Facing Two Fears! Vlogging and A Rose Wine

Okay, this week on Have Wine Will Drink we are featuring Lucy wine. Instead of explaining to you why I’m mentioning it here, I’m just going to show you and tell you by vlog. Enjoy!

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  1. Great job. Makes me want to try it and I don't drink... very often!
  2. You are adorable. I have avoided rose (is that how you spell it?) for the same reason, but I bought 3 bottles on my recent wine tour. They seem to be growing in popularity.
  3. You are a cutie :). Love the vlog and would love to try the wine. I'm such a wine newbie I need all the guidance I can get.
  4. Adorable!
  5. You did great! My baby's name is Lucy so I had to watch this to find out your thoughts on this wine :) Now, I want some. Great vlog!
  6. Great first vlog! I can tell you that the first one is hard to watch yourself, but after that it kind of gets addicting. Thanks for telling us about this wine! I love how y'all pick wine's that benefit a good cause. Oh, and I love the wine sign in the background. :)
  7. I would have NEVER tried a rose w/out seeing this simply because I thought it would be sweet! Thumbs down to White Zin!! I will definitely get some Lucy next time I see it!
  8. Gramma Gramma says:
    Natalie! Good job! I think we'll join the club!
  9. Great job on the vlog!
  10. You did great. My first blog was a disaster. I definitely need to try a rose.
  11. Wait, if I put some Lucy in my pocket, will you come over? Is that all it takes? Now, off to find something with REALLY big pockets. Good job on the vlog, btw, though I would have suggested you had drank BEFORE you recorded it :)
  12. Great job! See, it's not THAT hard. :) I want to try that wine!!
  13. I just want to say the name of the blog is awesome!!
  14. Congratulations on your first wine VLOG! Lady Parker is another great wine VLOGGER, but yours is a real review and people will definetly listen to all your future wine VLOGS too Cant wait for your next wine review!
  15. You are too cute! Love your vlog. You should do this more often! I love wines of all types, so I'm going to check out your new blog...didn't know about it! I have seen #winebuzz though.
  16. hello? I now love you oodles and oodles more. Holy crap, you're cute. I'd have been stuttering and full of "um" - I am stoked that I was part of the twitter party last week, won me some kick ass Lucy Wine. I haven't even tried it, but before the party, I bought myself 6 bottles. All for the Cure - thanks girl!!
  17. I didn't know you had a wine blog too! I am going to check it out pronto! Also I think you should rethink vlogging. You are adorable and you sound great!!
  18. I can't stand wine. Something about the nasty after taste. Only once was I given a glass that I actually liked but for the life of me can't remember what it was. Nolie recently posted..Are parents the only ones setting a bad example?My Profile
    • I would accuse you of being in my house, but a) that is NOT my bhoratom (not dirty enough) and b) my family is too lazy to leave it on top of the "dealio". Oh no, they can not even open the cupboard under the sink to take the new roll out! Instead I go to wipe and find a naked toilet paper roll!!!! No shit, but this happened yet again about 30minutes ago.


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