Eyedews For Me…And For You!

‘Twas two nights before BlogHer and all through the house, nott a creature was stirring…well, except me. Because I have a million things to do and not enough time to get them all done. I’ve been up late the last few nights writing so I’m ahead of the game for work and for my own personal blog…and guess what? You can tell I haven’t been getting much sleep. Dark circles and bags under my eyes. Yeah, really attractive and a great first impression for everybody I’ll meet at BlogHer. Luckily, I scored some Eyedews to try out!

If you are ever on Twitter and follow @Surferwife (AKA my friend Monique of the infamous A Day In The Life of a Surferwife blog), then you know all about Eyedews and her love for them. If not, let me tell you all about this little miracle in a foil package! Eyedews are a natural under eye treatment. They look  like little jelly eye masks, and you put one under each eye. They de-puff your eyes, minimize pores, reduce dark under eye circles, relax and soothes you and your skin, helps out those pesky wrinkles, AND hydrates your dry skin. I know….crazy, right?

And what I really like about them is that they are made of entirely natural ingredients: lavender oil, Vitamins C & E, Chitosan, and Natural Marine Collagen.

All you do is slap those babies on for 15 or 20 minutes, relax, drink wine and let Eyedews do the rest! Also? You can use them every single day…yeah, they’re safe to use all the time!


Yep, tweeting, watching TV, drinking wine, and enjoying my Eyedews

And these things work! At first, they kept sliding down my face because I was tweeting and watching TV working instead of relaxing and enjoying them. I suggest you just lay back and let them work their magic! I now understand why Surferwife talks about them all the time…and I think you’ll be hearing me talk about them all the time too! After I tried ’em out, I felt refreshed and noticed a difference in the appearance of my eyes. I am in love!

I will be taking these miracle workers with me to BlogHer where I plan to get very little sleep. But don’t feel left out! If you are heading to BlogHer, then you need to hunt down Surferwife and get a sample for yourself! She’s handing them out for everybody to try! She’ll be tweeting (@surferwife) about where she’s at and which parties she’ll be at in the evenings so you can find her. You can also follow the hashtag #SurferWifeHasEyedews to keep track of her.

And don’t forget to follow @Eyedews so you can tell them how much you love the product!

Not going to BlogHer? No worries! If you order 12 pairs of Eyedews for $45 anytime until the end of August, you will receive 3 FREE pairs! Just mention “Blogher” in your order comment. It’s worth it, and I will be ordering more for sure.

Disclosure: I received free Eyedews for this review, but as always, all opinions expressed are mine. And I really, REALLY love this product and sure hope you give them a shot! Thanks Eyedews and Surferwife for allowing me to try this miracle out for myself!


  1. Sounds like a must-have for every woman! Have a great time in San Diego!
  2. So cool! I think I need some of those :) Have a great time at BlogHer!
  3. These sound awesome!
  4. Eyedews sent me a pair and I had been saving them for Blogher. Hmm, maybe I'll use them before and hunt down Surferwife for another at Blogher - ya know, before I order.
  5. Have a great trip! These look wornderful!
  6. so, do you do them at night, or in the morning when you're all bleary? i got a pair - and get this, they say "from @surferwife" and have her blog name on them. Mr. Kiss was all "Umm" They're in the fridge. waiting for me.
  7. Hope you all have a great time at Blogher. :)
  8. I NEED those. Now.
  9. Meghan.samodien says:
    What's the website for eyedrews I have been trying to look for them. They sound amazing!


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