The Gifts That Come From Blogging

Over the last few years that I’ve been blogging, I have discovered many gifts.

The gift of words.

The gift of friendship.

The gift of sharing and how sharing words can heal.

The gift of finding your passion. In my case it is writing.

The gift of taking your passion and making it your job.

The greatest gift I think that I’ve received since blogging is finding beauty in the everyday and capturing it. I think I look at things differently now – I appreciate things more. I take more pictures than I’ve ever taken in my life. I take pictures to share because I know other people will enjoy them. Whether beautiful, or funny, or yummy, or just interesting, I notice little things throughout the day that I want to capture and share.

Like this beautiful rose that the sunlight was hitting just right. I was taking out the trash one day and noticed how beautiful it was. I wanted to take this picture so I wouldn’t forget how lovely the small things really are.


We have hibiscus throughout our backyard and they are all so bright and cheery. This one is one of my favorite colors, with it’s shockingly pink center. The kids were out playing and I noticed the flower – it took my breath away because it was so colorful.


This is the only avocado that we got off of our tree this year. Its color was beautiful, but the teardrop seed inside is what made me snap this picture.


These lemons came off of our tree in the backyard. The tree that now has even more lemons ready to be picked! I set the bowl down on the counter, washed my hands and when I turned around the bowl full of beautiful yellow lemons made me smile.


The other day I took the girls and my niece to Barnes & Noble to get some sight word books for Ethan. While Lila and my niece played with the train set, Mia picked out a book and sat down to read. This made me so happy because she’s the only one of my kids who has shown any interest in reading. I hope she keeps her love of books like I have.


This picture cracks me up every time I look at it! I had taken the kids to feed the ducks and run some errands. We had been out of the house for over an hour before I realized that Mia had two different shoes on!


These pictures may not seem like much to anybody but me, but I can tell you for sure that I treasure each of them. I’ll never be a photographer, that’s not why I take these pictures. I take these pictures because the little things are the most important things…and if I can share them and give someone a smile, then I know that I’m sharing one of the gifts that I’ve gotten from blogging. And that makes me happy.


  1. As a new blogger and a new resident to CA with fruit trees in her yard, I have to say how much I liked this post. I find so much beauty in simplicity lately and it was lovely to see my sentiments echoed here so nicely. Melissa Burton recently posted..Today Is World Cancer DayMy Profile
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  3. I'm with Angela. And can I be part of your fruit of the month club? Those lemons look awesomely yummy! I can feel a cocktail and marinade coming on. Blogging has given me many of the same gifts and it is awesome to take a moment to realize how much it has given me! Thank you! Brittany recently posted..There is Nothing Like a Good Night’s SleepMy Profile
  4. I love your post. Agreed that blogging gives back in so many ways the more you put into it. Also wanted to let you know your share buttons are not working for me. Caveat : I have disabled Java and I am on Chrome. PragmaticMom recently posted..Dating My Husband All Over AgainMy Profile
  5. Love this, Natalie! Great captures. Blogging gives us all of this and more, but if it weren't for motherhood, I don't know who we'd be. Tonya recently posted..No Dogs Allowed?My Profile
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