Do You Remember When….

I love my kids, and I thank God for them everyday. I couldn’t imagine life without them; their beautiful faces and smiles, the laughter, the incredible love I have for them.

BUT…do you remember, before kids…

  • Nights of uninterrupted sleep
  • Waking up and staying in bed just relaxing, reading, whatever
  • Having a conversation with hubby that didn’t involve the words poop, tired, “I can’t believe he did that”…just having an uninterrupted ‘real’ conversation with hubby for that matter!
  • What’s yours was yours
  • Going to the bathroom and/or taking a shower alone
  • Clothes not covered in food stains
  • Being able to watch a half hour sitcom in a half hour
  • Being able to find your things where you left them
  • Driving a totally impractical two seater car
  • Watching TV  shows that didn’t include Barney, Dora, or Yo Gabba Gabba
  • Quiet nights alone with hubby
  • Eating meals that weren’t half cold because you had to keep getting up
  • Last minute decisions to go away for the weekend
  • Enjoying being around other children, knowing they weren’t going home with you
  • Spending $150 on new jeans, not diapers and formula
  • Going out until the wee hours of the morning and knowing you could just sleep till noon the next day
  • After cleaning the house it stayed clean
  • Tile floors not covered in sticky spots left by juice from those spill-proof cups
  • Eating out at a restaurant, and enjoying it
  • Sleeping in
  • Being able to leave the house by just picking up your keys and purse
  • Having a phone conversation without constantly saying “hold on a sec”
  • Not tripping over toys trying to get to the couch
  • Sitting on the couch instead of sitting on the floor
  • Being able to make plans without taking nap time or bedtime into consideration
  • Wishing that you had a baby

Did I miss any? What is your favorite ‘remember-before-kids’ memory?

And so it goes…


  1. You pretty much covered them all I think. Oh I found one you missed. Being able to have "quality" time with the Mr. without making sure doors are sit and a heavy object is in front of the bedroom door to buy you some time if little ones wander in your room.
  2. bbcd mama says:
    How about not even know who Ya Gabba Gabba was? :)
  3. How about having things that aren't broken? I feel like everything the kids touch, they break. And they touch things all the time!!!!

    Of course, I never knew how much fun giggling in the kitchen over doing the same silly dance with my daughter that she inherited from me would be.
  4. Paul and Kerry says:
    how about not calculating babysitting into your night out costs...
  5. These are great! I can relate to practically every single one!
  6. Cuz I'm the mama! says:
    Love this! Especially the $150 jeans. Not in the budget anymore!! Thanks for a walk down memory lane!
  7. I miss the days when my childless friends didn't give me pitying looks when I try to explain about "bedtime" and how important it is.
  8. If only I could fit in those premium denim jeans hanging in my closet....I just can't let em go though.

    Remember when you were really sick you could stay in bed for at least one day to rest to try and get better.

    Love the Makeover
  9. Oh my gosh! I'm laughing out loud! Hilarious! ;) Great post! ;)

  10. great post! i have gotten a lot of these back since my kids are older now but still remember what it was like to be in baby mode...i still don't like to talk on the phone too often...yea for email :)
    ps - cute layout!
  11. Christie@MommyDrinksBecauseYouCry says:
    Yeah. I love confessional posts! HONEST!!!
    Hmmmm, How about leaving for a weekend and it not having to be like a space shuttle launch (did you pack the pajama, the food, the high chair, the toys, the crap.......)
  12. Am loving your post and find my self goes "Ditto on that! Ditto on this!" a lot :D
  13. michelle says:
    OH gosh, love the calculating the cost of babysitters into a night out. It's usually half our expense of going out! I also love the putting things where you left them. Gosh, I would have to go back BEFORE I met my husband for this. HE can't even put my things away! Forget ever finding pencils, pens, or scissors, they are always missing!
  14. I am Harriet says:
    Hi there.
    Enjoyed your post.

    Stopping by from Saturday SITS fest to say hello.
    Have a great weekend!
  15. Hysterical Woman says:
    LOL! Thanks for the comment. I will have to file your post away on my PRO and CONS list for future reference. ;) Enjoyed your blog BTW.
  16. Cassiopeia says:
    By the time my 3 kids were all potty trained I had carried a diaper bag for something like 6 years. Words cannot express how happy I was to carry a PURSE that contained things for ME instead of diapers, bottles, snacks and 50 wardrobe changes for kids! I'm serious! I still feel a thrill just remembering.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest by the way.
  17. I don't have kids yet, so I am going to take this as a list of things I should enjoy the crap out of right now.
  18. Ha! I love how you added the wishing for kids part at the end. B/c really, I did. You can't know how your life will change until it does. What I remember is being able to do things spontaneously. Deciding to go on an adventure on a whim- and just GOING. No packing tons of stuff, figuring out if the kids will like it or arranging for someone to watch them- just GOING.
  19. I think you covered the life-before-kids routine. To sum it all up, it was pretty much doing what you wanted, when and how you wanted, for as long as you wanted. AND...having the energy to do it.
  20. Love this! Before my son was born, we didn't have colorful Fisher-Price products all around! The last one you mentioned? Yes, yes, yes :)
  21. Great List! Definitely well worth a rerun!
  22. These are great! You covered most of them. Another thing I remember is when it only took me 2 minutes to get out of the door to go somewhere. Now it takes me 30 minutes!
  23. All the things we often took for granted before the kids came. I miss being able to go on a really relaxing holiday - just me and my hubby. Hi hopping by from Time Travel Tuesday. Nice to cybermeet you!
  24. Spot on! Especially the one about not having to schedule all of life around naps and meals. Oh, the freedom to have a day wide open!! :) Visiting from Mama Kat's. Morgan recently posted..small things {noises}My Profile


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