Friday Funny: A New Version Of Lil Jon’s “Get Low”

We all have memories of good times with friends. One of the things I love about attending blogging events is finally getting to meet my friends in person – so when I was lucky enough to meet Natalie from My Crazy Busy Life at Blissdom this year, I was super excited. I really, REALLY loved Blissdom, but one of my very favorite memories is dancing at one of the parties with Natalie.

After a few drinks, I got up the courage to get up and dance. As soon as Natalie and I heard the song Get Low by Lil’ Jon, we both freaked because we both love the song. Now if you don’t know the song, I’ll just say it’s a rap song with raunchy language…VERY raunchy.

Here is the hook of the song:

3, 6, 9 – damn she fine
Hoping she can sock it to me one more time
Get low, get low, get low get low!
To the window, to the wall!
Til the sweat drop down my balls
Til all these bitches crawl
Til all skeet skeet motherf*ckers, all skeet skeet got down!
Til all skeet skeet motherf*ckers, all skeet skeet got down!

Look, I didn’t write the lyrics I just like the song okay? If you are offended or put off by this kind of language, you can stop reading now because you won’t think that the rest of this is funny! Just sayin’.

We both had so much fun dancing to the song at Blissdom that we still talk about it. We’ve tweeted lyrics back and forth to each other and Natalie even sent me this which of course I immediately re-pinned:

The point is, we both love, love, love the song. So when Natalie sent me this You Tube video yesterday, she made my day…let me introduce you to Dan Henig, a musician who decided to cover Lil’ Jon’s Get Low at a coffee shop. Yes, you read that right, a coffee shop. Just watch this…it’s the best thing EVER.

I gotta tell you, I think I like his cover better than Lil’ Jon’s original! Other than the actual song, the thing that makes me laugh every time I watch it is that guy sitting behind him who keeps laughing. The only negative? I don’t think Natalie and I could dance to this version…but I bet we’d both be willing to give it a shot.

If you like Dan’s cover as much as we both did, make sure to follow Dan Henig on Facebook and on Twitter. If you love his voice, style, and music, check out his album on iTunes. I plan to buy his album just as soon as I can get the iPad out of Ethan’s hands.

So tell me….did you like the cover? 

Disclaimer: Dan Henig did not ask me to post this and probably thinks I’m some sort of looney stalker chick. I assure you I am not. I was not compensated in any way to share this – I just think that he’s got an amazing voice and think that some of you might, too. If you agree, help me by stumbling, pinning, liking, and tweeting if you agree!


  1. I love this so very, very much.. Natalie recently posted..A rose by any other nameMy Profile


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