Do You Remember When…Part II

Well, I got so much feedback from yesterday’s post that I decided to add on some additional ones that I missed, but that you all came up with! For mommy’s-to-be, take note! Going to the bathroom and taking a shower by yourself are gifts you should treasure! Once you have little ones, you will always have an audience when you do both of these things. Unless you’re smart enough to lock the door. But then they just bang, kick, and cry on the other side of it so it’s not really worth it.

Anyways, some of these came from comments, and others came from feedback on BlogFrog. Enjoy ’em, and feel free to add your own!

Do you remember, before kids…

  • Sleeping from 4am till 2pm
  • Being able to just go places without having to prepare for it
  • Having ‘me’ time
  • Going out at the drop of a hat
  • Being able to just go out and hang out with my friends whenever I want
  • Being able to walk out the door, confident that there is nothing schmeared on me somewhere
  • Getting somewhere, anywhere, on time and all in one piece
  • Being able to finish…anything with my husband
  • Eating chocolate without hiding it
  • Being able to run to the store
  • Being able to eat a meal with two hands
  • A complete LACK of responsibility!! O.k. that sounds bad…but you know what I mean
  • Not worrying about feeding or cleaning anyone but myself
  • Having a full, complete conversation
  • Coming and going as I pleased
  • Going to baseball games where we sat in the sun drinking our cherry slushies spiked with vodka. And then when we got home we could just sleep off the sun and drinks
  • Having a flat tummy and perky boobs
  • Having only one person to get ready to go somewhere
  • Not even knowing who Yo Gabba Gabba was
  • Being able to have “quality” time with the Mr. without making sure doors are shut and a heavy object is in front of the bedroom door to buy you some time if little ones wander in your room
  • Having things that aren’t broken. I feel like everything the kids touch, they break. And they touch things all the time
  • Not calculating babysitting into your night out costs
  • I miss the days when my childless friends didn’t give me pitying looks when I try to explain about “bedtime” and how important it is
  • Being really sick and staying in bed for at least one day to rest to try and get better

Hope everybody has a great weekend and enjoys the beautiful weather!

And so it goes…


    1. OH the last one really hit home. I really miss being allowed to be sick.
    2. Funky Mama Bird says:
      These really had me laughing. Great idea to post this!
    3. awesome list! LOL!! very funny but all so true! thanks!
    4. Oh my gosh...the last one is soooo true, too! I recently had a nasty stomach flu. ONE DAY is all I got!! I even said to my husband 3 days later..."ONE DAY WAS NOT ENOUGH...I'M STILL SICK!" ha ha
    5. bbcd mama says:
      Ha, ha! GREAT follow-up! Go BlogFrog. :)
    6. One Love Mama says:
      Great follow up, yay blog frog! You had my dying with "Eat chocolate without hiding it" so true!!
    7. I just joined thanks to your blog. I love it. I also love your blog.
    8. Ladies! I thought of another one....a quiet house. Oh! I really miss the quiet :)

      Mamgof4...thank you so much for the nice compliment. And yes, Fly Lady rocks!
    9. Christine says:
      Ah.... Those WERE the days. If only we could have our beautiful babies and still do these things when we wanted!!
    10. MommyNeedsCake says:
      A quiet house....hmmm....yes I think I used to have one of those...I think.

      A quiet car is nice too - a drive without, "mommy? Mommy? Is that a Q? Mommy? Mommy? Why is that car's light red? mommy? Mommy?...."

      My personal favorite miss is being able to eat a meal without having to stop to 1) wipe someone's nose or 2) wipe someone's butt. Both are appetite killers (although do wonders to help prevent overeating!)

      Love this post idea! I may have to make my own list someday! :-)
    11. Thanks for the reminders! Now I'm depressed! J/k love it!
    12. This really made me laugh. I especially liked this one: "Being able to walk out the door, confident that there is nothing schmeared on me somewhere"
    13. Yep, and let's not forget the "quality" time anywhere in the house too.
    14. I miss not finding sticky messes on my floors, weird substances smeared across my pants from about the knee down (my pants must be great kleenex's!), and not finding wet spots on my carpets or couch. He drinks from a sippy, and he still finds a way to spill the contents!


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