The Great Flood of 2010

Well, “great” and “flood” may be a bit dramatic. But we do have some pretty bad water damage (to the tune of about $12,000) and it seems like a pretty big deal to us.

On March 1 (hubby’s 40th birthday…great birthday present, huh?) Hubby requested a nice homemade dinner, so I made one of his favorites: steak with a bacon, bourbon, mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes. As we were having dinner, Tater decided to throw a tantrum and so we told him to go upstairs until he was done being a maniac. Crying as if the world was ending, he started upstairs…and found the water coming down the stairs and out of the bottom of the walls. He was screaming and carrying on so much that I couldn’t understand what the problem was when he came back into the kitchen. He then ran back towards the stairs, and that’s when I stepped into water. I couldn’t figure out what was going on; I thought he’d spilled his sippy cup or something. Then I heard it: the toilet in the master bathroom was running. I ran up some very wet, carpeted stairs and called for hubby to turn off the water. After that was done, we went back downstairs – where it was literally raining from the ceilings! WHAT A MESS! Damage in the master bathroom and bedroom, in Tater’s room, the entire stair banister had to be ripped out, drywall on the walls and ceiling surrounding the staircase also ripped out. We ended up staying in a hotel for 5 nights because of all the noise created by the huge fans we had to have running to prevent mold; NOT FUN.

Realize that this happened on hubby’s not-so-happy 40th birthday, when all of us were sick (even both girls), and just a couple of days before my nana passed away. We’ve had a rough March and are looking forward to April.

So now we’re trying to get estimates from contractors for the work that needs to be done. Without saying that I’m glad it happened, we are able to now remodel the stair banisters, repaint, and get new carpet on the stairs…all of which we’ve been talking about doing for a few years now. I guess that’s the good that came out of the whole mess; the bright side, the glass-half-full, the light at the end of the tunnel. But what a pain in the butt!

Tater was our little hero! Not for being a monster, but for realizing that all the water running down the stairs was not normal and not right. Who knows how much longer the toilet would’ve run and how much more damage would have occurred if he didn’t find the mess.

Almost everybody knows that I’m really anal (okay maybe I’m even becoming a little obsessive compulsive) about (trying) to keep the house clean and orderly and with boxes everywhere and everything out of place, I’m not a happy camper. I just want everything fixed…NOW!

And so the fun begins…dealing with contractors and going through the hell of getting the house even more torn up to get everything fixed…YUCK!

And so it goes…


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