Dear You Guys #1

You guys know I loves me some Liz over at A Belle, A Bean, and A Chicago Dog. She’s part of my tribe. And she does this super cool meme every Saturday called Dear You Guys. This is my first attempt at it.

The text below are exact sentences taken from your comments….I just mixed them up to make a letter to you guys. Remember, this is all you and none of it was written by me. See if you can find your comment!


Dear You Guys,
Oh how purty! You have a beautiful bracelet named after you. And your monster. A bracelet named after you and it’s gorgeous. You’re famous now. Did you know that purple is my favorite color and bracelets are my favorite piece of jewelry. Just Saying.

I love it! Can I have it? PleeEeeeeease? Pick me. Choose me. Love me. Well, actually just pick me as the winner. It is gorgeous. Great bracelet from a great blogger. Is there a “Grandma of a Monster” bracelet?

You know what I love? I love the sight of a woman with no children. Standing and rocking. As though she is holding a child or an infant. Unaware of her movement. Love that. It is a beautiful, beautiful dance.

“There is a muscle memory to motherhood.” So true.This gave me a smile. It’s so true. I definitely feel off when I’m not parenting. I find that even when I’m not holding a baby I rock back and forth, back and forth. And then I feel like I’ve forgotten something and I don’t feel whole again until I am again holding my own baby. It’s funny how we moms accommodate ourselves around our children.

Unfortunately, I don’t have grace even with babies. Because even with my twins on my hips, I was neither graceful nor competent.

Wow!! That is a huge weed!! I think it’s a beautiful weed! It’s so symmetrical and everything. I’d keep that mother.

Is that pot?

Holy cow, that’s huge! Be careful it doesn’t bite! It looks pre-historic. Do you think its been around since then? Does that thing come with its own zip code? At least it layed down all nice and flat, so as to not besmirch your view. And it just makes your foot look really, really tiny!

I have to admit I am very jealous of the Palapa. I really couldn’t get past that to look at the weed! I love that you have a palapa!! We are going to Cancun in February and your palapa makes me even more excited to go.

Although we stay warmer here than most of the country, I need to say that I’m a bit jealous of your ability to wear flip flops right now. Your sandals are so cute! I hate not being able to wear sandals to work.

This post kicks so much ass, I don’t even know WHERE to start. Maybe I just started blogging and it will be different when I am an old hat at it. But I can’t keep up with blog reading. At this point I don’t try to. No matter how much I try to spend a day completely free from blogging and worrying and monitoring, I still come home at the end of the day, see what happened (or, more likely, didn’t happen) and feel sad. I wonder if Seth Godin ever feels like that. Then I ask myself…wait, why do i care.

While I know my close bloggy friends will always support me…let’s face it, the less you are in contact with someone, the harder it becomes to maintain that relationship. I know friends, family, my family in particular all enjoy the blog, so why isn’t that enough. Like most people, I care about the community I’ve worked hard to build. But at the end of the day, if you’re not happy blogging, then you definitely need to take a step back.

I hope your new schedule woks better for you too. Enjoy your little time out, won’t you. We have to have lives outside of blogging or we have nothing to blog about. It is amazing how much time can be sucked up by “the blog”. So, I’m here to stay:just have to figure out the balance.

I’m totally cool with more bloggers joining me on the half-assed side of the fence. Welcome. It’s low-stress over here. You’ll like it.

I love how Gigi commented that she doesn’t want to sounds narcissistic, and then Momma K writes, “Did I win the giveaway yet?”

Music is such a wonderful vehicle for memories, isn’t it? I used to sing Iron Man to D1, just replaced Iron Man with her name. I used to sing show tunes because I am horrible at remembering lyrics. I think it is AWESOME that you sang Mother Love Bone and the Cure. I sing all sorts of songs to our girls, too. I don’t always know all the words…sometimes I have to make some of them up, but that’s OK, too. The girls don’t know the difference! The lullaby that includes a bough breaking and the baby falling was probably not very comforting to babies.

I can’t sing. It’s truly William Hung of American Idol terrible. I didn’t want to damage my children so I would tell them stories.

I am guessing this might be a topic Saturday night! You’re still going, right??? Can’t wait to see you Saturday!! 🙂

And speaking of which, time for me to turn OFF the computer and work on some sweet pickle relish.

Love, Natalie

And so it goes…

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  1. none of mine ;-) fun idea!
  2. The Empress says:
    How do people do this and let them flow?

    Is there wine involved? or caffeine? or maybe just a good night's sleep?
  3. Who is working on sweet pickle relish?!?!
  4. This is funny! Great idea! :)
  5. Mine made it! Whoo hoo!
  6. Did I win the bracelet yet?
  7. I'm teasin. I love these. You guys are talented.
  8. this is hilarious, I LOVED reading it, and I think I saw my comment in there about my twins and not being graceful. yay!

    such a fun idea!
  9. This was fun to read. I recognized many comments. And I saw me!
  10. What a cute idea! So funny!
  11. Aren't these a kick? You did a great one, Nat!
  12. Making It Work Mom says:
    Great job! These are always fun to read.
  13. Bethany @ Organic Enchilada says:
    Nice! These kinda take a while to put together, but they're fun! Hope you do more!
  14. Man, one day I will do this. So funny. How do you not wet yourself while you're writing this?!
  15. Yes, I have the same questions as the Empress. Dear You Guys seems like a daunting task - but you have some great commenters!
  16. Didn't see any of mine, but excellent job! These Dear You Guys letters have got to be tough.