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Well, it’s time for the last Mommy Moment at the Monster of the year…but it’s not a Mommy Moment…it’s a Daddy Moment! If you’re not sure what a Mommy (or Daddy) Moment at the Monster is, head over and read all about how Mommy Moments at the Monster came to be.

Today, I’m so excited to welcome Craig, AKA Booyah Dad on Twitter. Craig is funny, supportive, Daddy to two beautiful little ones, and husband of a dear friend Nichole (in these small moments). 

Go grab a cup of coffee and a donut, ahem, I mean a low-fat muffin, or depending on the time of the day maybe some wine and chocolate, and sit back and enjoy the story!

First and foremost, I want to thank Natalie for welcoming me onto her site and letting me share some of “my style” with her loyal readers. I’ve only had one other guest post before, which was on my wife’s site in in these small moments.

But Natalie was one of my first friends as I entered the crazy world of Twitter and has always been very kind and warm. I still remember how disappointed she was that she was out of town and couldn’t help me reach my first milestone of 100 followers. But she’s been there ever since, so thank you Natalie!

I am blessed with two wonderful children: Katie, who is 4 ½, and Matthew, who is 2. But as I reflect back on my experiences of being a father, I can’t help but go back to some of those early days when I first realized I was even going to be a father…and how truly terrified I was about what was undoubtedly before me.

You see, my wife had been a nanny for years and seemed to be a walking encyclopedia about all things babies. And while that comforted me, I on the other hand, was awkward around babies and wondered how I would manage my own?!?

Of course, when my daughter graced our lives, I quickly learned the myth that it will all come naturally wasn’t such a myth at all. I very adeptly settled into my role and embraced everything I could about being the best daddy possible. But that’s not to say it didn’t come with a few challenges along the way!

When Katie was just a week or two old, she had the natural challenges with a developing intestinal system and struggled with some early gas. But all the recommended remedies didn’t seem to be working? She cried in pain and we couldn’t seem to help her. Even my wife was stumped and in a panic ran to the drugstore to get a different brand of relief.

After I got over the initial panic that she was leaving me alone with our newborn daughter for even twenty minutes, I kept consoling Katie and doing whatever I could to make her comfortable. I thought I’d check her diaper once again and as I gently removed the straps, her moaning stopped immediately.

“Um, Daddy? You had my diaper on WAY too tight!!”

Oops!! #lessonlearned

This one I can still thankfully laugh about to this day. Mainly because Katie was okay, but it certainly reminded me that I needed to get my priorities straight in terms of protecting my daughter over capturing that moment for posterity purposes.

I guess I really did have her back! But um, #anotherlessonlearned

But in the end, I guess it’s a testament to our adaptive nature as human beings. I gain more confidence every day as a father and yet I humbly acknowledge that I’ll have a lifetime of being tested. But do I panic when my wife leaves the kids with me? Not in the slightest! I welcome the special bonding time with the kids and am happy that she’s getting a break. Do I think I have all the answers?

Not. Even. Close.

But I realize that nobody does and it makes me feel good when even my wife relies upon my expertise. Do I make mistakes? Every single day, but I strive to learn from those mistakes and reflect upon how I can handle the situation differently the next time.

I truly cherish being a father. Nothing warms my heart each and every day more than when I open the door and am the recipient of sheer joy from my children. It makes me realize that to them I am not perfect; to them I make mistakes; to them they wish I did things differently at times.

But to them? I am their daddy…..and they love me and make me feel so very important. And for that? I am eternally grateful to them for the gift they have given me…..


Thank you for sharing this Craig because this is EXACTLY what sharing these moments is all about. None of us have all the answers and all of us can use as much support as we can possibly get! And all of those mistakes that we make along the way will give us the knowledge to pass along when our children have kids some day!

There’s no manual out there for what we do, so sharing stories like this helps us all learn from each other.

Now head over to Twitter and say hello to Booyah Dad and if you are a new follower, make sure to tell Craig that I sent you!

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  1. Love this, and hash-tagged like a true twitter dad. We have a similar video my husband took of my daughter pulling herself to stand using the edge of a laundry basket. You can guess how it ended. #faceinbasket Jessica recently posted..25 Days of GiveawaysMy Profile
    • Thanks for coming by, Jessica! And for letting me know that I wasn't alone. ;) Glad it ended well for both your hubs and me! And yes, had to throw in some #hashtags !!
  2. Great daddy moments! Tha ka for sharing.
  3. I love seeing a dad's perspective! I know my husband had similar fears (wait? what do I DO with this little person??), and I absolutely cherish the way he's grown into becoming a father. Your love for your family is so obvious here :)
    • Thanks Angela for your sweet words. Yes, my family is my everything. I'm so thankful for the joy they've brought into my life....
  4. I love that your changed diapers! It was wonderful to read your parenting moment. JDaniel4's Mom recently posted..Muffin Tin Monday- Layered Christmas TreeMy Profile
    • Oh, yes, I definitely change diapers. In fact, I could have shared the video of my daughter running around singing "I dropped a bomb on you" after one monumental diaper change! :) Thanks for coming by and reading!
  5. The "too tight diaper" made me think of my poor oldest son who nearly had a double circumcision when a long hair from my head somehow wrapped around his boy part in a very frightening houdini-esque kind of way. Michelle recently posted..Boysenberry & Bacon Stuffed French Toast CasseroleMy Profile
    • Isn't it amazing how fragile, yet resilient our children are? But that's a great reminder (see, I keep learning!) for my daughter, who has only had one haircut in almost 5 years!
  6. And what a FABULOUS Daddy you are! I have seen you in action and you rock the role. Also, I'm pretty sure you have had to help my naked daughter get back into her PJ's while I was out drinking wine with your beautiful wife! Hahahahhaha!!!! Loved the video!! Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation recently posted..Christmas CookiesMy Profile
    • Thank you, my dear friend. I'll admit a little bit of that trepidation crept back in when first thinking of two little girls, but Sadie was an angel. Sure, I was a bit surprised when the girls took a joint potty break, though! Haha - what a fun sleepover! Thanks for coming by! xoxo
  7. I love this post, babe. The funny thing is that although you worried early on, I never had any doubt that you'd be an amazing father. Your kindness, compassion, and observant nature told me that our children would be blessed. And seeing you with them each day reinforces all that I knew to be true. Thank you for loving them...for loving me. We are so incredibly blessed. xoxo Nichole recently posted..Absolute GratitudeMy Profile
    • Ahh, my beautiful wife. I knew that if I was going to have children, you were the woman for me. You have truly blessed me with an incredible family, untold bliss and a lifetime of happiness. While I'll always respect your knowledge, I appreciate that you value my insight and we truly approach parenting (and life) as a partnership. I do love you...and this life you have given me. Thank you dearly...
  8. So refreshing to read another guy who didn't freak out, too badly, when the world changed . . . and who admits mistakes (while knowing that he'll make more). Thanks for sharing Craig! John recently posted..Where I say “happy anniversary” in the only way I know howMy Profile
    • Thanks so much for coming by, John, and reading my words. Yes, parenting is a learning experience and I know that I still have much to learn. But with my wife and children supporting me and loving me....I know that I'll be just fine. And I appreciate and respect other fathers like you that I know are intimately involved with their children and truly embrace fatherhood. Nicely done, my friend.
  9. Craig what a great post about parenting....and the highs and lows that come with it. I learn something new everyday being a mom...and I revel in that place. Nichole is lucky to have such a great partner...and Katie and Matthew are lucky to have such a great daddy...who doesn't know everything but has a whole lot of love to give. For me, that is what is important..that our children know they are loved even when we are all frustrated, out of our element or completely stumped...that life isn't perfect but us being a "family" is ...perfect in it's imperfection. :) Kir recently posted..Twas the Night Before…..My Profile
    • Thank you, sweet thing. You've been consistently supportive and I love that you have the insight into our lives to make those comments. Family is so critically important to me, and it means the world to see other parents so dedicated to our children. Thanks again for coming by and reading! :)
  10. I tried to comment a few days ago but couldn't...of course you know I absolutely LOVE this take on parenting! I couldn't adore a couple more than you two... Sherri recently posted..Resolutions? A New PlanMy Profile
  11. Thank you, my dear. You know we adore and respect you beyond words. Thank you for coming by and reading my words. :)