Ethan’s First Day of Preschool

Yesterday, Ethan got up at his usual time and went downstairs to get his milk, as usual.

He watched a cartoon, as usual.

I fixed him breakfast, as usual.

Then we got dressed and brushed our hair and teeth, as usual.

And then he put on his little Spiderman backpack and headed out the door, anxious and excited for his first day of preschool. A bittersweet and unusual twist to our morning.

We took pictures of him…

Of him walking into school…

And of him in his class…

I cried, he did not. Also unusual for both of us.

He was a strong boy, and waited until we left to start crying.

And when we went to pick him up a few hours later, he decided he no longer wanted to go to preschool. That he missed me too much. That he just wanted to stay home.

But on Friday, our morning will go the same…and hopefully this whole preschool business will get easier for both of us.

Mama’s Losin’ It I wrote this post for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop in response to Prompt #3: First day of school pictures…let’s have’em!


  1. *hugs* I'm a bit frightened for Friday. I held it together until I left the building today..not sure I can say the same for Friday!My heart hurts:(
  2. P.S. He looks adorable:)
  3. Aw, I hope things to do get easier with time. I love these shots. They really capture the excitement he felt...until you left. ;)
  4. Aw, sweet boy! Those boys don't want to leave their mammas. I hope it gets easier on the second day. Just the start of a lifetime of goodbyes you'll say and tears you'll shed. We're here for you! :) xoxo
  5. That is so sweet that he stayed strong for you to leave and then cried - what a sweetie!
  6. It will, for sure, get easier. But in the meantime, remember that he is with you far more hours than he is away.
  7. Oh he is adorable!
  8. So sweet! He will start to like it once it becomes routine for him...Will hated it last year but after a couple of weeks he loved it. Today is his first official day and we do a carpool drop off, thank goodness I will be in the car when I start crying!
  9. Awe, I remember those days and, moments. Cherish them in your heart forever. (And yes, it gets a little easier. LoL)
  10. I am worried about when Tater has to go to school. I know I will completely break down and I am sure Tater will be fine. He goes to daycare and loves it so the transition should be nothing for him. It will be an end of an era for me.
  11. He is adorable! I hope it gets easier.
  12. It will get easier. I promise. Its hardest with the oldest but gets easier from there.
  13. He looks so sweet! I am sure he will get used to it and love it and then the day will come when he does not want to go home :)
  14. That picture of him in his classroom is adorable! He looks so excited!! how cute.
  15. Oh my goodness, he looks so much like you! It will get easier, I promise. Hugs to you both!
  16. You brush his hair every day? Impressed :) I only bother if we're going somewhere! He looks adorable.
  17. This made my heart smile. Ethan is such a big boy. Handsome too! Good luck to you both... xoxo
  18. He looks so excited in those pictures!! SO CUTE! I remember the days when my boys went to preschool, were excited to go and then said they didn't want to go back, only to be excited again on the morning they were going back!! Big ((HUGS)) to you mama!
  19. How incredibly sweet is he!!? I'm glad he missed you!
  20. Aww, I'm sorry he didn't like the first day so much. I hope tomorrow is better. He's too cute--he looks just like you.
  21. Oh, sweet boy! Chessa's day care lady told me it takes about 3 weeks for kids to adjust to their new routine. 3 weeks sounds like a hell of a long time to me. I bet he does it in one!
  22. Aww. So sad to hear he cried too. Such a sweet age. Hope it gets easier!
  23. Preschool is a *itch. What? Inappropriate? Sorry. Um...let me try again. You will both be in my thoughts tomorrow. Much love to all of you!
  24. Oh, I hope today goes better for you! We're starting preschool next week, and I am worried about the transition, too. He is just adorable, though! I bet he LOVES it by next week :)
  25. Aww! Great pictures! I didn't cry when any of my kids started school. Neither did they, come to think of it. Didn't stop me from missing them.
  26. Babe started preschool too. No tears for either one of us.... I guess that's kinda sad unto itself, lol.