Everything Happens For A Reason

Back in January, I announced that my sister and sister-in-law were joining me to write Mommy of a Monster and Twins. We were gung-ho and so excited, and then I haven’t blogged since. I don’t know what happened! I just decided to stop blogging. I kept up Mommy of a Monster on social media, however the blog just went to the back burner.

I considered letting go of my domain and shutting it down completely. But for some reason, something told me not to do it. And here I am! Ready to start blogging again.

One thing I regret during the hiatus is that in March my blog turned 7 years old, and I didn’t celebrate. Other than that, not much has changed in the past six months. The kids are out of school now, I’ve been busy with work, and I’m still reading like a bookworm. I’ve also taken up a side business!
Rodan-and-FieldsI have been using Rodan + Fields skincare products for the last year, and I talk about how incredible they are to anybody who will listen. After some gentle prodding from family and friends, I decided to become an R+F consultant. I have lots of people who ask me about the products….how they work, IF they work, what I think about them….and I thought what better place to share the info than on my blog!

In the future, you’ll see great recipes mixed with book reviews by the kids, my sister-in-law’s take on having two little ones under the age of 2, cooking with kids tips, and occasional Rodan + Fields reviews and even giveaways!

I’m looking forward to sharing all of this with you and excited to get back to blogging!


  1. Wow seven-year-old blog, congratulations! It would be a shame to let go of the domain since you put so much work into it for years. It's like a diary you can look back on in years to come. Whenever you feel not up to it, just have a hiatus and come back whenever you have something to express :) Leo Tat recently posted..40 Foods High in Polyphenols Antioxidants With Net CarbsMy Profile