was really upset and kept begging you not to leave me and telling you I needed you. I kept asking you to come back.

Jason: But no pottery, huh?

Me: No! Would you please let me tell you my story! You are going to be so proud of yourself when you hear it.

Jason: Okay…

Me: Anyways, you were standing on the other side of the screen on the inside of the house. But you put your hands through the screen and held my hands. They were warm. I could smell you too but still I couldn’t stop crying.

Jason: Did I stink? Did you tell me to take a shower?

Me: Babe! Come on, just listen! Anyways, I kept asking you to come back. And you just kept saying “Don’t worry, you are taken care of. You will have money.”

And I kept saying that I didn’t care about the money I wanted you. And you kept saying “What do you have to do with the money?” And then I said, well we need to make sure we have enough to send the kids to college.  And you said okay, but then asked again “But what are you supposed to do with the money?” 

So I said “Real estate. Buy real estate so that I’ll make more money.” And then you smiled and you told me again that I would be fine.

Jason: Really? 

Me: Yes. I couldn’t make this stuff up. You even lecture me about money and spending money in my dreams.

Well, at least he knows I pay attention when he talks to me about the important stuff, I guess!


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  3. What a terrible dream :( I hate having those dreams, too! On a lighter note, your husband's responses, especially the one about taking a shower when you told him you could smell him, totally sounds like my hubby (here you were trying to be all serious and he's just joking around). Erin recently posted..The emailMy Profile
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