Happy Birthday, Babe

Today is my husband’s birthday. He isn’t working today, and I will not be blogging (other than this of course!) so that we can spend time as a family.

Want to hear about the worst birthday ever? Check out one of the first posts I ever wrote about his 40th birthday – we had a great flood and it (literally) rained inside of our house.

This year, we decided on the spur of the moment to wake up on Monday and take the kids to the zoo.

Today, we are making a sweet treat for Jason and also making him dinner. And sending him to play golf. Happy Birthday, Babe! We are really trying to make sure this one is much better than last year’s!

Also…The Business is being given a run for her money over at Mommy Shorts! Lila giving The Business is the subject of a caption contest over there – the entries so far are hilarious! Go check it out!

And so it goes…


  1. ModernMom says:
    Enjoy your day together!
  2. Mommy Nani Booboo says:
    Happy, dry, birthday wishes for your hubby!
  3. Not a Perfect Mom says:
    The Business just kills me...I'll have to check out the shorts
  4. Samantha says:
    Enjoy your day together, and happy birthday to him!
  5. I hope you have the best day together.
  6. Elena @NaynaDub says:
    Hope you are having a great family day together!
  7. And look at that, there was no rain today! :) Hope you had a nice family day together.
  8. Kimberly says:
    Happy Borthday to the man and I hope that you all enjoyed your day!!
  9. Happy Birthday Jason! We love you!