Danger – Twins Playing!

Ms. M making a quick getaway with the loot stolen from Ms. L

Watching the girls play is kind of like watching a comedy. They love practically sitting right on top of each other, but don’t want to share. They steal toys from each other. They cry. They fight. They follow each other around to continue to fight when one decides she’s had enough. It’s like they’re 8 month old teenagers, I guess. I remember fighting like that with my sisters. It’s funny how mad they get at each other, but then keep going back for more.

Every single day at our house, here’s what happens at least 100 times….Ms.M  has the little plastic keys, and Ms. L wants them and takes them. Then, either one of two things happens: a) Ms. M reaches over and tries to pry them out of Ms. L’s sweaty, drool soaked hands or b) Ms. M gets something else to play with and Ms. L decides she wants it and takes it again. It a vicious cycle. There’s a lot of screaming and crying. And if Tater gets into the mix, fuggetaboutit. Obviously, it is not mom-of-the-year appropriate to sit back and watch the action happen, but it is kinda funny.

“Danger!” That’s what I want to shout out every time I see them playing on the toy-littered floor. Because the other thing that happens at least 100 times a day is this: both girls are sitting up playing. One takes a head-first digger onto the carpet and continues to play. Let’s say it was Ms. L that falls over. So again, either one of two things happens: a) Ms. L will start kicking Ms. M in the head, which of course causes anguish and much screaming, or b) Ms. M will start beating Ms. L about the head with whatever toy is handy, and again, much anguish and screaming occurs. And remember, the girls switch off on who’s in what position. It’s a dangerous endeavour. Playing at our house isn’t for sissies! Both girls are preparing each other for what is without a doubt to come in a couple more years when they start getting beat on by playing with big brother.

But then, at least once or twice a day, I also catching them kissing each other and holding hands…and that makes all the chaos worth it. And if Tater’s in the mix when it happens, my heart does flips because there’s nothing more amazing to watch then the love fest that doesn’t happen nearly often enough with all three of them. Sometimes, they even let me join in too.

Any other moms have similar experiences like this with their twins, or children really close in age?

And so it goes…


  1. Holly Renee says:
    AH HA HA... why does she kick her sister in the head? I bet twins are so entertaining. I love that picture!
  2. Funky Mama Bird says:
    I only have the one, but a close friend of mine has twin boys who just turned one. And it's exactly like you describe between them. Only the little guy likes to dive bomb the big guy over and over and over again. Hilarious. Meanwhile, my little guy will sit there and stare at them in horror, like he just cannot BELIEVE that these other boys could ACT this way!
  3. Holly Renee - At their age, their little legs are kicking constantly. So anytime one is sitting and the other is laying down, chances are that someone's getting kicked!

    Funky Mama Bird - My sister's little girl is a month older than the twins and she's usually doing the dive bombing and they look at her like "Why are you doing that to us??!"
  4. Oh, and one more thing I forgot to mention? That picture was taken at about 6:30 this morning...hopefully it's not an indication of how the entire day will go!
  5. bbcd mama says:
    My girls are like that, and they aren't that close in age. But more of what happens with me is the older one has more capabilities/strength, so they aren't exactly evenly matched.
  6. Paul and Kerry says:
    My friend has boy/girl twins. The girl totally wears the pants in that relationship. SO I think 2 of the same gender, there is going to be more rivalry. I could be wrong but also girls are just dramatic. It starts so young. LOL I predict they are totally going to boss Tater around in a couple of years. :)
  7. I laughed so hard reading this. Before I even got to the part about one falling over and then the other one kicking them in the head I was already thinking that that is what happens at our house. You could substitute my children in for yours and the story would still be true. The only difference is my almost 2 year old still doesn't care too much for the boys. She isn't mean to them, but largely ignores them. Although lately she does come over every once in awhile and will give them a hug or a pat and she does tell them goodnight. I hope they will eventually play well together.
  8. Joanna @ The Casa says:
    Oh my goodness! My girls never really did that but I am cracking up at your scenario! I have twin girls (they are 2 1/2 now) and I can't even imagine having a toddler thrown in the mix.

    You're a saint. I am in awe.
  9. I can just hear you now!! DANGER!!!!

    Too cute!
  10. Arizona Mamma says:
    Mine aren't twins, but they are 18 months apart...and this stuff happens all the time. My youngest's favorite word is "MINE!" Funny because Addyson never did that. As the older of the two youngest, she never had cause to. It is a riot to watch them...that is, when I don't want to pull out my hair!
  11. Brittany says:
    So, cute! The fighting happens no matter what age and the sweet moments too. your kids are adorable. Great story.
  12. I would have never guessed that baby twins would fight. I always picture them all cuddled up together, but I must say, the sibling rivalry sounds kinda cute! I'm sure they'll grow up to be super close!! Adorable picture, by the way.
  13. Michelle (hometc) says:
    I am so lucky I only had one! They must keep you busy. How do you find time to post on your blog? Do you have a twin or did you secretly clone yourself? LOL Great blog, someday your kids will enjoy reading about their funny stories.
  14. I love it! All I can say is I'm so glad I only have one! There is no way I could keep up with THREE! lol Your children are beautiful!

    I found you on BlogFrog and thought I'd stop by. Come by and visit my blog sometime! :)
  15. Cuz I'm the mama! says:
    I love reading your posts because it tells me what I have to look forward to. My girls are about a month younger than your's. They also have one or two toys that they both seem to like at the same time. We haven't really had any "fighting" yet, but I am sure it's coming. Like you I love the kissing and hand holding moments. I just melt.
  16. Ha Ha! too funny, I can picture it all!
  17. Lula Lola says:
    I think standing back and watching is a good thing. It proves you have a sense of humor and makes them better problem solvers. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself!
  18. I thought this post was so funny! It must be nice that they can at least entertain each other without just relying on you 24/7! hehe
  19. Princess Lolly says:
    I have three sisters- the younger two are twins- and my husband has four sibs- the middle brothers are twins.

    We both remember a lot of twinly love fests...that sometimes we'd get to join in on.