Good & Honest Parenting: When Things Don’t Go As Planned (And A Chance To WIN $50!)

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Let’s be honest…the only sure thing about parenting is that things never, hardly ever, only when it doesn’t matter, rarely go as planned. My latest experience with this good & honest parenting truth happened this week.

The kids are on Spring Break, and we had planned to spend a few days in San Diego, maybe even take them to Legoland. It was meant to be a surprise for two reasons: 1) the kids LOVE surprises and 2) if we didn’t tell them about it, they wouldn’t ask us 8,907 times a day how many more days until we were going to go. And on Sunday night, Ethan got the stomach flu. It’s Wednesday now and he’s still sick! Lila got it on Monday night, and so far nobody else has gotten sick.

There are other times when things don’t go as planned. When a kid asks questions about a topic you aren’t ready to discuss with them yet (sex!) and when explaining difficult subjects like death. Or when they repeat something awful that you said. And when they throw attitude at you and you realize it sounds just like you. Or maybe you forget it’s Dress Up Like Your Favorite Book Character at school. Or don’t tell the kids about a friend’s birthday party because you don’t want to go sit there for 2 hours, and another kid brings it up. Lots and lots of times, things don’t go as planned. And sometimes, or rather pretty often, you just gotta go with the flow.

Which brings me to Mott’s new Good & Honest campaign.

Not familiar with Mott’s?  Mott’s is the maker of applesauce and 100%  juice and juice drinks parents have counted on for years.  Since 1842, Mott’s has proudly created delicious and nutritious products for adults and children and continues to provide “simple solutions” to meet the needs of today’s busy families. My kids are huge fans of Mott’s products. Mott’s applesauce and Go Applesauce pouches are both staples at our house. We also love to make popsicles using Mott’s apple juice!


That’s why I love Mott’s new Good & Honest campaign.  This campaign uses ads to share some of life’s “parenting truths” moments to uplift parents, share a laugh and acknowledge that we all improvise along the way. Since no parent really has a manual that tells us what should be doing every step of the way, it’s a good reminder for all of us that we are learning as we go. Sometimes we do a fantastic job, other times it’s messy and frustrating. I like that Mott’s is giving us the opportunity to actually celebrate all of the unplanned moments and recognizing that moms and dads are doing the best they can every day – sometimes we succeed, but not always. And that’s okay.

As a parent, you know that things don't always go as planned. Share your good & honest parenting tips and help out another parent who may be having "one of those days!" #GoodandHonest

I think it’s important to be able to sit down with your kids and be honest in telling them that you don’t have all the answers, you’re tired, or that you need a 5 minute break. I think that telling them that you are disappointed/upset/hurt/happy/sad…any and all feelings is also very important. Being a role model to little people is hard! And it’s important that they understand that you are also learning from them.

Would you like to win a $50 gift card as well as some great Mott’s products for your family? All you need to do to enter is share one of your favorite #GoodandHonest parenting moments with me by leaving a comment below!  The contest ends on April 7, 2015, so make sure to leave a comment and help spread the word! I’ve even got a tweet or Facebook post all ready for you to use!

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As a parent, you know that things don't always go as planned. Share your good & honest parenting tips and help out another parent who may be having "one of those days!" #GoodandHonest


  1. Amanda Sakovitz says:
    One time when I was babysitting for my niece at my brother’s house we baked some cookies. The kitchen was in complete disarray, so I told her if she helped me clean up, the next time she slept over we would do “makeovers”. She happily went along and the kitchen was pretty clean in no time.
  2. Evie B. says:
    When one of my sons was around 5, he went through a phase where he wanted to wear a certain t-shirt every single day. We had a fancy event and he insisted on wearing the t-shirt even though it was not appropriate at all so rather than get all stressed out, I let him wear it over a button down collar shirt and it was a good conversation piece at the event. No one really cared, it didn't really matter and he was happy.
  3. Stacey b says:
    I had a moment like this today. We planned on going to the park which is by a lake front and has a small beach area to swim. Well last minute they decided they wanted to swim instead of play at the park. I had an extra pair of clothes for them with us, but no towels. Soo after dripping dry for a few minutes, we went into the bathroom to change their clothes and I had them dry the rest with the warm air dryers in the bathrooms. They were mostly dry by that point but it was just one of those moments!
  4. Ohhhh I have these moments TOO often to admit!!! The latest would probably be when my daughter lost a tooth and I was completely out of cash. I went into her wallet and took the only $2 that was in it. I then stuck it under her pillow, not realizing that when she woke up, she would immediately go for her wallet! So she says "Mom! Now I have four dol..... wait a minute. I'm still at $2? HOW is this possible????" Yah. That didn't go over so well.
    • Congrats Alexi! You won the $50 gift card and Mott's products pack! Please send me your full name and mailing address so I can get it over to Mott's!
  5. Going back to college and getting my MPA in my 50's, which hopefully set a good example for my kids that it's never too late to go back to school and the importance of education.
  6. Christi Teed says:
    As the story goes siblings always fight well mine is no different my son and daughter constantly bickering my son 11 my daughter 5. He can't stand it and acts mean to her all the time. So I sat Him down just him and I told him. She loves you and looks up to you be careful how you talk to her because you constantly being mean to her that is how she will view how guys will treat her. She will grow up thinking guys she goes with should treat her bad because the ones closest to her acted that way. She will only be little for a little while so just enjoy her now be her big brother and take care of her and sweetness gets sweetness. That was a month ago. He heard my words and ever since they have been getting along good. Little annoyances here and there but he understands now the big picture. I'm glad I took the time to help him understand ❤️
  7. There were time when my kids asked for random stuffs that their friends at school had. Conversations always went on like because Linda, Natalie and Mary had it so I wanted it too. I told them we didn’t have the budget for since we were saving for a house purchase (or other goals applied). Just like that, truth worked out quite well in our situation.
  8. Nicole D says:
    When my kids where in the kitchen helping me bake a cake for there dads birthday one year, I told them to butter the aluminum pan, to me a easy task which I thought they could handle without any supervision while I did other tasks, well they literally buttered the entire pan, inside and out and it got pretty dinged up and damaged along the way. It was quite a laugh, but I was lucky to enough to borrow a neighbors glass dish which saved the day and the cake was a hit.
  9. Janice R. says:
    My niece who I was babysitting at the time wanted to finger paint and I really don’t like to do that inside and it was too cold to do it outside on the porch so I directed her to a cleaner art project. When I wasn't looking, she got out the finger paints and started painting directly on my kitchen island. Instead of getting mad, I laughed and we cleaned it up together. The mess wasn't such a big deal. Sometimes it's fun to let loose and be messy.
  10. I have had many #goodandhonest parenting moments in the kitchen when we bake something together. There is always a problem with messes and with sharing but with patience and understanding, we always have a good time.
  11. Natalie says:
    My #goodandhonest parenting moment was last week. My daughter had just spilled paint on our hardwood floor. Instead of getting mad at the permanent stain, I bought a nice rug to put over it and it looks even better than before.
  12. Thomas Murphy says:
    I let my son stay up later than usual last weekend after he begged me. He had a hard time getting up the next morning.
  13. Mami2jcn says:
    When my kids were smaller they didn’t want to try fish so we used to tell them it was “special chicken”. It worked.
  14. When they were small I used to be over-protective, but now I just let them enjoy themselves. I used to get in all sorts of mischief as a kid. I had a blast, created great memories, and I survived. I don’t want to rob my kids of a childhood because I worry about a broken arm or a few stitches. I want to let them have fun, and it is hard to let them out of the protective bubble and hope they turn out okay.