My Free Pass List

A couple of weeks ago, Jason and I were watching a sitcom called Love Bites, and one of the characters (Judd) has a chance to join the mile high club with Jennifer Love Hewitt, the actress that tops his Free Pass List…or as they refer to it, the Celebrity Exemption List.

You all know what the Free Pass List (aka Celebrity Exemption List) is, right? It’s the list of famous people you can sleep with if given the chance and it doesn’t count as cheating.

Now, Judd ends up in the airplane’s bathroom with Jennifer (specifics aren’t important or relevant), but at the last minute he decides he can’t “do it” because he really is in love with his wife.

Which got me thinking…what if I really did meet one of the guys on my Free Pass List? Yes, Jason is fully aware of this list and rolls his eyes at me when I mention it; the same thing I do when he mentions the girls on his list.

So what if I did meet one of these guys?

George Clooney has and always will top my list

Curtis Stone: He’s new to my list. I’m not normally a fan of blondes, but he’s hot AND he cooks!

Matthew McConaughey: I think it’s his cute accent that gets me. And his abs.

Justin Timberlake: I’m embarrassed to admit that I have a HUGE crush on him! I LOVE his sense of humor.

Matt Dillon: Seriously, does this man never age?!

So if I met one of these guys, would I be able to “do it”?


I know I talk a big game about it, but if it came down to it, I know I wouldn’t be able to. While the thought of it is fun, I just respect my marriage and my husband too much. Besides, look at what happened on that movie Indecent Proposal…the couple agreed to the arrangement, and then it wasn’t okay. I know the same thing would happen with us.

Side note: as we watched the scene unfold, I made it very clear to Jason that even though we joke about the Free Pass List, he would NEVER be able to cheat and get a free pass. NEVER EVER.

What about you? Who’s on your Free Pass List? If you ever met him (or her!) would you really be able to go through with it and use your free pass?

Okay! Now it’s your turn! Share your own Free Pass List and then link up! The link will be open until Saturday, July 2nd, so you have all week to link up! Come and play!

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  1. Ryan Reynolds Hugh Jackman (when he has the wolverine muscles!) Keith Urban Mark Whalberg I believe I may be seeing a definite trend in looks here:) But bottom line, nope couldn't do it. But fantasies are always fun.
  2. We have very differing taste in men! My Free Pass list would involve Mark Wahlberg, Clive Owen, and Ryan Reynolds. How funny that Stephanie and I share a similar list. But I'm with you on not being able to cheat...I could never do that. Not in a million years!
  3. Love it!! Ha! As you know, Curtis is my #1! #HandsDOWN I too love me some Justin Timberlake!
  4. Mmmmm Matthew!! He's my #1!!! I see him all the time in Malibu, not that he looks my way at all....but he's so hot!
  5. 1. George Clooney - a classic 2. Hugh Jackman 3. Christopher Meloni 4. William Peterson Maybe if I was single ;) but married, no. I wouldn't be able to go through with it, free pass or no.
  6. ChristineMarie says:
    Some good ones listed, so far! Mine are: Bradley Cooper Dave Matthews Mark Wahlberg Ryan Gosling Matt Damon Well...I guess 5 is enough. lol!
  7. I'm into men with accents: James McAvoy Alexander Skaarsgard Sam Worthington And the classic bad boy: Russell Crowe
  8. Mmm Curtis Stone is so freaking hot!
  9. Hugh Jackman Brad Pitt George Clooney I could never do it either!
  10. Ryan Reynolds. Vin Diesel. Very different, but both hot (to me). I couldn't do it either though. It's nice to dream!
  11. I wouldn't ever be able to do it either. It is funny to talk about but not really ever an option. Great choices though!
  12. Alex O'Loughlin! And Matthew McConaughy too :-) Hotties!
  13. Ohh! I love the idea of a free pass list, but like you, could never really go through with it. My list: - Josh Duhamel (though he can't speak) - Bradley Cooper - Vin Diesel (he can talk all he that sexy voice!) - Matthew McConaughey
  14. All I have to say is Johnny Depp. But not just Johnny Depp, Johnny as Captain Jack Sparrow. Yum!
  15. A man & woman get married. On the honeymoon they talk about a free pass list. She chooses Richard Gere & he chooses Julia Roberts. They joke about it, knowing nothing would ever come - though, as the family starts & "too tired" comments come about, a "well, maybe I'll just call Julia/Richard for some action" retort was known. On their 10th wedding anniversary, with two kids in tow (6 & 3), the husband suggests that they update their list. After some consideration, the wife chooses Johnny Depp. The husband? The babysitter.
    • mommyofamonster says:
      John!! You can't have the babysitter! The Free Pass List is only for unattainable people! My husband talked about getting a live-in nanny...but he wanted to pick her out. I said no way because I know we'd end up with some hot little college girl ;)
  16. OOOH I love this, I change my list monthly. ;) Ryan Reynolds Bradley Cooper Matt Passmore/Hugh Jackman I would really try to get Neil Patrick Harris to go straight. LOL Pierce Brosnan ( I have to say that with him, if he ever proposistioned me, I'd do a NY minute and John knows it, I've given him the same pass for Aylsa Milano so it's fair, but while I'd love to be all "I'd never do it, OMG, my marriage etc..I have to be honest, Pierce comes looking for me I'm going to "BUSY" for a day or two. ;) love this idea, great choices Nat...YUMMY!
  17. My husband and I both have our lists. If given the chance we couldn't actually go through with it. Sometimes the fantasy is better. Johnny Depp Ewan McGreggor Matthew McConaughey
  18. I saw that show. I wanted it to be...funnier. Anyway. Yeah, I think I absolutely could go through with it, provide the crush of my affections didn't turn out to be a tool in person. So I'm talking to you folks: John Cusak Sofia Vegara John Hannah Dwayne The Rock Johnson and of course, Johnny Depp Dont' let me down!
  19. Hubs and I were just talking about this last night. My list includes: John Cena Shemar Moore and Mark Wahlberg
  20. Is there a woman here that is not drooling right now?? LOL Love this. Will have to link up! Let's seeee here.... 1.)Ian Somerhalder (Damon from The Vampire Diaries) 2.) Mark Valley (Human Target) 3.) Bradley Cooper 4.) Ryan Reynolds 5.) Jerry Trainor (ICarly) Don't judge! OK I KNOW this is a weird one but humor is a major attraction for me)
  21. We have the same taste in men. :) I'd have to go with: George Clooney (I'd fight you for him) Justin Timberlake (I have an age-inappropriate crush on him) Julian McMahon (as Cole, not Christian) Josh Holloway (I'd make him call me Freckles) Daniel Craig Jim Cantore (Yes, the bald meteorologist from The Weather Channel) I'd say Matt McConaughey, but I feel like he might smell.
  22. Justin Timberlake seems so funny and down-to-earth - he's on my list too. And Johnny Depp. *sigh*
  23. Matthew McConaughey is too short. I don't have a free pass list but I liked Jude Law before the creepiness of his cheating stuff.
  24. This is fun! Will join in next week. I like your pics!!
  25. YES! This is kinda like my Future Ex-Husbands List!
  26. DAVID BECKHAM!!! Ryan Reynolds Jake Gyllenhaal
  27. I've done a post and used the linky, but it's showing as code. How do i fix this?
  28. Yes and Yes to Curtis Stone and Justin Timberlake. Yes to Matthew McConaughey, but I agree when someone else said he might smell, so I might just go the phone sex route on this. I just love his voice and what he says, melts me. My biggest crush right now though is James Franco. I can't help it. I am in love and it is all kinds of wrong. And no I would never act on it. Well maybe the phone sex part I would.
  29. I only have one...Dave Matthews!
  30. Hugh Jackman The hot guy who plays Capt. Kirk in the new Star Trek movie But no. Never could go through with it.
  31. Mark Wahlberg. I'm saving it all for him. : )
  32. Ha ha I'm with you...even though the idea is nice when it came down to it...I couldn't do it!
  33. Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey. Dearest is aware of this. I'm also aware of is thing for Jennifer Aniston and Eva Mendez.
  34. Oh, I saw this late on Twitter...and not sure I could write a whole post about it! :) But my list is very short... I am going old school with my first one: Tom Selleck He has aged handsome! Two is a youngin', but I think I am mostly in love with how freaking FUNNY he is... Justin Timberlake And the best for last...I am not a big fan of blonde guys, but I must say that THE HOTTEST MOVIE SCENE EV-ER, was with DANIEL CRAIG in Casino Royale... When he climbs in the shower with Vesper, tux and all and just sits and holds her. Gets me. Every. Time! So my number one goes to Daniel Craig, (But only as the character James Bond!) Ha! Looking at this comment, I guess I could have written a post! ;)
  35. I'm assuming when you meet you're both at your best!?! Unfortunately, when I worked with George Clooney for two weeks, our first meeting FTF was less than stellar. He was in very early, comfy, clothes and called a rehearsal. I was, well, I was, uh, in my slip and robe, hair in curlers, and waiting for my turn in Make-up. That took care of any potential, right then and there! We were thisclose for the next two weeks -- and, all business. Wasn't married, at the time, but I still have to KNOW a man before I could do it. He has to stay in Fantasyland. Then, there's Jeff Bridges Tom Selleck Pierce Brosnan Sam Neill Had my cougar moment in my 40s (he was in his 20s) 'Nuff said.
  36. The guy from The Mentalist is kinda HAWT, also looks an awful lot like my ex ... ooops!
  37. first? do NOT be embarrassed by loving on the JT. he is good stuff. and the only dude on my list is david beckham. mmmm...david beckham.
  38. Good choices. I have a short list too, but Todd and I have never talked about a Free Pass night. Fun to day dream about though.... Sigh.
  39. Ok, maybe I've been hiding under a rock, but I've never heard of a "Free Pass List" before! Haha! Thanks for the morning giggle as I drink my coffee :) I feel OLD now! Anyhoo - I could never do that, ever! Hubby - are you reading this?!
  40. I love this! We talk about it all the time too, and I'm aware of his infatuation with Natalie Portman! I think if it came down to it, I could do it. Then again, we aren't married, just been together for a long time. Maybe I'd feel different if we were married. This is my list: Gerard Butler...#1 !!! Ian Somerholder (Damon, The Vampire Diaries) Shemar Moore (Derrick Morgan) Alexander Skarsgaard (Eric, Trueblood) Ryan Reynolds Matthew McConaughey
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