The Doggy/Baby Door

The day the girls figured out how to get out of the doggy door…
Ms. L: Hey! This thing moves!
Ms. M: It moves? What do you think it does?
Dog: That’s how I get out of here when you guys cry.
Dog: Yeah, just use your head and push on it.
Dog: I don’t think you will both fit at the same time, though.
Ms. M: Get out of the way…you’re taking too long. I’ll show you how to do it.
Ms. M: See, you just push…
Ms. M: And climb through…
Ms. M: Freedom!
Dog: I’m outta here.
Ms. L: Okay, I’m coming out too!
Ms. M (on other side of the screen): I’ll help you!
Ms. L: Oh, this is easier than I thought it would be!
Ms. L: Freedom!
And that is how the babies figured out that they fit outside of the doggie door, and also gained their freedom.
You know you’re a mom when… you take pictures of the naughty things the kids do, even though you’ll probably regret it later since you didn’t stop the action!

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This is also for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday. Hope it made you crack a smile 🙂

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And so it goes…


  1. Very cute and I did more than smile, I giggled too! Those pictures are so fun. Kids just go for it, don't they? Although, sometimes it takes them a while. How long did it take to get all these photos?
  2. Awesome! I was smiling going through the pictures because there you were just letting them do it so you could capture the moment. I will be back tomorrow with my post. No advance posting for me. I took the night off and got tons to catch up on before going to bed.
  3. That is so cute! Totally cheered me up, but good luck keeping them inside now!
  4. I love this! I also took pics of my toddler doing stuff he wasn't supposed to be doing - can't help but laugh! I love how your dog was looking like "Uh, I need to like, do some business? So can you get out of my way?"
  5. Oh my gosh. How funny is that?!? Sooo cute!
  6. Banteringblonde says:
    OH MY! That is too adorable - you captured the escapade perfectly!
  7. Allyson & Jere says:
    Quite the picture taking there. Darn twins, they are even more tricky and devious, 'cause it's 2 heads versus one.

    So cute though. And thank goodness there is no pool in your backyard.
  8. that is awesome! I love those littles!!
  9. Miranda @ Keeper of the Cheerios says:
    LOL That's too funny! Hopefully they don't plan on going out the doggy door too often now.
  10. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
    Lol, so cute! I bet they were very pleased with themselves :D
  11. Love the series of pics. Priceless! I'm sure they are much more entertaining from afar, but hilarious all the same. Happy WW!
  12. Dominique @Dominique's Desk says:
    Whao..the babies are so clever.. they figured out how to go out through the doggie door.. Love the series of photos. Happy WW
  13. moveovermarypoppins says:
    Ah, the canine accomplice!

    Dogs are awesome. Hope your yard's fenced in :)
  14. 1. That is hilarious!!! I love how you captured each step and the commentary is too funny!

    2. HOLY, do you live on a resort???? Your backyard looks AMAZING!!!
  15. MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) says:
    This is great! I love that the dog is right there to help! Either that, or she's thinking, "Great, now they're taking over this, too!" :)

    And my hubby never understands why I take pictures of some of the naughty things the girls do...but it's just so darn cute sometimes!
  16. Uh oh! You're in trouble now!! LOL
  17. I love how you documented their great escape rather than stop them. You'll only have the madness of chasing after them when they keep escaping for a few months (years?), but these pictures are forever.
  18. I LOVE the play by play! And especially the dog's take on it all.
  19. An Imperfect Momma says:
    So cute! You are so funny, love the narrative! Man...I forgot about this meme. Will have one for next week though.
  20. The Sharp's says:
    That is so stinkin cute! Love how you put it together too. And the dog...adorable!
  21. Sluiter Nation says:
    they are SOOO adorable! I love to see how they must be so great to have a built in playmate! :)
  22. Way to capture this in a series of pictures and I love your commentation! You might have to install a bigger door as they get bigger! :)
  23. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says:
    I love it! Too funny you captured that moment in its entirety - I would have done the same thing! :)

    WW: Doggy Camp
  24. Belle's Butterfly says:
    So cute. Love it. I caught Belle eating cat food over the weekend. Worse part...I was in the kitchen with her.
  25. I love it! It's too funny that you took pictures instead of trying to distract them from learning the door. That's totally something I would do. Last month, when my 3 year old bare butt pooped on the neighbors yard, I actually paused for 1/2 a second on my way out the door, thinking about grabbing my camera. Part of me wishes I did, it was quite a neighborhood spectacle!
  26. The Empress says:
    It does! I don't know why these things thrill me, but they do.

    Thank you!!
  27. The Drama Mama says:
    Bwahahahahah I love it!! You are totally in for it now.
  28. Whimsical Creations says:
    Too FUNNY!! You are in so much trouble.
  29. Secret Mom Thoughts says:
    They are so cute and you are so in trouble;)
  30. Mrs.Mayhem says:
    Those babies are so stinkin' cute! You are one lucky mama!
  31. I love that they work together to be mischievous. Although you're probably not a big fan...
  32. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    Once, when I was much thinner, I got IN to my house through the dog door when I got locked out of my house.

    That SO couldn't happen now.

    Clever girls!
  33. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    This is WAY too cute. I love the dialogue you added. Those babies of yours are absolute genius.
  34. I bet they figure out things twice as quickly with two brains! Super cute and super smart! You're going to have to watch those little women. I foresee lots of hijinks in your future! Very, very cute! (I think a picture is okay, as long as you hid your smiles and laughter behind the camera. Ha!)
  35. OMG. I love the photo spread. We had a dog door back in AZ, and sure as sh#t when Boy Wonder was about the twins' age, he became obsessed.

    We ended up getting an electronic dog door that only opened via a little key on the dog's collar because he would spend all day going out the door.

  36. Good luck when they're in high school.
  37. Great pictures! Love how you caught them in the act! When my oldest, joey, was two he used to open the front door and just wander into the yard. I had to put a deadbolt with a key on the door, and set the "chime" feature on my house alarm to beep whenever someone would open a door (like in the three seconds Mom has to pee)...Oh, and I'm a FB fan now too!
  38. Booyah's Momma says:
    I love how the dog watched all the action, waiting patiently for its turn. It's great that you could capture the whole experience in picture!
  39. Way to go, girls! I was smiling the whole post, watching them figure it out. I did think that the dog might just stay inside and be happy that they were OUTSIDE....maybe lock them out?! Now if they aren't behind the TV, you know where to look!
  40. Colleen (Shibley Smiles) says:
    OH MY that is hilarious! So do you have to do something now with the doggie door? Or are they ok to get out?
  41. you KNOW i'm stoked you just stood back and took pics, right? like - it must be documented!!
  42. LOL!

    Oh, you are in so much trouble. They are never going to stay in the house now. ;)
  43. We were thinking of getting a doggy door, but now I think I want to invest in one that has the magnetic key like thing on the dog's collar. Although watching my little guy try to get out a locked doggy door will be entertaining.
  44. Such cutie pies! They are getting so big!
  45. The Flying Chalupa says:
    I love it when you take pictures and narrate your kids' wily actions! This is hilarious.
    ps - you have three kids AND a dog?? You are truly super woman.
  46. Aging Mommy says:
    Brilliant! You win the prize for always having your camera on hand to capture the derring do of your daughters! Those two are really going to keep you on your toes!
  47. PV Lundqvist says:
    I feel the same way about the daddy-door (the front door).
  48. Sharlene T. says:
    A totally new generation, that's what you are... there they are in mischief and you're taking pictures! You go, girl!... of course, you do know that if they babies can get out, a burglar can get in, right... I know you did, just sayin'... come visit when you can...
  49. O.K....when I get my blogging act together..which may be never...I am going to participate in this meme again!! As I look through my blog..those are some of my favorite posts!!

    This one is you'll always know where to look if the house gets too quiet. I love that you got shots as it happened!!
  50. Funky Mama Bird says:
    I did not need to read this. We're having cat doors installed soon. But toddlers are bigger than cats, right? He can't go through the cat doors, right?
  51. No contests for me. Thanks, though.

    And my girls would like us to put in a dog door for our two dogs. So convenient, they say!

    But I know they just think it would be thrilling to sneak in and out of the house through the dog door. And sneak their friends in and out through the dog door.

    So no.

    The dogs will just have to learn to work the doorknobs.

  52. I cannot believe how happy I am that I do not have a doggy door. I would have lost my mind.

    They totally looked like they'd be part of The Great Escape, though. I'd pay to watch them in that movie!
  53. Sheena Simpson says:
    Wow that's going to make for some adventures. lol. I found your blog while "blog surfing" your little mon-hm kids are adorable. And I love the lunch box, my little boys do the same thing.
  54. The great escape and I love our citizen pip boyfriend and Babe both use it.
  55. Plum Wonderful Momma says:
    Looks like they are definitely little partners in crime!
  56. Oh my gosh this is SO cute! Kids think of everything! Who would have thought they'd fit through a tiny door like that? :)
  57. Lol! But yes you definitely need pictures, especially when you are a mom blogger :)
  58. That is hilarious!

    I didn't know this meme was yours now(yes, I live under a rock these days). Awesome!
  59. Too frickin' cute! The doggy door is just one step along the road to discoveries that will lead to mischief. And you having panic attacks because they have escaped ;)

    I do that too, the taking pictures even though they're doing something that they probably shouldn't... I think we all do!
  60. Oh that's too cute! I love pictures like that, it's almost like you can see their little brains working. :)
  61. oh wow, that was hilarious! I loved the dog's comments in there!

    My dh once locked himself out of the house, so he sent the 15 year old through the dog door- she said our dog looked so surprised when she investigated the sounds from the door- and saw my dd's head and then rest of her pop thru "her" door. :)
  62. Lady Jennie says:
    Visiting from the Empress.

    This is such a funny photo series!!!


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