Cool Stuff I Found This Week #4 (Thank You Social Media)

I’ve been doing this for a whole month now! It’s a lot of fun to collect and share all the fun stuff I stumble across on Facebook and Twitter and Google + throughout the week! Here are the top picks from this week.

Ah Pinterest, the love of my life. But most of the stuff I try to do that I find on Pinterest looks nothing like the original pictures. I really don’t need to say more.


Photo Source: The Chive

Get the tissues ready! This video will make you cry happy tears 🙂 But read the article about Claire Koche and why this is so special before you watch the video.

Now you need a laugh, right? Beware! These will make you LOL – literally.

Here are 33 of the funniest things from Tumblr this year.


This cracked me up too…


And this…just imagine texting this to your mom or dad


And a friend of mine who is currently living in Spain shared this picture that her daughter who is 5 years old drew at school. It’s very, ahem, detailed. Though the, um, big red, well you know, might be in the wrong spot.


Do you let the kids play ball in the house? Maybe you should…and this kid is crazy good! Just in case you weren’t gonna watch, spoiler alert! Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper make an appearance.

So you think you’ve got smarts? Take this quiz to find out how well you know your grammar. Or is it grammer?


If you like the Christmas carol Little Drummer Boy, you won’t want to miss this version. WOW!

Don’t forget! You could win a $250 VISA gift card just for voting for my Italian Sausage and Penne Bake recipe on the Anthony’s Pasta’s Facebook page. Yep, I am in a head-to-head recipe contest on Facebook! 

pasta bake

Still want more? I have more cool stuff I found on social media…I even started a category for it because I’m having such a fun time with it!

So what cool stuff did you find this week thanks to social media?


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