Friday Flip Offs #7

Alrighty, it’s that time again…time to flip stuff off! Thanks to Gigi at Kludgymom, the brains behind this virtual detox!

To the neighbor that turned off our sprinklers while we were gone…thanks for killing a ton of our new veggies growing in the backyard. Especially our one tiny, little avocado (which I think is actually a fruit?)…the only one that was growing this year. That’s good times right there. I’m flipping you off to the left and to the right, turning around and flipping you off backwards too.

To potty training…we’ve been doing this way too long. Can we just get it done and over with, please? Flip off.

To the invading ants – there must be a gazillion of you. Please, stay out of my kitchen. Although I hate you and would rather not see you anywhere in the house, if you are content in the bathrooms and closets you are more than welcome…as long as you stay away from the kitchen. Flippin’ all of ya all off.

To the contractor who keeps putting off repairing our stairs…it’s been four months since the flood. We need to have our staircase repaired. Every time you put it off another week is another week our house is trashed. For the love of God, PLEASE start already! You said you’ll be here Monday, if you aren’t I will hunt you down. Flip off in advance.

To the sun that rises directly into the window where the twins sleep, thanks a lot. They remain waking up at the butt crack of dawn. Flip off…but thanks for rising everyday…

To laundry, as always, flippity flip off!!

And just so I don’t sound like a major complainer, there really are many things that make me happy, and if you missed my list yesterday, you can check it out here.

Now, one final thing…can I make a suggestion to those of you who have never received an email reply from me after you left me a comment? If you have received an email, no need to read on! But for those of you who haven’t gotten an emailed reply, you know I’ve mentioned before that the key to being a successful blogger is building relationships; specifically replying to comments via email and visiting blogs. I wrote about it in this post about successful blogging.

Anyways, the reason you may have not gotten any reply emails from me is because you have settings set to not show your email address! Alisha over at A Beautiful Mess recently addressed this topic. Check out her post because it’s really good at addressing this topic.

But in the meantime, to “fix” the problem…

You need to make sure you have your email address available in your profile. Just go to Edit Profile and confirm your email address is entered in the Email Address box (it’s under the Identity section). You also need to check the box in the Privacy section that says: “Show my email address.” If you fix it, the next time you send me a comment, you will get an emailed reply from me!
And so it goes…


  1. Hi! New follower & this post ROCKED! =)
  2. The Urban Cowboy says:
    I can't believe your neighbor turned your water off! Definitely deserved the backwards flip.
  3. Dazee Dreamer says:
    Loved the butt crack of dawn comment. hahaha.
  4. Great flips as usual. You should totally look into room darkening blinds or curtains for the early risers there. And that poor little avocado... what a fighter. It's been a heck of a week for me too. I tried to not talk about my car again, but I must. It is going to cost $625 and we won't have it while family is here for the 4th. FLIP OFF little saturn. I'm really beginning to hate you. Time for a replacement, if only it was in the budget. Sigh. And to the million other things getting to me unmentioned in my own blog- I'm stronger and I'll win. There, I'm done. Thanks.

    Thanks for the mention and linkup girl. You rock, as always. Your blog is hippity hoppin!!
  5. If SHE can figure it out.......... says:
    Hey! WHY the hell would your neighbors turn off your sprinklers? Are they the water police or something? what a bunch of jerks....I would do more than just flip them off. I would egg their house. Just saying.
  6. ROTFL! OMGoodness, I love this post! I would totally *flip* if someone turned off the sprinkler in my garden! And I will join you on the flipping off of the ants... grrrrrrrrrrrr, we have them bad here!

    Visiting via SITS! Enjoyed your ROCKIN' blog, so CUTE!!

    Have an awesome Friday, SITStah! :D
  7. forty-something chick says:
    OK, great flip offs! I'm thinking that the neighbors deserve TWO flips, since the ants are probably coming inside to LOOK FOR WATER that they were counting on from the sprinklers! I'm just sayin'.....

    Darn sun, too....I agree with Lish on the room darkening shades. Saved me when the room the baby slept in was facing the early morning sun! What are these builders thinking??
  8. Allyson & Jere says:
    Your flip offs crack me up! Really, the neighbor? I'm mad enough to flip them off. How dare they RUIN your vegies and your precious avacado. BOO!
  9. looks like we are both having neighbor problems this week. Although mine seems to be on-going. Thanks for the info on the email setting...I was wondering why you were being so rude! J.K.! :P Have a great weekend!
  10. Maxabella says:
    Flips are positively fabulous. What a great idea. Do you find them cleansing? I can't believe that neighbour and I feel your pain on the potty training.

    BTW, email replies not needed. I feel loved.
  11. Mommy Spirit says:
    I need a good laugh! Haven't started the potty training yet, but I'm sure I'll be flipping it off soon. Oh yeah, and contractors are the worst. Really, you tell them when you're available and then they proceed to come at any time that you're not available. Ugh! Finally, your neighbor, well, he/she just needs to get a life. Thanks for this post. You've turned me into a follower. Have a great 4th of July!
  12. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
    Great flips as usual! I can't believe your neighbour turned off your sprinklers! How stupid of them, poor veggies and little avocado!
  13. Heather says:
  14. blueviolet says:
    I can't figure out why your neighbors took it upon themselves to turn off your sprinklers!
  15. cooperl788 says:
    I second flipping off the ants in my kitchen. No matter what we do, they never seem to go away. And there's never a trail either, just 15 little seeker ants spread randomly around my kitchen at all times. (Not that I can blame them, I should probably sweep every day with my copious amounts of free time)
  16. OK. Laundry. And sand on the floors. I mean, I love the sandbox and beach, but can the sand leave the sneakers before all of the children come into the house? And, also, being told I need to stay late at work (by someone who has absolutely no responsibility over my job)! Yeah. FLIP.OFF.
    Love this!
  17. Sharlene T. says:
    Great flip-offs but let me defend one or two... I'm in an area where the water is rationed quite often and folks get fined for running sprinklers and your neighbors may have thought you forgot to turn the sprinklers off and they were doing you a favor... if this was the first year for your avocado, it may well have dropped the fruit, anyway, because first year fruit is kind of like a trial run for the plant... as for the contractor -- get a contract out on him! -- I once had a contractor make me wait a whole year before finishing off just a few tiny things and a substitute only showed up the morning after I called the county to sue his b... love the flip-offs!...

    Twitter: SolarChief
  18. NanaDiana says:
    Loved the flip offs-We had ants in our kitchen in a house...they had made their "nest" inside a hollow core pantry door. We finally replaced the door and VIOLA-NO more ants. I hated those stinking things! Maybe you could send some over to repay your a kind of special Thank You....just a thought!
  19. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli says:
    Love the Friday flip-offs.
    I'm heartbroken about your avocado.
  20. Maureen says:
    LOL love the way you're flippin your neighbor off! Oh and for potty training - I so feel you on this one, I'm flippin it along your side, Mama!
  21. The Sharp's says:
    Yeah, what the heck is up with your neighbors?! I love that you give the ants permission to stay in the bathroom and the closets. Hilarious! I have a contractor story too, but I am still bitter and it is long. Let's just say he was one of my husband's good friends for years and they don't even talk over the deal anymore! Flip off to shady people who don't live up to their word. You suck! (not you, them!) Have a great weekend, girl!
  22. says:
    First...I read "virtual detox" as "virtual botox" and thought perhaps you and Gigi had changed the rules!

    Second...what the heck was your neighbor doing turning off your sprinklers??? A bit pretentious that, don't you think?

    My big problem with my neighbors? They overfeed the cats when we're away so we come back to tub-o'-lard-felines.

    Not so big a problem with neighbors.

    Just the cats.
  23. Paul and Kerry says:
    When I worked outside the home, I dealt with contractors all day. I would stalk them renlentlessly until I got them to do what I wanted. And if they didn't answer their phone, I was not below calling the boss or if they are the boss...the BBB. Bitchiness can pay off. lol
  24. I think I "fixed" my problem. lol!
  25. Christine says:
    Ha! I flipped off my laundry too. I think maybe that should just be a required weekly flip off!
  26. Sue Campbell says:
    I can't believe they killed your veggies! Bastards!
  27. Claudia says:
    Great flip-offs - love that one with the veggies...
    My neighbor once ruined our wooden floor by watering our living room plants when we were away....
    But I'm not sure about publishing my e-mail address. Don't you think you get a lot of spam as well then?
    But I absolutely share your view about building relationships on blogs. I love that and I have met such a lot of interesting people since I started blogging.
  28. WTH am I Doing? says:
    Ok, Laundry? Constant flip off. Totally with you on that. Ours gets clean....after we start running out of stuff...but then it lives in "clean piles" in various locations around our bedroom. *sigh*

    Oh, & the ants? I have become the Terminator on the ants in my kitchen. I had a total flip out assassination session on the horde of ants that invaded my kitchen last weekend. It was ugly. They have taken advantage of my turning the other cheek when I see an ant or 2 on the floor with one too many full-scale invasions. I can no longer show them any mercy...
  29. MommaKiss says:
    I agree about the e-mail in their profile. Sometimes I just need to reply and then NOTHING! GAH!
    room darkening shades. Agree!
  30. Belle's Butterfly says:
    I can't believe your neighbor turned off your water. WTH! And ants, ugh we get them here too. And they really do march in a single file line. It's amazing. Of course that single file line is right to the kitchen.
  31. I'd like to take the opportunity in helping you flip off potty training.
  32. Potty training SUCKS! It took us exactly 1 year to the day to completely get rid of pull ups. We started the day after he turned 2 and the day after he turned 3 he told us no more pull ups. He was wearing them for sleeping. He has done great. Good luck. Hope it's done soon.
  33. Mama Hen says:
    That stinks Natalie that your neighbor turned off the sprinkler and your veggies didn't get their water fill! The never ending laundry is one of my complaints also! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen
  34. As always, I love your Flip Off list! I especially got a kick out of this week's backward Flip to your dumb neighbors. :) Have a great l o n g weekend.
  35. I'd be sooooo mad at my neighbors!!! And I'd be wanting to kick some contractor booty!
  36. Aging Mommy says:
    Oh my your poor yard, I would be so mad if my neighbors did that too and your contractor sounds like he really needs that kick!
  37. TIGHTWAD says:
    Do you feel better with the friday flip off support? Seems like great therapy!
  38. Ohhh your poor veggies! Flippin off those neighbors with you! I'd be so sad if my little vegetable garden didn't get watered!
  39. Why on earth are you still waiting for this contractor to fix your stairs? Get a new contractor! You need stairs! How else will the ants make it your bedroom closet?
  40. HaHaHa. I LOVE Friday flip-offs. Now. I never heard of it before, but OH, the therapy. Yours are SO funny. I am ALWAYS flipping off laundry! Also, ironic that you wrote about trying to return email comments... something I am working on now and having the same issue with no return email address. I love your blog. Following!
  41. Nina @ Momma Go Round says:
    LOVE the advance flip off....I can feel that one coming too, sorry!

    I can't believe your neighbor did that! Seriously, stay off my property and in your own universe. How rude!

    Thanks for making me laugh. Joined ya in the flip off universe.
  42. The Flying Chalupa says:
    Oooh, a spin-o-rama flip off to the garden jerks! Impressive. And thanks for the tip on how to receive replies. As soon as I have a free moment...I'll look into it.
  43. Two words....blackout blinds. They work like a charm. must buy them if you don't already have them!!

    And I'm really annoyed with your contractor too!! What's up with him??? Does he not want to make money??
  44. Okay, you're going to have to email me to let me in on the secret of the email comment reply thingy. I hadn't the slightest clue (and still don't). Gimme the scoop. roxanebock (at) att (dot) net. Love ya. Let me know how to fix this because if I try to do it without some serious help I'll mess it alllll up.
  45. I think your neighbors owe you a trip to the grocery store.
  46. Cori Benson says:
    Hey Natalie- Hop on over to my blog to receive your blog award. Thanks for blogging with substance:)
  47. Christina says:
    Natalie, first time here and great stuff! Glad I found from Kludgy Mom.
  48. BLOGitse says:
    Christina above me said it!
    Happy, little late FFO blog hop greetings, from Casablanca, Morocco!

  49. OMG when I lived in So Cal the ants drove me crazy!! Cereal in a zip loc the moment it came home. no water drops around the sink(thats what they are going for, and sugar) CRazy!! Do not miss that, but I do miss the sun!!Black out blinds!!! Best thing ever for sleeping babes. Have a great 4 and happy birthday to your mom
  50. Ah, naughty neighbors. Potty training? It is a B I T... but eventually it will click, just relax and know that your kids will not go off to college in diapers. It was actually when I started to chill out about the potty training that it worked out okay for my son. When I think back on the most trying times when he was little, potty training and binky-weaning were the two nightmares. Hang in there kid, and for the record I am loving your blog more and more every day!!

  51. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    I'm with you on flipping off the ants. They are doing a full scale invasion on my house these days and I am scared to find where they are making their trails next. (This past week they made a HUGE trail smack through the middle of our play room. I have no idea what lured them in there. Certainly not the mouldering fruit snacks and smushed banana remains...)
  52. Can you send your neighbor the bill for your veggies for the rest f the year? They deserve a flip off for sure. We just "got" potty training...she is almost 3...I am a slacker...but no accidents.


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