How To Clean A Foreman Grill: The Easiest Tip You’ll Find!

Last night, I posted this picture on Instagram with the caption: Kids have an engineering class after school, soccer practice, homework….LOVE my Foreman Grill on busy week nights! 

If you have a Foreman Grill, you know how hard they can be to clean. This tip is the easiest one you'll find -- and it works every time!

I love that you can grill everything at once and that I can even grill different things for my picky eaters. A friend of mine replied: I have a love/hate relationship with that thing… I HATE CLEANING IT!!!!

Well Alexi and to everybody else who hates cleaning their Foreman Grill, I’m about to change the way you feel about it!

Now you may be thinking “Hey! You have the 5 Serving Foreman Grill that has the removable plates!” I do. I can unclip them and pop them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. But I didn’t always have this one – I used to have the Classic Foreman Grill on which the plates don’t come off. It really was a bitch to clean. I’ll tell you something, I like the Classic grill better. It seems to get hotter and cook foods better. The drawback is that it’s smaller. If I had to chose again though, I’d pick the Classic.

If you have a Foreman Grill, you know how hard they can be to clean. This tip is the easiest one you'll find -- and it works every time!

How To Clean A Foreman Grill: The Best Tip EVER!

This tip is a game changer.

1. Once you’re done cooking, unplug the grill.
2. Get 3-4 paper towels wet with hot water. Wring them out.
3. Lay the paper towels out flat on top of the bottom grill plates.
4. Close the lid for a half an hour or so. Or if you are lazy (ahem, I mean busy) you can leave them overnight. That’s my style.
5. Open the lid, use the paper towels to wipe off the gooey mess. Done! Okay, not completely done. You still have to wash them so they’re clean and ready to use again, but there will be no scrubbing or mess!

See how easy that was? That’s the way I used to do it on my old grill, and I did it last night to show you all how great the tip works.

Another tip I found for cleaning a Foreman Grill is to cover the grill plates with aluminum foil before you use them. There’s pictures to show that it works, although the blogger mentions that you won’t get any grill marks when you do it this way.

I love kitchen tips! These are some of my favorite kitchen tips and tricks. Don’t miss my tips on how to keep berries from molding – it’s so easy you’ll be surprised you didn’t already know about it!

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