Cool Stuff I Found This Week #2 (Thank You Social Media)

So last week, I wrote a post titled Cool Stuff I Found This Week, highlighting all of the – you guessed it – cool stuff I found on social media throughout the week. And then I found more. So I present to you….More Cool Stuff.

Last week, I showed you the coolest commercial ever, featuring Jean Claude Van Damme in a Volvo commercial. One of the hottest guys around, Channing Tatum, spoofed the commercial and it’s awesome! But seriously…go look at my Cool Stuff I Found This Week post from last week and watch Van Damme’s commercial first, or else you won’t appreciate this is much.

I also told you last week that I’m totally obsessed right now with Lorde’s “Royals” song. And I shared an amazing cover of it. And then I found another cover – Cam Anthony, a 12 year old that can SING.

Go ahead and watch it another 150 times. I have.

Then this guy, a well known prankster I guess, tries to prank his girlfriend. Results are worth watching!

Last one, I promise. This video is of a bunch of club goers who thought they were posing for photos, but they were actually being videoed. It’s hilarious!

Until next time I find cool stuff….