Exercise Sucks. But I Need to Lose These Last 5 Pounds Before BlogHer!

I’ve said many times before that I am not a fan of the exercise…and by that I mean pretty much any type of exercise. I don’t mind an occasional walk, but if you ask me to do something everyday that will benefit my weight, health, and heart that doesn’t include sitting in front of the computer drinking wine? I’m probably not going to be interested.

My friend Poppy over at Funny or Snot ran a marathon over the weekend. A frickin’ marathon! And she ran it! I have considered walking a marathon, which while still quite a challenge just doesn’t seem as daunting as actually running 26.2 miles.

So I decided, much like I did last year (and failed I might add) that I need to lose those 15 lbs. of baby weight I’m still lugging around. I tried Alli, but the side effects were well, let’s just say kind of gross. I tried the Fat Belly Diet, but you might remember the picture above and understand why I failed. I even thought about buying a BOB jogging stroller…but who am I kidding? I’m too lazy and easily flustered to try to take 3 toddlers on a walk!

oxy elite pro But I’ve actually lost 10 lbs! Jason and I started taking OxyElite Pro and all I have to say is WHOA! Total appetite suppressant and actually gives me the energy I need to get off my ass and do something!

I also bought the Wii Fit and I’m having a blast with it…and *bonus*…it doesn’t feel like exercise to me at all!

But I’m also thinking I need something more. Some cardio. Something I can do when the kids are sleeping. So I thought maybe I should get an exercise bike. Not a cheesy little one…a gym quality stationary bike. But holy crap are those things expensive! So maybe a recumbent exercise bike or one of those Keiser bikes? But they’re pretty expensive too.

Maybe a treadmill? Also pricey. The Wii Fit does have an activity that allows me to run in place, but it’s not quite the same. Maybe an exercise video or two? Some yoga or pilates? Both are considered cardio workouts, right?

I don’t know, but I know to lose this last 5 lbs. or so I need to do something other than just not shoving food in my mouth. I’d really like to be down to my goal weight before BlogHer in August!

What’s your favorite workout activity? Do you have any advice or suggestions for someone that hates to exercise?



  1. Yes. Exercise. No way around it. Or do South Beach the week or two before. You'll definitely drop at least 5 lbs.
  2. Woohoo... CONGRATS on the ten! I bet you look amazing. Had to do a double take on the pic above.....I thought it was grapes at first. Oh and I am super proud of myself (I wish it was for ten lbs down) for learning to comment via my phone instead of just stalking your blog.
  3. I used to run and do yoga. Wow, that was a long time ago. I need to lose 10 lbs. Gah. 5lbs? Maybe change your diet? Assuming you haven't. Yoga & Pilates are low impact. Maybe go for a hike? Uphill climbs/ walks do wonders for your behind, I hear.
  4. I love exercising. I think people either love it, hate it or tolerate it. I workout 4/5 a week. I LOVE Body Combat and Spin Classes. I rely on workouts for my sanity!!! Maybe cut out carbs before? I could never do that, but it works for a lot of people.
  5. My mother in law swears by the fat belly diet. She lost 15 pounds in two months and went down a few dress sizes. For me, the best workout challenge was a weight loss challenge with my husband. We made bets and I kicked his butt!!! I lost 8 pounds in a month because I'm super competitive!!! Good luck!
  6. Diet and exercise. Speaking of, I need to drop a few lbs myself. Ugh.
  7. Forgetful Momma says:
    I love "Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy" for the Wii. I used to hate working out and now I can't wait for the baby to start having regular naps at the same time as my older daughter. Great job on the 10lbs!
  8. Add a little weight lifting to your routine. Muscle replaces fat easier than fat just goes away alone. You can do it! Also, I very rarely pimp out my place, but I’d really love to hear from the people that I myself like to read, on this particular post. So if you could make a comment here: http://dontmakeitlikeimdumb.blogspot.com/ that would be super sweet. THANKS a-
  9. Nothing is better than running. It sucks too, but it works. Perhaps a treadmill then? I love bootcamp classes. They're killer and will make muscles you did not know you had work. But that's a good thing right?
  10. I used to hate exercise but went anyway. I still go and now take classes at the gym. They are hard, but so fun at the same time!
  11. I am sorry but you need to loose 5 pounds my ass. Girl, I would kill for your body. How go ahead and have a donut or 12. ;)
  12. So here's the thing. I had seven pounds of baby weight I couldn't kick. The first 23 just fell back off. The last 7, not so much. So I spent 3 weeks doing one of two jillin michaels videos, running or walking almost every single day. And I gained 2 pounds. Then I took a week off and I lost four. I have no explanation for this other than it reiterates my feelings that exercise is stupid.
  13. I hate exercise, too!!! I try to mix things up frequently so I don't get too burnt out. I go for walks around the neighborhood, Wii Fit (I love it, too!), another good Wii game is Gold's Gym Dance Workout, I enjoy pilates and a few other workout DVDs. If you have netflix they have a ton of workouts that you can stream instantly. Hope you find something that works for you! You can do it!!
  14. Sigh. I start South Beach and Shred on Monday. My goal is 15 pounds. But giving up wine? That will probably be the death of me, so I may not even make it to BlogHer. ;)
  15. I have the valco twin tri-mode with toddler seat that I use to take my three for walks around the neighborhood. They love it and I get a bit of exercise. I am also doing the couch to 5k program. As for workout videos - check out Leslie Sansone.