Easter 2010

Tater and his loot

Another 2010 holiday has passed. While I consider myself a (somewhat) religious person, we do not celebrate Easter for that reason. Our celebration is just another reason to get together with family, and to unnecessarily spoil the kids. Most of my family celebrated Easter in Ocotillo Wells this year. All but one of my siblings and my parents were out of town. So we ended up celebrating with hubby’s sister and her family, and my brother D, his girlfriend, and his son. 

We had a nice brunch with good food and lots of mimosas. Auntie S kept the boys busy, busy…playing with Play-Doh, going for a walk “hind gate” (Tater speak for behind the gate; we have an easement right behind our house and there’s a small paved area that he loves to walk on), and giving them her undivided attention. Auntie has another fan now – cousin K is just a smitten with her as Tater is! While she kept the boys busy, the rest of us played hot potato, so to speak, with the girls. They loved all the attention. We tried to get Ms. M to show off her new almost-crawling skills, but she wasn’t having any of it. She was just trying to figure out why we all kept staring at her!

Of course, Tater missed his nap. That is never a good thing. Here is the conversation we had when he was supposed to be upstairs resting (which basically means hubby and I hoped he’d fall asleep watching cartoons on the couch, which didn’t happen):
Tater: Mommy can I have peanut butter and chocolate?
Me: No.
Tater: Mommy can I have peanut butter and chocolate?
Me: No. You’ve had way too much candy today. If you eat anymore your belly is going to start hurting and you will cry.
Tater: Will the tooth doctor have to pull out my teeth? (because I always tell him if he eats too much candy it will make his teeth fall out or the dentist will have to pull them out)
Me: Yep, that’s right.
Tater: Mommy can I have peanut butter and chocolate?
Me (getting ready to do battle with him): No. Go upstairs and lay down and rest or I’m going to make you go lay down on your bed.

So up the stairs he goes. Ha! I won! I really won! With not even much of an argument, no maniacal  breakdown (by me), and no tantrum (by him)! Wow!

Ten minutes later, I go up to check on him. He’s surrounded by Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup wrappers. What the hell just happened? Where’d those come from? And where’d he get a marshmallow chocolate covered bunny? Easter Bunny didn’t bring that!
Me: E! I said no more candy! Where did you get all that?
Tater: Auntie S
Me: Auntie’s not here! Did you get on the counter and get peanut butter and chocolate after I told you not to?
Tater: No.
I look around, and notice that there’s a bag next to him…the bag from Auntie S that the Easter Bunny left for him at her house! It had some Play-Doh, a Spiderman, a Pez dispenser, and a few other little things in it. I didn’t know there was candy too! He tricked me…turns out he’s still smarter than I am. He let me think I won, but he knew all along he had a backup stash. So right now, my kid’s all hopped up on chocolate. Probably won’t sleep at all tonight! Thanks Auntie S…I owe you one 😉

On another note, does it make me a bad mom if A) I didn’t have the kids pictures taken with the Easter Bunny and B) if I didn’t get the girls a basket or anything from the Easter Bunny? Maybe not since I took pictures of the kids today. As for the girls, they don’t even know what’s going on so I’d rather let Tater have some special time with us that the girls aren’t involved in. Does that sound bad? I don’t mean it to be. It’s just that our alone time with him is so limited that when we’re able to do something nice with him and give him some extra attention, we jump on it. Daddy and Tater hunting for his basket this morning was very exciting for him, and he loved every minute of it. To see the excitement in his face and to know that he enjoyed all the attention we showered on him was more fun than I’ve had in awhile. He found lots of cool things that the Easter Bunny hid for him, and Daddy even told him that he heard the Easter Bunny hopping around downstairs last night; Tater’s eyes were as huge as saucers! Those are the moments, even if they are few and far between, that makes all of the day-to-day insanity totally worth it.

Cousin S & Ms. L
Uncle D & Ms. M
Auntie S with K & Tater. I don’t know why they took off their shirts, and I don’t know what they are doing with their hands.
And so it goes…


  1. Muriel Higelin says:
    You are one of the best moms I've ever met! I've always loved to watch you and your sisters... I know your mom is so proud - she should be, because you guys learned from her. I am looking forward to following your blog - keep it up, cuz it's really good! Glad to hear you had a nice day! God Bless you & yours!
    Love, Aunt Muriel