Friday Flip Offs #3

Yep, it’s that time again! Time for me to flip off all of my frustrations due to the stupid/idiotic/ridiculous people and things that drove me nuts this week. So here they are again…in no particular order…

Our insurance company. I won’t even explain. If you need an explanation, check out this post and/or this post. You (not you reading this, the insurance company!) are idiots. This FLIP OFF has your name all over it.

To the diaper monopoly racket companies (I’m not naming any names, but it might rhyme with schmampers), why do you charge so much for a product that me and millions of other moms have to use? For a product that sometimes leaks, does not prevent blowouts, and that doesn’t always fit properly? I have a poopy diaper with a flip off sticking right out of the middle of it for you.

To our dogs…we’ve had you for 5+ years. The rabbits behind the fence that live on the hill have been here for 5+ years. Why, in the name of God, do you have to bark every time you see one? You see them…at least 100 times. Double flip off since there are two of you. Idiots.

To the wind, that decides to blow the moment I open up all the windows. Really? I wouldn’t have bothered opening them all up if I knew you were going to start to blow. Thanks for the dust. Blowing a flip off your way.

And last but not least…to my arch-nemesis, laundry. My friend Starr loves my Friday Flip Offs. She sent me this one. I’m using it in your honor because, yes, I hate you this much:
And because some things do actually make me happy, I have some things I’d like to share…
Life is good when you get strawberries THIS BIG from Trader Joe’s
My favorite calla lilies finally opened up
We have our first avocado ever!!
This guy loves me more than anybody else on the entire planet
And these girls also think I’m da bomb
Did you know I was hosting another giveaway? Oh yes, I loves me some Boogie Wipes!! Check out the review and giveaway if you haven’t already!
Congrats to my bestest friend Christi (she knows why)…I love you!
And so it goes…


  1. The Bipolar Diva says:
    I LOVE this post! I bet we just may have the same freaking insurance company!
    I'm so with you on this!
  2. I bet that feels better to get it off your chest.
  3. The Empress says:
    Love visiting everybody's FFO's.
  4. Allyson & Jere says:
    Are you KIDDING me with that strawberry? Holy crap! And lucky, lucky you if you can get an avacado crop going. I lurves me some avacado.

    Loved your flip offs, I so agree with the diaper thing. UGH!
  5. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
    That strawberry is huge!! I've never seen one like that before. Totally with you on the nappy thing, they cost far too much for a necessity and don't always work!

    Love flipping off on Fridays!
  6. Good Lord your kids are cute!! And they all have that look in their eyes...trouble meets flirty. Just like their hot Mama!

    And I would like to propose a very special flip off this Friday to the American Reinvestment Act-funded road construction project on Harbor Boulevard in Fullerton for completely jacking up my commute to work for months on end and sucking up precious resources for far more deserving state infrastructure needs! But mostly for the commute. :o)
  7. Schampers do suck...that is why I switched to Target daipers...yes Target. They do not amazing!
    Trader joes that store!
    Your kiddos are just too cute for words...happy friday friend.
  8. Love it! Loved your oh-so-subtle nod to "Shmampers" :) Made me laugh!
  9. Great flips natalie!!!! yeah, the whole diaper gig is such a racket, isn't it? Just a couple more years of it then it will be a distant memory :)

    Happy Friday, thanks for linking up as always!
  10. oh my, i can totally relate to flipping off dogs, got a puppy (lab) that DRIVES ME CRAZY!! love that you ended on a positive note....i do too, feel free to come snag my "friday high fives" banner! (it's not a meme thingy, just after bitching, wanted to end on a good note)
  11. You live in Cali land of sunshine and you have this fabulous fruit/veggie garden and you get your strawberries from Trader Joes? :)
  12. The Sharp's says:
    Love the flip off picture! I also LOVE calla lilies! They were my wedding flower. The kids are pretty stinkin cute too.
  13. Kristin Glasbergen says:
    AN AVOCADO!! I so need to move to California!
    Yeah, those schmapers, can not contain a blowout. Forcing mom's to do even more laundry. You tell 'em!
  14. says:
    *cough*cloth!*cough* (Although that would definitely contribute to your laundry woes.)
  15. LOL - I didn't know dogs and bunnies were natural enemies!
  16. Oh, dogs. Will you ever learn?

    I'm surprised they don't eat your garden...
  17. schmampers made me laugh cuz i'm goofy like that. holy trader joe's! and i'm LOVING that dude with 2 flip-offs going.
  18. Love your flip off! My first flip off is about insurance too...
  19. Mrs. Beer says:
    That's the last straw(berry) I'm going to Trader's today...
  20. That was a blast to read, what fun. I especially liked that you added the positives as well.
    Stopped by from SITS, hope you have a great weekend.
  21. Monique says:
    Haha Cute flip off post :)
  22. You crack me up. Great flip offs. The insurance and laundry are getting flips from me too! And the diapers really are a joke, but I decided long ago I'd take them over the cloth ones any old day. Ya think they would have improved them by now though. Geesh!
  23. I am just imagining a diaper with a big ole' flip of sticking out of the middle of it. NICE!!

    ANd...the lily is just gorgeous. Again, nursing my black thumb over here in the bitter cold Northwest!!
  24. Dang it...why can't I spell...that would be flip ofF!!
  25. Mrs.Mayhem says:
    You are "da bomb." Love the flip off to your dogs. Oh, and the photo of the guy. Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.
  26. Hello! I'm Kate. says:
    Love it! Especially the ones about the dogs & rabbits!
  27. Ms. Understood says:
    Your flipoffs are hilarious. What's up with the mondo-strawberry? Hmmm . . . maybe you have tiny hands, cause that thing looks HUGE. Your calla is beautiful. I love the look on your son's face, like, mom, another picture, really?? LOL.
  28. Aging Mommy says:
    Well with those gorgeous faces to look at I don't think you could really and truly stay mad at anyone or anything for very long :-)
  29. LOVE the flip offs, but a special Amen to the diaper flip off. I have three kids in them..nuff said.

    Your children are awfully adorable. Isn't it great that they think we are so awesome. Sometimes I feel completely unworthy, but grateful.
  30. Courtney says:
    Yeah, i don't get the cost of diapers either. Insane. Love the pics of your little ones. Hope you have a FAB weekend!
  31. MommaKiss says:
    I so wanna steal that guy flippin the bird. x2. My a-hole dog barks at a leaf falling but someone comes in? He's all "play with me? pet me? I'll show you to the safe!" flip off.
  32. Dr. Heckle says:
    haha, Insurance companies suck. I mean, everyone wants money, but they just seem ruthless and crooked.
  33. have you ever tried LUVS? Love, love, love it! At BJs...$27.00 for 200+.

    You're strawberries resembles the one we grow here in Florida...are they from here? I love fresh strawberries.. until recently. Someone sent me a video about them and that was the end of it for me. LOL!!

    Cute twin girls..just want to squeeze them both!
    Have a great weekend!
  34. Paul and Kerry says:
    Lol at the dogs and rabbits and the barking. The neighbors dogs bark when we are outside and really? because we haven't lived next door to you for 3 years and you are still barking at us, through the fence. ugh!

    do your girls have angel kisses? Kyran did too. It used to get soo red when he was mad and crying. it was cute. that just made me a little sad. I am a sap today.
  35. Heather says:
    I want to add to your list my 3 hour drive to LAX on Tuesday to pick up my parents who we have not seen in a year and a half.....with two little ones in the back seat....I now hate the 105 FWY! :(
  36. I love it when you flip stuff off... great post in every way!

    I am having a moment myself's what/who I'd like to flip off:

    Smokers at the park...c'mon! Really? It's a place for kids!

    Our neighbor idling his stupid truck in the alleyway. Ugh! Put the thing in R and drive away already!

    A tiny little fly (???) or something that just keeps circling me.

    This humidity sucks. My skin doesn't like it nor does my hair.

    My husband and his inability or unwillingness or God knows what to get an office. He has been working from home for the past couple of months and he is driving me crazy!!

    That's it for now, but I'm sure if given the time, I could come up with a hell of a lot more.

    Have a great weekend.

  37. K. Rock says:
    LOL @ the dogs and rabbits.
  38. LOL! That was hilarious! Love Flip off Fridays - esp. the one about the dogs. My next door neighbors dog barks every time my cat goes in the backyard. The cat could care less, but every. single. time?
  39. S Farrell says:
    Ahh laundry...that would be my number one flip off. I swear laundry is female because it reproduces at an alarming rate!
  40. :) The Shmampers one made me snort. Thanks!

    I would SO do this theme on my blog, but I fear that it clashes with my otherwise "good girl image" Right? LOL I LOVE the picture... that is hilarious!
  41. are more than welcome to use my banner, or make one of your own....helps end on a positive note!
  42. Michelle says:
    Ha! Love it! What a great way to vent your frustrations. I've had some flip-off moments lately myself.

    SITS visiting & blog following. Peace. :)
  43. I agree with the diaper thing...I want to send the diapers (used) to them. I hate laundry...if I was a bajillionaire I would hire someone to do my laundry. I'll clean toilets but I hate laundry.
  44. Found you via SITS Saturday Sharefest, and glad I did. :-)

    I think you should know you are officially my new blog crush.
  45. i was a "schmampers" snob too... then we went cloth. never had a blow out in cloth diapers, i kid you not.
  46. Monique says:
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Actually, I already have a few things to flip off already for next week. Is that bad?? LOL!!


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