Do You Remember Life Before Kids?

Mama’s Losin’ It This week, one of the prompts for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop was: Share something you miss from before you were a mom.

Just one thing? Seriously?! Oh, I have a whole list of them, and so do my readers! Back in April 2010, I wrote post called Do You Remember When, and it was all about the things I missed from my life before kids. And you all liked it so much that the next day I posted all of your favorite life before kids rememberances!

So instead of rewriting them all here, I thought I’d just send you back to the original posts. Make sure to read the comments too because some of them are really funny!

Now I want to know: what do you miss most before life with kids? Share them in the comment section. Heck, if I get enough original ones, I may have to write another post. I know as the kids get older, there are even more things I miss!

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  1. If I'm being completely honest, it was probably about three years in that I realized, "This is my life"...where I didn't think about the girls' "awake time", and then "my" time when they were sleeping. I don't know if it's normal to take this long for parenthood to sink in, but this finally feels like "normal". Still, it only takes a nanosecond to think of a couple of biggies I miss from my life, BC. Naps...during the day...with the TV on...bliss!!! And going out to eat on a whim...wherever I wanted...lingering over an appetizer...enjoying a beverage...and not having to worry about a 7pm bedtime! ;) I have also realized I shouldn't think too much about that, point! ;) P.S. I just liked you on FB! ;) MandyE recently posted..Revisiting the NICUMy Profile
  2. I wasn't able to write about a Life before my child post without it sounding - well uh - underserving. I've been in need of some me time moments that are unforeseen. ANYWAY ;-) keeping it simple - once upon a time, I didn't need to wear a watch. How's that? LOL!
  3. I think the thing I miss is just being able to go somewhere when I want. I never realized what a luxury it was to just get in the car and go and not worry about when I'm getting home. Jessica recently posted..Why you should not follow the massesMy Profile
  4. life bc--i can't remember that kaye—the road goes ever ever on
  5. I miss the anticipation of who my "future kids" could be. Does that make sense? It was what I wrote about in response to MamaKat's prompt. But if I had to add one more thing - blaring the music while driving. I miss the bass thumping through the walls! *clickin' in from MamaKat* NatteringNic recently posted..The One Thing I Miss About My Pre-Mom LifeMy Profile
  6. Anyone that says they DON'T remember life before kids is full of it! Sleeping in, sleeping period. Leisurely dinners, skipping town at the drop of a hat, suffering from a hang over in silence, etc., etc., etc. SIgh. Tonya recently posted..Ripped Away, Ripped ApartMy Profile