Revolt Fitness Program: Week 2 Down!

fitness_program Last week I told you that I was revolting against my muffin top with the Revolt Fitness Program. As I come up on the end of Week 2, I’m amazed at how much my body is already changing on this fitness program. My arms are getting some definition, my legs are feeling “harder”, and I generally feel better. Now if this damn cellulite would go away….

I have this mantra that I chant silently in my brain everyday: “I didn’t gain all this fat in a week and I won’t lose all this fat in a week.” I won’t lose all this fat or transform my body in one week or two weeks or three weeks…not on any fitness program. I keep motivation pictures around me all the time. I don’t skip workouts…or meals. I am drinking more than a gallon of water everyday, and green tea (which boosts your metabolism).

I’ve learned several things these past couple of weeks, and so I thought I’d share them here.


1. Since I started working out using the Revolt fitness program, I am much more aware of what I am putting into my body and looking more carefully at calorie count, fat content, etc. I don’t want to cancel out all the hard work by eating a 1,000 calorie cheeseburger, no matter how good it is.

2. If you are serious about losing weight and getting into shape no matter what fitness program you are using, you need a heart monitor…tracking your exercise in isn’t gonna cut it. After some research and asking around, the Polar FT4 came highly recommended. I got mine on for about $65.

3. The reason why you need the said heart monitor that I mentioned in #2 instead of just using MyFitnessPal? Because you are burning WAY more calories than you think when you are working out. I got my heart monitor the other day and I’m burning 2-3 times more calories than MyFitnessPal was telling me I was burning.

This was important to me for me to understand because it explained why I was starving every day. I needed to up the number of calories I was eating so my body wouldn’t go into starvation mode, which would actually prevent weight loss.

4. If you gain weight during the first couple of weeks of dieting and working out, don’t freak out like I did. I started at 148, gained 2 pounds last week (which I was NOT happy about because I really wasn’t cheating), and now I’m down to 146. Those extra pounds are probably water gain, and it will go away as your body adjusts.

5. As a matter of fact, don’t even look at the scale! Measure the inches you are losing, notice how differently your clothes are fitting, and how your body is changing…that’s much more important.

6. The soreness from working out all those muscles you never use goes away. Suck it up and keep on keepin’ on.


But the greatest thing I’ve learned so far is this: DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! I can’t recommend the Revolt fitness program enough. It’s given me the confidence I needed to know that I CAN do this.

Two weeks ago, one part of my brain kept telling me “you can’t do this, just stop now because this hurts.” And usually, I would listen to that voice. But there is something about this fitness program – though the workouts are hard and just about kill me while I’m doing them – that makes me want to keep going. I started to tell that part of my brain to just shut up and do it. I ignored it.

And guess what? It finally stopped saying that I can’t. Do you know why? Because I am doing it! And now I’m enjoying the burn and the challenge. This is the first time that I have ever looked forward to working out! I know I can do it so I want to see what else I’m capable of. I still can’t do a “real” pushup, but you can put money on this: I WILL be able to soon.

What are you waiting for? Head over and join the Revolt Fitness Program for just $9.99 a month. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. You have nothing to lose except fat and everything to gain. Let’s do this together!

Want to learn more? Revolt is having a Twitter party on March 19th at 6pm PST! Besides sharing more about Revolt, fitness, and nutrition, Revolt is giving away a $100 Amazon gift card from Linky Tools, $100 gift card to spend at Albion Fit, Joovy Zoom jogging stroller, kettle bells, and a stability ball!

To be eligible to win, RSVP for the party here. Hope to tweet you there!

Disclaimer: I was chosen as a Revolt Fitness Program blogger and received free membership to try the fitness program out. All opinions expressed are my own. And yes, I would pay for the program and will continue to follow it even after my six week commitment is up.

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  1. Sounds like it is going well for you. Awesome! Denise recently posted..A Day In PainMy Profile
  2. Good going! Sticking to a lifestyle change is tough! Sounds like you are motivated and doing really well. Looking forward to reading about your progress!
  3. That's great, Natalie! Can't wait to see pictures of you at week 12 :) Alison recently posted..Old School BloggingMy Profile
  4. Weird, I've found my experience with MFP to be exactly the opposite and so have all of my MFP friends - the exercise calories they predict always are WAY high and most people complain that it's dangerous to "eat your calories back" if you're just using MFP numbers because they're so high. I've had an FT-4 for about two weeks now and am doing 30 Day Shred but at day 16, I'm losing motivation here slowly. I've never heard of Revolt, but will have to look into it :o) WeeMason's Mom recently posted..Happy 3rd Birthday, Mason!My Profile
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