Down The Aisle – Link Up Your Favorite Wedding Photo!


Everybody has a favorite wedding photo. Maybe it was taken at the wedding ceremony, in front of the courthouse, at the reception, or before or after the big day. It’s that one picture that makes you remember why you fell in love with him or her in the first place. This one is mine.

This picture was taken sometime during our wedding reception 9 years ago. I have no idea when it was taken or what we are laughing about. I never dreamed that our wedding photographer would be able to capture such a perfect moment.

We had no idea what the future held for us, no idea about how incredible it would be to have children, and no idea how fast time would fly. What we did know is that we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. I think this photo captures that intimacy, that happiness, and it’s like I’m peeking in on a very private, special moment.

I will always love this photo. Sure there were many other gorgeous photos taken that day, but none that captured our love and closeness so much.

Now I want to see your favorite wedding photo and I want to know why it’s your favorite! So come back anytime this week after you’ve found the picture and written the post and link up!

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Also linking up over at Project Alicia for Wordless (or in my case Wordful) Wednesday! Check out her site for a list of fantastic other blogs to link up with!



  1. OMG!!! I LOVE that picture!!!!!!! Now I need to dig some wedding pictures out!!
  2. I love this and will definitely be linking up! Great idea, Natalie. And beautiful photo. :)
  3. I just love this photo you posted! So fun and so beautiful :) I just want to laugh along with you even though I have no idea what the joke is.
  4. I'll have to dig some fun! I love yours...definitely a great capture by your photographer.
  5. Can't wait to link up!
  6. Beautiful photo. I love that it was completely natural and unposed.
  7. What an absolutely GORGEOUS picture! My favorite pics are always the candid ones. They are real, and in the moment. You look like you are filled with pure joy, and no one else matters in the moment but the two of you!
  8. That is such a gorgeous photo! Hoping to link up later today :)
  9. Love that both look very happy! Hoping to link up as well!
  10. Love that photo Natalie. Beautiful bride and beautiful moment! Glad you have it captured in time. :)
  11. That photo is GORGEOUS, Nat! I will definitely be joining in! Just have to find a pic. :)
  12. I LOVE that picture of you. :)
  13. I am LOVING this meme, esp since it's my anniversary this month. I even had John find my favorite pic and upload it, I shall Pour My Heart Out and Walk Down the Aisle tomorrow. YEA!!!!! I love your picture, it's so perfect, the happiness you are enjoying so evident for the whole world to see. What a gorgeous bride you were Nat. Hope you always feel those giggles of love. xo
  14. Oh my gosh! I love that shot. I need to link up!
  15. You are beautiful! Gorgeous photo!
  16. Such a gorgeous, candid moment! Love that picture.
  17. Oh my gosh I love it! That is just one of those perfect moments. Wow. I'm going to go hunting for my own tonight! :)
  18. Adorable picture! This is a great idea. I'm going to link up... just have to scan a picture first (yes, I've been married a long time - no digital pictures!).
  19. What a beautiful photo!
  20. That really is a GREAT photo.
  21. Such a wonderful pic. You two look so incredibly happy!
  22. That is such a beautiful picture, and what a fun linky! I love it!
  23. Lovely photo! ANd great idea for a linky :) I wanna link up too :)
  24. I LOVE that photo! Such a perfectly, preserved, candid moment shared between the two of you. Beautiful!
  25. Amazing Photo! I have to go browse my wedding album!
  26. Gorgeous wedding photo. I love it.
  27. I LOVE that photo!!
  28. Thank you Natalie for making me go through my wedding pics! You made my morning & made me blog LOL
  29. I should link up the pictures of my first wedding (without Rat Bastard), because the best pictures I have with Craig are me throwing up in the morning because I drank too much champagne.
  30. Wow! That is one pretty picture! You look like a movie star.
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  31. Love this and quickly linked up!!
  32. That one is a gem for sure!! Just gorgeous and like you said, so intimate! Is it okay if I link up to a an old post that has my favorite photo in it already?
  33. GORGEOUS photo, Nat! Linking up on Friday! :)
  34. Oh my gosh, the post is almost 4 years old! HA! Oh well, still my favorite pic! Thanks! :D
  35. What a gorgeous photo, Natalie! Just stunning!
  36. Gotta agree with everyone else, absolutely beautiful photo! And a fabulous idea for a linkup! I'm linked up and I put your button in my post. Thanks! Mandi
  37. That is such an awesome moment that you'll have forever. Your grandkids will be all, "Granny and Poppa were kissing with their noses!"
  38. Beautiful picture, you are gorgeous!
  39. What a sweet photo of you and your hubby! :) Thanks for hosting this link-up! What a fabulous idea!
  40. I can easily see why this pic is your favorite!!! It's gorgeous and totally represents that happiness you both must have felt that day!
  41. What a fun link up! I loved joining in.
  42. That's such a beautiful photo! You're right - perfect moment captured.
  43. What an amazing photo! I can't wait to link up!
  44. I love that picture, it's so sweet.
  45. What a fabulous idea. I hope I'm not too late to the party... I love your photo. It's those candid moments -- your pic seems to capture pure joy--that count. Cheers. VB
  46. Was pointed your way by Ryan at The Woven Moments---and LOVED participating in this linky! I could talk about my wedding for days! LOL Off to visit a few other blogs that linked up as well!
  47. I'm comin' for this soon, fyi :) p.s. you're HOT. Have I mentioned?
  48. Gorgeous shot, and what a fun link-up! I, too, loved looking through my own wedding photos and finding moments I hadn't realized were being photographed - those are the best, and you know the feelings behind them are completely genuine. Thanks for hosting!
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