The Flower Garden

Hydrangea we received as an engagement gift…ten years ago!
I showed you all of the veggies and fruits that we have growing in our backyard a few weeks ago, and the How Does Your Garden Grow? post was a hit! So this time, I’m going to show you some of the flowers that are blooming – they all look so beautiful. Please keep in mind I’m not a very good picture-taker, and that I have no idea how to make them look better except by hitting “auto correct” and cropping.
First up, the rose section! Hubby is proud of these babies, and while I’m not a huge rose fan, these are my favorites.
Some of the roses currently growing: Christian Dior, my favorite (don’t know the name), Love, and scarlet carpet roses
Next up, the hibiscus…a tropical delight! These are 2 of 7 that we have in the backyard.
Followed by…lilies!
Very late blooming Easter lilies, my favorite Calla lilies that we have actually transplanted throughout the garden, and day lilies
And a bunch of others…

Geraniums, sea grass, and I don’t know what, but they’re cool!
 Star jasmine that has taken over our entire back fence and  smells HEAVENLY, and the last of the bearded irises
Crown of Thorns
Vinca Major…I bought a tiny pot of this, and it’s taking over as a border in our entire yard!
And the sweetest of surprises popped up (or at least we finally noticed them!) Monday evening…our berries that we thought were gone have reappeared! We just can’t remember what they are; we think they are boysenberries or blackberries.
My favorite flower? Orchids. Which I cannot grow for the life of me. What’s your favorite flower, and are they in your garden?


  1. your flowers are awesome! do you give tours of your yard? :) my favorite flower is dahlias and we (ok hubby, i only assisted) just planted the tubers last weekend. can't wait to see your reviews!
  2. MissMelissa says:
    I just started following you and I gotta say...I never thought i'd care about gardening but it is such a peaceful stress relief & lilies are my fav! I also have twins (they are5) and i never thought i'd make it through those baby years...(and still be myself)it's very hard! good luck!any Ques. I'M HERE :)because I wish I woulda had someone to ask :)
  3. I wish I was good at that kind of thing. I love love love flowers, but I have a black thumb. I think that's what they call it anyway. I CANNOT believe you have had the hydrangea for 10 years. Hydrangeas are my all time favorite. I tried to put some by my front door and they were dead within a month. I am so jealous. BEAUTIFUL!
  4. Natalie...totally envious of your flowers! Did you guys do all the planting of the flowers and fruit trees?

  5. Grabbed your button! OK, for the roses, I like the orange-y one the best. And the deep reddish colors of the lillies!

    You are smart to advertise BBR. I need to do that.
  6. Kristin Glasbergen says:
    I think I am going to come to our house and live in your garden. I like orchids too, I have one in the house that just keeps going despite the negligence we've shown it.
    I'm not sure if I have a favorite. I have a few plants that I have grown from seed or cutting and they make me quite happy.
  7. I can't believe you actually have all these plants and flowers! I feel like I just took a tour through a greenhouse!! SO jealous!! Great work!
  8. WHY am I not living at your house? I could scale my laundry mountain right now but you have hibiscus...tell me your secrets!
  9. Those are so lovely. Will have to check out your garden post. You must have terrific soil or a very green thumb.
  10. Paul and Kerry says:
    I am digging your flowers! I admit I haven't done much planting in the 3 years we have lived here and I wished I had. I am so doing more this year! gonna go check your reviews!
  11. Ronnica says:
    Beautiful! My favorite flower is the tulip, which we don't have. I'll have to see if my roommate (who owns the house) would be interested in them, and maybe find a place to plant them this fall, who knows.

    We just started seeing some fruit growing on our exciting!
  12. Hello gorgeous. Great photos.
  13. wow. things are looking amazing over here. love the new header and button and you're numbers are soaring. congrats on all the success. the flowers are gorgeous btw. so jealous.
  14. Cuz I'm the mama! says:
    BEAUTIFUL! Wish I had the time and talent to have such beautiful flowers. Maybe someday! :-) Thanks for sharing.
  15. Ms. Understood says:
    Oh my gosh, your flowers are GORGEOUS!!!. I have the pink hydrangeas and the violet hydrangeas. My Easter lilies are late blooming too (just opening up this week). I have a pretty large flower bed beside my steps leading to my front door and I'm trying to find a flowering plant to replace the shrubs in there now. Would planting roses there be a good idea? I've heard that their roots can be invasive.
  16. I love the smell of star jasmine and how cool to have the hydrangea you received as an engagement gift. I think your photos are great, but this is coming from a non-photog herself.
  17. Allyson & Jere says:
    Holy gorgeous batman, those are all so beautiful. Forgive me, but I REALLY need to see a picture of the whole backyard, so I can really see how this looks all together.

    I can't grow ANYTHING, no really, like anything at all.

    My favorite flowers are gerber daisies and hydrangias, I think that's what they are.
  18. I'm so jealous! The flowers are wonder I have an award for you! ;)
  19. The Urban Cowboy says:
    What an awesome garden you have. The closest I come to growing flowers are the FTD type.
  20. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    Oh my!!! Can I come and live in your backyard for reals??? What an amazing garden you have. I'm lucky if I can keep the weeds alive over here.
  21. Beautiful flowers. I love hydrangeas...someone told me deer won;t eat them...not true! I have a beautiful camellia that the previous homeowner planted. It is actually two trees planted together, half the tree is red, half white and the middle mixed. I also love the geraniums she planted - all different varieties with different blooms and scents.
  22. Those are gorgeous! I think my favorite is the hydrangeas. Beautiful! I do love your new blog design too.
  23. WhisperingWriter says:
    I love these flowers. I wish I had the patience to grow them.
  24. Hey you, I was here earlier and couldn't comment for some reason. The box wouldn't pop up! Anyhoo...I'm tres impressed with the flower pics. Just beautiful. I wish we lived in an environment that supported these types of flowers. Or maybe it's just my "black" thumb! ha ha
  25. Those are some beautiful flowers. :)
  26. Beautiful flowers!!! Fresh flowers always put me in a great mood!!! They totally brighten any room up!!!
    And I think your picture taking is just fine!!!
  27. All your flowers are gorgeous...I love cala lillies!!! I wish I could grow flowers the way I grow veggies!! Our yard is so boring and definitely lacks color!
  28. I love hydrangeas... while I was remodeling your blog, I kept getting distracted by your post.... it was slowing me down!
  29. And I was impressed by your veggies... nice garden!!
  30. TornadoTwos says:
    For some reason I thought I was already following your blog, but I corrected that mistake today. :) I am quite impressed by all your flowers! Your yard has got to be gorgeous!
  31. All your flowers are breathtaking! I love hydrangeas, too!!!!
  32. Mrs.Mayhem says:
    Gorgeous flowers. Really unbelievable. You both must spend so much time working in your garden - very impressive.

    Today I wrote a post titled "How Does Your Garden Grow?" thinking of the old nursery rhyme. I'm really embarrassed now that I recall you used the same title first. So sorry to inadvertently copy you!
  33. Beverly @ says:
    Your flowers are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing them - I'm completely jealous. :)
    And I love your blog header. That is too cute!