Ethan Turns Four


Ethan is 4 now.







Getting ready to start preschool


Ethan is 4 now.

Mama’s Losin’ It I wrote this post for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop in response to Prompt #4:
Write a post that begins and ends with the same sentence.


  1. I feel like I've known that monster since he was 2. Love that face, I miss it :)
  2. So freaking cute! Happy Birthday Ethan!
  3. Four was always an interesting age for my boys! Happy Birthday to him!
  4. Happy Birthday Ethan!! He's adorable.
  5. Aw, happy birthday Ethan! He is so cute!
  6. Happy birthday Ethan!
  7. Happy Birthday to Ethan! He is sooooo cute!
  8. He is totally your son and that is awesome.
  9. Happy Happy Birthday Ethan, you are all those things and more...have a fantastic year being 4!!!
  10. Happy Birthday Ethan!! Wow Natalie, you fit a ton into those 140 characters :) I love this, especially the combination of affectionate and standoffish, because that is a combination to which I can particularly relate. (And he is adorable, of course.)
  11. Happy birthday Ethan! Such a cutie.
  12. Happy Birthday Ethan! Such a cutie he is!
  13. Happy birthday Tater! And Nat, you forgot another phrase to describe him: Ladies' Man
  14. So cute. What a great way to celebrate your little guy!
  15. It's amazing how only 140 characters can hold so much meaning. Happy birthday Ethan! Enjoy being 4!
  16. Holy smokes, that makes me feel like I've been reading your blog since forever! Happy Birthday Ethan!!!
  17. He looks so much like you! I love your descriptions.
  18. Oh my gosh 4? Can you believe he is that old already? Hope he has a great birthday.
  19. He's all yours, isn't he? What a cute kid. And "preschool"...I bet you can't wait. Oops, I mean, I'm sure you'll miss him!
  20. I hope he has a wonder time being four! I love his qualities.
  21. What a cutie! Happy birthday to him!
  22. Hey friend! Wow - I can't believe he's four, that's crazy! I also can't believe you wrote a story as a tweet. Impressive.
  23. happy birthday ethan! time flies, doesn't it mom? enjoy :)
  24. He is ADORABLE!! Happy Happy Birthday to your little man!
  25. How is it that we have four year olds now! How does that even happen?!
  26. So cute!
  27. SO cute - happy birthday!
  28. What a sweet boy ;)
  29. So cute. I always thought babies were my favorite, but now I'm seeing how much fun toddlers and preschoolers can be, now that they are actually becoming tiny little people!
  30. Happy Birthday, Ethan!!! Four is such a perfect age. xo
  31. Great job combing the two!
  32. Nicely done! The added idea that Ethan is starting preschool really puts your other adjectives into a strong picture. (by way of Write on Edge!)
  33. I loved this! Very touching.
  34. Aww, happy birthday to him :)
  35. Happy birthday to your little big guy!
  36. You clever!
  37. Mine is turning 4 soon and starting preschool, too! I'm not sure I could have summed it up in 140. Well done.
  38. I cried when mine started preschool.. they grow up too fast!!
  39. Is it that time already. All the best Ethan.
  40. Congrats! It's bittersweet for sure! He is such a cutie! I struggled quite a bit at the 3 and 4 year mark.
  41. Happy birthday to your little guy!
  42. that smile, Happy Birthday Ethan, may 4 be AWESOME :)
  43. Happy Birthday to your little man! BTW, way to kill two birds w/one stone. ;)
  44. Yay, Ethan! Happy birthday! What a fun guy he sounds like.
  45. well done for both prompts, and he sure is adorable! My son will be 4 in october :)
  46. Aw, he's growing so fast. Preschool already. The grandson will start in a couple years. I'll miss him on babysitting days.
  47. What a cutie and major kudos to you for having mad skillz & combining a Mama Kat & Write on Edge prompt! :>
  48. He is adorable! Great job on combining both prompts
  49. Two birds, one stone. Love this!! Great job. And a very happy belated birthday to the little man.


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