Tater’s First Art Project
Yesterday, Tater, the girls, and I went to our first play date with the Corona MOMS group we joined. I joined because I wanted to get Tater around other kids his age so that he can learn how to share, play nicely, and maybe so that he becomes more comfortable around others and will unattach himself from my hip (and I say that in the nicest way possible). And of course I also want to have some adult interaction with other moms so that I can keep the little bit of sanity I have left.

It didn’t start out so great – he was shy and didn’t want to talk to any of the kids. He would only go on the swing set if I stood right next to it and watched. Thankfully, he loosened up a bit and did play for a little while with the other kids. I think he had fun! I look forward to more of those outings.

Then he started working on a little craft project. He was decorating an Easter Bunny with stickers. The look in his eyes as he worked to get the stickers off the page showed determination. The little tongue poking out the side of his mouth showed an acute level of concentration. I was in awe as I watched him. That something so simple could be so difficult and require so much of his attention. He is just amazing! I love to watch him learn how to do things. He did need help getting the smaller stickers off the page but he did not want help putting them on his bunny.
The finished product is one of the best pieces of art I’ve ever seen…what do you think?
He brought it home and immediately wanted to display it on the refrigerator. He was so happy and proud! I was so happy and proud! Life is good.
The Girls Sit Up
Yep, the girls are regular pros now at sitting up by themselves. They have been doing it for about a week now. Ms. M is much better at it than Ms. L; Ms. L would rather just lay down or be held, but she can do it. While sitting up, Mia is starting to grab for things, turn around to look at us, and is trying to move around. She is very comfortable with her new ability! They still do not like to share toys with each other though. Ms. M’s realized that she can take a toy from Ms. L, turn slightly to her side and drop the toy so that Ms. L can’t reach it. It frustrates Ms. L to no end and causes all kinds of havoc. It’s actually pretty cute to watch.
Ms. M and Ms. L, March 30, 2010

And so it goes…