Daylight Savings Time: 5 Chores To Do When You Change The Clocks

The time changed for many of us this past weekend. Some of us love Daylight Savings Time while others hate it. I happen to love it when the clocks spring ahead an hour – it stays lighter later into the evening and it means that Spring is pretty much here.

Daylight Savings Time is also a good time to take some of their household duties that you probably never even think about until something happens that brings them to your attention or when you are looking for something. Simply save this post and put it on your calendar to re-read every time your clocks spring ahead or fall back. You’ll never forget to do these chores again!

A list of chores and household duties that should be at Daylight Savings Time. Save this list and you'll never have to remember to change batteries in your smoke detectors again!

Daylight Savings Time: Chores To Do When You Change The Clocks

Change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 

Don’t wait until the detectors start chirping to change the batteries! Change the batteries when you change your clocks and you’ll know that the detectors are properly working. Go through your house and count how many batteries you need for the year, and buy enough now for for the year so you’ll have no excuses not to change them.

Side Note: Consider rechargeable batteries…they are all we use!

Change the air conditioning vent filters 

This is a task I never thought about until last summer when we thought our air conditioner was going out. We checked the air conditioning vent filters, and they were absolutely disgusting…air couldn’t get through them at all! So we decided to change the filters every time we changed the batteries in the detectors.

Reverse the direction on your ceiling fans

Sounds silly, but doing this will help you keep the temperatures in rooms with ceiling fans at the right temperature. When you “spring ahead” in the Spring, the fan should rotate counter clockwise to cool the rooms.  In the Fall when you “fall back”, the fan’s direction should be switched to clockwise to pull down the warm air. Think of the money you will save on your home’s heating and cooling!

Flip your mattresses 

This task is a tedious one, but can help with the longevity of your mattresses. If you have mattresses that are not supposed to be flipped, you can rotate them.

Check your pantry, fridge, and medicine cabinets for expired products 

Time to purge! Get rid of any expired food or medicine. I have some handy tips for getting rid of medicine safely here. As you are doing this, you may want to have a notepad handy to note items that need to be replaced. There’s nothing worse than getting a migraine and realizing that your migraine medication is gone.

There are many other tasks you can include on your semi-annual list of to-do’s. You can clean out your kids closets and toys, rotate your winter/summer clothing, check to see if you have any vehicles or appliances that need repairs or maintenance, and start your spring cleaning list of chores.

What other tasks or reminders would you add to this Daylight Savings Time chores list?

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  1. I never thought to use that time to check for expired products in my pantry or medicine cabinet. What a great idea!