Because Ethan Asked Me To Write This

Ethan will be finishing up first grade tomorrow. Wow. First grade is done! I can’t believe how fast these years are flying by. Didn’t he just have his first day of preschool, and then his last day of preschool? Shouldn’t he still be in kindergarten? Didn’t I just blink as he grew from a baby into an almost-seven-year-old? Those years went quickly, but this year – first grade – was the fastest one yet. And I think it’s because Ethan absolutely positively LOVES his teacher, Mrs. O.


Ethan has been crying before bed each night for the last week or so. He doesn’t want first grade to end because he will miss his teacher too much. He wants Mrs. O to teach him next year and all the years after that. Or if that’s not possible, he’s willing to stay in first grade forever so that he can stay with her.

Now Ethan liked his preschool teacher and he adored his kindergarten teacher. But his feelings for Mrs. O top those feelings. He talks about her all the time. He wonders what she is doing. He wants me to ask her if we can do a play date this summer with her and her boys. He wants me to friend her on Facebook. And Mrs. O is a very cool lady! I’d love to do a play date…honestly, I’d love to be friends with her myself!

Mrs. O is special. She’s made the kids in her class a part of her life. They know all about her sons (she has four boys!) and what goes on in her life away from school. She has become a part of Ethan’s life too; she knows what he likes and dislikes, he tells her about his family, and she even knows the twins’ names and nicknames.


But aside from all of that, she has made learning fun for him. She has made learning something he not only wants to do, but do well so that he makes her proud. She’s gotten him reading at the appropriate level – something I was worried about during kindergarten and at the beginning of the year. She’s made him a little spelling whiz. And he got the Principal’s Award for Outstanding Math. I will say that he hates doing homework (I always tell him he needs to talk to Mrs. O about that – that I make sure he does it but she is the one who sends it home,) and he says he wishes he could do it with Mrs. O because then it would be fun.

She’s made Ethan excited about going to school each day and has made him want to go to school. Sure there are days he complains about it, but he’ll also say “If I don’t go I won’t get to see Mrs. O.”

And in their class, they can earn gold tags which give them special treats or privileges…Ethan’s favorite is having lunch with Mrs. O.

This picture of Ethan and Mrs. O sits right in the middle of his dresser  where he can "see it from anywhere in my room."

This picture of Ethan and Mrs. O sits right in the middle of his dresser where he can “see it from anywhere in my room.”

So when Ethan was crying last night and asked me if I would write about her so that everybody would know how much he liked her and how much he’ll miss her, I knew I had to write this for him. And for Mrs. O too. I hope she’ll read this and know how special she is to my little boy and how much she’s touched his life. Thank you, Mrs. O. I wish there was something I could do to repay your goodness and kindness. You have enriched Ethan’s life so much, and that is something I will be forever grateful for.


  1. I'm officially becoming a sap since this made me tear up a little. How wonderful for your son to have such an amazing teacher. Hopefully he'll get someone amazing next year and enjoy visiting his 1st grade teacher. I know I loved it when my kids came back to say hi. Twingle Mommy recently posted..Who is Responsible for a Child's Education?My Profile
  2. Sounds like Mrs. O is a once-in-a-lifetime teacher that I, truly, hope that I'm completely wrong about, and that Ethan's life is filled with such teachers. My kids still haven't figured out that preschool is over for the summer . . . most every morning, we're asked if we're going to preschool . . . I'm not really sure when the reality will set in, or when the kids will "figure it all out." John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently posted..Where I let the random fly on the Friday before a long weekendMy Profile
  3. Mrs. O is definitely the kind of teacher every parent and kid wishes they could have. I'm sure Mrs. O will be remembered by Ethan for many many years.
  4. I loved everything about this...the teachers that give our children smiles are such an important (and integral) part of their education and your family. I often tell Mrs. K (Our Mrs. O and all the daycare teachers before her..) "Thank you for helping to raise my sons, I couldn't do it without you" So glad he found a teacher that touched his life like this. Plus he's SO BIG and so handsome lately. (Where are the babies my friend?? :) ) Kir recently posted..I’m Listening {Happy Mother’s Day to my Incredible Mom}My Profile
  5. I had teachers in my life that gave me the same emotions. I never wanted to leave them! And I believe that your son will have so many more wonderful teachers in his life. It's amazing to stay in touch over the years. I've recently reconnected with a HS teacher that made a huge difference in my life, and it meant a lot to me to be able to tell her (again) how important she was to me. It's amazing to have people like this in our lives, and I'm glad that Ethan had such a positive experience early on! Roxanne recently posted..Just an average girl.My Profile
  6. Totally emotional reading this.. Probably because I feel the exact same way!! I think I'm just as affected as they are that they won't have her anymore! :( and also because I know she was abnormally amazing and I fear they won't get that again!! Regardless-- she knows how much we love her and how grateful we are for the impact she has had on our sons (and us!) lol Someday.. We will all be at dinner together.. And we shall call her "Heather" ;) lol