Cleaning Up Blog Posts: Which Ones Do You Keep And Trash?

I’m doing a bunch of cleaning up behind the scenes here on Mommy of a Monster. I’m renaming categories and getting rid of ones I never use. I’m trying to improve SEO on old posts. I’m going through and cleaning up blog posts and getting rid of ones that have nothing to do with anything, and sprucing up posts by getting rid of irrelevant information. I’m just trying to clean the place up.

I’m also trying to figure out if I should keep posts that really don’t ever see the light of day, and wouldn’t even if I cleaned up the SEO for them. Posts like my old Monster Likes (round up of favorite blog posts I found throughout the week) and product reviews that never get any traffic.

Which leads me to asking this question: How do you decide which posts stay and go when cleaning up on your blog? Or am I being crazy by going through and getting rid of posts at all…should I just leave them alone?

I know it sounds a little anal, but I really don’t want a bunch of clutter, you know? I want my readers to only find stuff that is relevant and interesting…not a post about a giveaway that ended two years ago. Help!


  1. I have only taken down one post and I did it because I no longer believed what I wrote. There are some posts I wrote very early on that I know aren't that great but I'm not going to delete them because they are part of my blogging history. Hope that makes some sense. Jessica recently posted..In Which I Learn To Be Flexible With HomeschoolingMy Profile
    • Yes - I get that. I have taken some down that are totally irrelevant to anything (like directing people to a giveaway), however I've never removed other posts. I think I'm just thinking about this whole thing too much!
  2. I agree with Jessica - my posts are sort of an autobiography...some of them are embarrassingly bad, but they're part if the whole. Cole recently posted..The Holidays Are ComingMy Profile
    • I wouldn't delete any of my bad writing ;) Just the crap stuff like a post saying "come check out this giveaway" and such. I was wondering how many people actually even do clean up...sounds like I may be a little OCD ;)
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  5. I've wondered this as well. But mostly I feel the same as Jessica, that even my early crap, is all part of the blog, even if it makes me cringe now. What I've tried to do is go back and make sure the labels I put on them make sense, check images to see if they're still good (remove if not, maybe add a new one) and then maybe think about re-sharing it as a "Post from the past". Sometimes when I do that, it gets a little traffic and some new comment love. You could even choose a day of the week that you re-share an old post. Jennifer Hall recently posted..Blog Action Day #BAD13My Profile