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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Gevalia coffee. I’ve been lucky enough to do a review of their products before, and I’ve been a long time customer and fan. So when I was contacted to do a review of the super cool Gevalia Gift Matcher, I jumped at the chance!

We all ask the question at least once during the holiday season…”What am I going to get X for Christmas?” Okay, not X, but that hard-to-buy-for person. The Gevalia Gift Matcher is a very cool Facebook application that will search the profiles of the people that you like and then suggest gift ideas from them based on information in their profile! For example, it might use a friend’s birthday and today’s horoscope and suggest one of Gevalia’s Spa Day Baskets.

I first tried finding a gift for myself. Of course. Because it was the first option! The Gevalia Gift Matcher suggested the Classic Coffee Basket because I don’t have enough information in my Facebook profile for the Gift Matcher to suggest anything more exciting! It told me to fill in more information on my profile and try again.

Then I tried to find a gift for my friend Tonya from Letters for Lucas. The Gift Matcher suggested Seasonal Flavor Gift Box for her. Tonya, would you like that?

Remember, this is all in good fun and meant to be a reminder that Gevalia is a perfect holiday gift to give.

If you’d like to try it yourself, check it out on Facebook by using the Gevalia Gift Matcher. If you spend over $50, you’ll save 10% and get free shipping! Woo hoo!

And I’m so excited to give you a chance to win one of the super cool gifts that the Gevalia Gift Matcher might show you if you use it!

The Springform Bake Set with Royal Vinter (which I LOVE) and Royal Vinter Spice Coffee! If you win, you’ll recieve:
-5 piece Springform bake set
-3 non-stick pans
-Stainless steel whisk
-Silicone oven mit
-2 boxes of Royal Vinter
-2 boxes of Royal Vinter Spice

It’s a perfect prize for anybody that bakes! I’m jealous that I don’t get one myself! All you have to do is leave a comment for your chance to win!

And for additional chances to win, you can:
– Tweet about this giveaway and mention @mommyofamonster and @Gevalia (leave a separate comment)
– Use the Gevalia Gift Matcher on Facebook and tell me what it recommended for you! Leave a separate comment letting me know you did

And so it goes…

Please enter your email address & click to give the gift of clean water! Check out the GIVE HEALTH widget on the top of my sidebar! Thank you!

I did not receive anything from Gevalia for hosting this review and giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by any other source. I was not compensated to provide an opinion of the Gevalia Gift Matcher. This giveaway is open to US residents only. It begins on December 5, 2010 and will end on Sunday, December 12, 2010 at 8:30 pm. One winner with a valid entry will be selected at random using The winner will be announced on Monday and must respond with a current mailing address within 48 hours to claim. Otherwise, another eligible entry will be chosen.


  1. JustMom420zaks says:
    OohOoh! Pick me! I need pans... (and coffee, for that matter)
  2. JustMom420zaks says:
    Also tweeting about it. at 4:55PST from @justmom42
    And I just realized, I don't follow you on Twitter. (gotta change that)
  3. JustMom420zaks says:
    it recommended Kenya coffee for me
  4. ThriftyUrbanMom says:
    Thank you for another giveaway

    thriftyurbanmom at gmail. (com)
  5. ThriftyUrbanMom says:
    I tweeted:

    Another great giveaway @mommyofamonster and @Gevalia I love coffee

  6. What a great gift! I've never had a springform pan. I think I'm supposed to, though!

    reallyareyouserious at gmail dot com
  7. Suniverse says:
    I am always in need of baking supplies!

    thesueniverse AT
  8. I got chocolate coffee, lol. I do like my chocolate.
  9. I better win this one. I'll do naughty things if I win.
  10. Oh wow! Ummm...yes please! Maybe I'll actually start baking more often. As in more than once a year.
  11. I tweeted:

    @mommyofamonster @Gevalia Hoping to win something that will make me a baker. As in make ME a baker, not create a baker for me. Although...
  12. adrienzgirl says:
    I'm a baker. I hosted a giveaway for this prize pack and was totally bummed I couldn't enter!

    Have an AWESOME prizepack right now for a brewbot! Come on by and enter!
  13. KristeenieB says:
    Oh please oh please pick me this would be so perfect for my christmas list!
  14. KristeenieB says:
    I just tweeted in on twitter!
  15. KristeenieB says:
    it recommended the chocolate coffee basket, which would be smashing!
  16. I gave water!
  17. I would love to win this~Thanks for the chance

  18. Chocolate Gift Basket was recommended here too!

  19. swoodsonshoeclips says:
    thanks for the chance, love gevalia! scg00387 at yahoo dot com
  20. swoodsonshoeclips says:!/DesMoinesDealin/status/13850092075225088 scg00387 at yahoo dot com
  21. swoodsonshoeclips says:
    it recommended chocolate coffee for me! scg00387 at yahoo dot com
  22. I forgot the rules but I really fekkin want this.
  23. I wanna win too! Who knows, maybe I'll become a better baker!
  24. Oooh...I'd love to win this and bake more with my kids. BTW, I'm a twins mom too! Mine are 3 1/2 (both boys) and I also have a 5 1/2 year old son. That's definitely worth a prize, right? :)
  25. Just tweeted from @lizctaylor: "I just entered to win the @Gevalia prize! RT @mommyofamonster: Hurry! 3 cool #giveaways end 2nite & have low entries!"
  26. Jessica Anne says:
    I love to bake and always need more pans!
  27. itsybitsykc says:
    What a great idea! I think coffee would make wonderful stocking stuffers (for adults, lol.
  28. itsybitsykc says:
    The app recommended the chocolate coffee basket for me :)
  29. wow nice prize pack. Thanks for the chance.
    angiewith3 at live dot com
  30. RT'd giveaway:
    angiewith3 at live dot com
  31. I did the Gevalia gift matcher and it recommended the Gevalia classics basket for me.
    angiewith3 at live dot com
  32. The Skinny Girl Within says:
    Oh I would so love to win the Gift Set! I'm such a big baker at my house and I really could use one of those silicone mits.

    ghirardellichic at gmail dot com
  33. I would LOVE to win this prize! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog today! : )
  34. The Skinny Girl Within says:
    RT the Giveaway @ghirardellichic!/ghirardellichic/status/14124031737339905
  35. It recommended chocolate coffee for surprise since those are two of my FAVORITE things!
  36. The Skinny Girl Within says:
    The Gift Matcher recommended a Chocolate Coffee Basket for me.

    ghirardellichic at gmail dot com
  37. Rosanova Family says:
    Recently found your blog. Really enjoy it. Thanks for the great giveaway.
  38. What a cool giveaway!
  39. Rosanova Family says:
    It recommended the chocolate gift basket for us!
  40. Rosanova Family says:
    We hit the "tweet" button and tweeted about the giveaway!
  41. JustMom420zaks says:
    One last entry, I'm tweeting this from justmom42 right before 8:30
  42. Cool idea. Certainly helps for those hard to shop for coffee lovers.

    I clicked on the Seasonal Flavor Gift Box link and the site/url was no longer available, but I don't like coffee, so not the best match for me. :/