Cool Stuff I Found This Week #5 (Thank You Social Media)

Months ago, I started this thing where I would gather up all the cool stuff I found on social media throughout the week and present it to you for your viewing pleasure. Some of it was funny stuff, or stuff to make you smile, or stuff to make you think. The last one I did (it lasted a month before I stopped doing it) was back in December. I’ve been wanting to start it back up and this week seemed like a good week to do it. I found all kinds of stuff to share this week…more than normal. And now it’s time to share it with you!

This post about making a rainbow cake had me laughing out loud with tears rolling down my cheeks. Because it’s really not about cake at all. It’s about how fast a conversation can go off the tracks and into Crazy Town.

Moms of twins will appreciate this one. These two little girls should be sleeping, but are playing instead. What happens when dad walks in the room is awesome.

If you cuss like a sailor like I do, this BuzzFeed article about problems women who love to curse have will have you nodding the whole way through. I actually attempted #14 when Ethan was born and couldn’t do it. (Psst! If you aren’t a fan of foul language, go ahead and skip this one.)

I absolutely loved this post titled 10 Things Children Will Always Remember.

This needs no explanation.

Who’s going to teach me how to do this?

Did you know the CIA is on Twitter? And the Social Media Manager who runs it has a fantastic sense of humor!

What can you get done in 20 minutes when you don’t have the kids with you? A lot of stuff. This look at 30 minutes of running errands with and without kids is hilarious!

Here’s a list of 62 places kids eat free (or almost free.) My friend Megan from Sunshine Wonderland also had this advice about the list: “…a good rule of thumb is call ahead. So many places have dropped them ( like Islands) or are only offering it seasonally (Cocos has it coming up)”

Parenting. It’s hard. And this article about why modern-day parenting is in crisis really made me think and reflect on my own parenting skills.

And I’ve never shared my own stuff, I mean stuff that I’ve posted myself, but this one is probably one of my favorite stories ever about the girls. They are 4 going on 16.

Want to see more cool stuff? Here’s a link to all my finds from when I first started Cool Stuff. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more.

Now it’s your turn! What cool stuff did you find on the internet this week?


  1. Funny stuff! I saw some of this and missed others. Thanks for sharing. Tonya recently posted..Tracy’s Story: Say No To NuvaRingMy Profile
  2. Really awesome stuff! I've been meaning to go to the swearing post all week, thanks for the reminder! Alison recently posted..Through The Lens Thursday #28: EyesMy Profile
  3. I love the with the kids and without the kids graphic. Unfortunately it is the reality of all parents with young kids. It illustrates exactly what my wife would describe when our kids were younger. It's not as hard to get them out the door now, but they sure suck your wallet dry. Adam recently posted..Peeking Baby ShirtMy Profile
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