Cool Stuff I Found This Week (Thank You Social Media)

I found a bunch of cool stuff this week on Facebook, at the grocery store, and even via something like a press release. So I thought I’d share here for you to enjoy, but also so that I would always be able to find it (LOL!)

I found this great sign at the grocery store of all places. I think the message is spot on, and will be hanging it in my office as a reminder that actions speak louder than words. It’s a good reminder for me and the kids.


Then I found this horrific story that somebody shared on Facebook about a couple who was found guilty of murdering their adopted daughter after using techniques suggested in the book called “To Train Up A Child” written by “Christians” Michael and Debi Pearl. (The Pearls need a copy of the sign I just showed y’all.)


Michael Pearl tells one mother on his website, “I could break his anger in two days. He would be too scared to get angry. On the third day he would draw into a quiet shell and obey.” That’s the kind of advice they dole out throughout the book. Sickening.

40,000 people signed a petition to get to quit selling the book. I wish I could’ve signed it. There’s no need for books to be sold on how to abuse your children.

I’m sharing the article because it’s worth the read. And Hana, the girl who was murdered, deserves to have her story told.

Then I found this, and it was too good not to share. Hump Day will never be the same!


If you are totally in love with the song “Royals” by Lorde right now, you have to watch this video. If you have no idea what the song is, still watch the video. These girls’ voices are simply amazing. I get the chills every time I watch it.

I could listen to it every day, all day.

Then Gigi from Kludgy Mom shared this Volvo commercial on Facebook. It’s quite possibly the coolest commercial EVER.

How does he not lose his cool, freak out, and fall? That’s what would’ve happened if I tried that. You know, after I learned how to do the splits.

Another friend shared this one on Facebook. Why can’t stuff like this happen to me when I’m out and about? How cool would this be to see!?

Last but not least, I had a PR rep email me something like a press release for a new app that I am totally digging right now.


 Here was her spiel:

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I wanted to let you and your readers know about a free app for the iPhone or iPad called CamMe, which allows you to take a selfie without the outstretched arm in the pic or a group photo simply by gesturing to the camera from a distance – perfect for taking Thanksgiving family photos without leaving someone out of the picture!

All you have to do is place the iPhone or iPad in front of you (up to 22 feet!), hold up your hand and then make a fist to let CamMe know you’re ready to take the shot. The app will begin counting down and then take the picture.

The app was featured in InStyle magazine and has had over 600,000 downloads.

Now I usually don’t share – or even check out – this kind of stuff when I get it. But I decided to check it out and then downloaded it. This app is COOL! I’m sharing it because I’ve already told a bunch of people about it and I don’t want you to miss it. The kids are having fun with it too.

See? If I didn’t spend so much time on social media I would’ve missed all of this cool stuff! What cool stuff did you find this week on social media?


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  3. That photo app is awesome! And the acapella video got the nod of approval from my surly tweens, and that's saying a lot. :) Andrea recently posted..Good Morning, BrainMy Profile