Do We Separate Them Now or Later?

If you read my post earlier today about Mia’s new favorite activity, you’ll understand why I’ve been pulling my hair out this past week. I swear that between her peeing all over the place and Lila playing in the toilet, I’ve about had enough. The Empress keeps telling me they can live with her, and Sherri keeps telling me she’ll take them too. I’m about ready to take you up on your offers ladies!


Jason and I have been talking about separating the girls and putting them in their own rooms. Mia tends to stay awake longer while Lila falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow. Lila tends to wake up earlier than Mia, and then wakes up Mia. That makes Mia grouchy…and a grouchy Mia makes everybody miserable.

baby crying

In order to move one of the girls out, we’re going to have to move our office downstairs. The room doesn’t have a whole lot of room since it’s the guest room (even though nobody ever stays in it), so our big old office desk won’t fit. I’ve been thinking about getting a cheap office desk…maybe even a corner desk with hutch that will be more space friendly. I’ve really got to look at corner desks for small spaces. The more I think about how little room there is in there, the more I’m wondering how everything will fit.


Then I’m thinking I could move the file cabinet into the closet and get it out of the way. The bookshelf? Maybe just keep it in Lila’s new room. All the crap I’m going to have to clean out of the office’s closet? I don’t even want to think about it! I have nowhere to put all of that stuff.

So now I’m thinking maybe we don’t move Lila out of that room. We’ll wait for as long as possible before we separate them (READ: I’m too lazy to have to clean out the closet and will put it off for as long as possible).

If you have kids sharing a room, how do you keep them from bothering each other during nap and sleep time?

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  1. No no separate them! Bite the bullet! Sleep is the most important thing of all...says the woman who stays up till 2am every day as I say, not as I do!
  2. Seperate. We did it with the triplets and peace and happiness returned to the house.
  3. Sleep is something that shouldn't be messed with. I say separate them. I'm also thinking of a friend of mine who has 5 year old twins. They have been together and done everything together since birth. Their pre-school teacher tried to separate them into different classrooms and it was a disaster. Maybe having your twins have separate things now, it will make it easier in the future.
  4. I'm for keeping them together. I moved my 2 oldest together when they were 3 and 16 mos and they love it. Planning on moving the third in soon (she's 17 mos). Yes, they wake each other sometimes, but they've mostly learned to sleep through it. One will fall asleep while the other is screaming for more water. They've learned to not wake each other in the morning too. It's a little bit of an age thing with that one. But I think they find it comforting to have someone else in the room with them and I love hearing when they're whispering before bed. They're doing some sisterly bonding without us and I think it's great. One thing we do is "quiet time" before bed. 30 minutes with a book before lights out. It helps with not keeping each other up.
  5. well i sleep both my boys in the same room and they are different ages. It took adjustments and lots of hard nights but eventually they just figured it out that this wasn't going to change. They dealt with it and now they fall asleep pretty well for the most part.
  6. Mine are still together because we are out of rooms and now they are so attached to having the same room that I don't know what we are going to do when we have to separate them because of the boy/girl thing. I wish we could have separated them long ago. We would all be sleeping much better.
  7. Oh, my offer still stands Natalie! But what a decision to make. They may actually do better being apart at this point!
  8. Are they in toddler beds or cribs still? A friend of mine had to separate hers when they moved to toddler beds. R&C still share a room, but they were separated for naps from age 7 mos to almost 2.5. Rachel always had a habit of waking up before Claire. Night time was no problem though. But after some time apart, when I did move them back together for naps, they seemed to start sleeping better. They are still happily in cribs though at age 3, and I'm in no hurry to get them out unless they start climbing! But I'm sure that potty training will bring the move to big beds so they can go to the bathroom. What a dilemma!
  9. This is interesting. I always assumed I would have my girls share a room until they went away to school, but now that you mention it, they have very different sleeping habits. Maybe they will need seperate rooms...


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