Christmas Shopping For The Kids…Done. Don’t Hate.

Yep, you heard me! I’m D-O-N-E with Christmas shopping for the kids. And yes, I’m doing the happy dance right now. Because this is not normal Natalie behavior. I’m usually one of those people still shopping on Christmas Eve. This, people, is a total, awesome, unpredicted fluke. And I am all excited about it. So again, don’t hate.

Because you know what? I already got hated for this. Over at In Pursuit of Martha Points. I innocently mentioned I had finished my Christmas shopping, and I swear I was almost burned at the stake. Not only did Lori reply, other readers replied to my innocent comment (See how I keep saying I innocently commented? It’s because it was a totally innocent comment! If I would’ve known that people would be giving me negative Martha points, I never would’ve said anything! Or maybe I would’ve. Yeah, I probably would have. But that’s besides the point. The point is, people were not happy that I actually was finished! They’re all haters, I tell ya!!). Are you gonna go check out Lori’s post and my comment? You should. Go ahead and do it now. I’ll wait for you to get back….

Hey! You’re back. Okay, so anyways, here’s how I finished my Christmas shopping at the beginning of October…

Saturday, October 2nd: We Santa is getting Tater & the girls a playhouse for outside. The one we wanted was on sale at Toys R Us. It was on sale, so my mom and I went down to get it while it was cheap. Jason stayed home with the kids.

Santa’s also bringing the girls a little kitchen set to play with, also from Toys R Us. The kids got lots of duplicate presents from their birthday party, so I used the money I got back from the duplicates and a coupon I had to purchase the kitchen set…no money out of my pocket! So as of Saturday, the Santa presents were done.

Sunday, October 3rd: My mom had a 30% off coupon to Kohl’s. Tater has outgrown pretty much everything, so I was going to head over there to get him some new fall/winter clothes using some gift cards that he got for his birthday.

I tweeted all last week how much I LOVE Kohl’s because of what I’m about to tell you. Here goes…

We walked in, and found out all of the Fisher-Price toys were 50% off. The V-Tech toys were 20% off. So I started looking around, and realized that I could get what I needed there! I loaded up my cart with toys (and also some additional gifts for grandparents and aunts, as well as the clothes Tater needed).

When we got to the register, here’s what went down. Yes people, these are the actual figures from my receipt. There is no *bamboozling* here, it’s all true:

Subtotal for all kids gifts, gifts for grandparents and Jason’s aunt, clothes for Tater, a t-shirt for the hubby, and a candle for me: $300.47

30% off discount: -$90.15

Gift cards I had: -$46.68

Total to my Kohl’s credit card to be paid off over 3 months (I hate credit card balances): $182.09

Total Saved: $302.57

PLUS…yes, there’s more….I got $40 back in Kohl’s cash! Meaning I can go back this week and get $40 worth of free merchandise without any obligation or further purchases…woo hoo!

So yeah, when I mentioned it over at In Pursuit of Martha Points, you can see why I was so excited. And you can also see why I really shouldn’t be burned at the stake or hated by everybody. This was the best shopping experience/fluke of my life, and why I love Kohl’s!

Do you have any amazing savings from shopping experiences you’ve had? Were they planned savings or a total fluke like mine?

Did you miss my guest post over at In These Small Moments yesterday? If you did, please check it out! It’s one of my favorite posts I’ve ever written.

And so it goes…

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  1. I'm not hating. Already got mine a remote control car at the walmart anniversary sale and 3 books today for his tag junior. Sadly I know I'm not done until walmart kicks me out because it is Christmas eve. I have a bad shopping habit.
  2. Oh, how could anyone hate you? No hatin' here! Do you have a deal with Kohl's, BTW? I can totally see why you love them, but if you aren't advertising for them "fo real", you should be! My son's 6th birthday is this weekend, but, after that, I'm going shopping. You've inspired me!
  3. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:
    You are awesome! Soooooo....since you are already done, how about I send you a check and you can do my Christmas shopping for me?
  4. Whatever. I'm sticking my tongue out at you. Can you see me?

    I have a list started, but that's it. I'm jealous.
  5. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    Go you!!! I'm almost done with Hayden!
  6. Sharlene T. says:
    Don't hate you! I shop throughout the year and have to make a note on my computer where I've stashed things. The only down side is that if you really get it all done too soon, there's something wrong with the Season... You just don't feel the same... But, congratulations!
  7. woman, you are the all time superstar of savings and christmas shopping!

    this is one reason I'm glad I don't have kids yet. I only have to shop for my friends. and being artsy, I usually just make stuff. won't be that easy when I have kiddos. someday. maybe. hopefully.
  8. Booyah's Momma says:
    I don't hate you. But I am a little jealous. That rocks that you are done with Christmas shopping for your kids. Really.
  9. Circus Daily says:
    sweet...i miss Kohls. They don't seem to be in Canada. At least I haven't found one yet. I'm jealous that your shopping is done...ugh, thinking about how much I have to do before the holidays makes me feel all itchy inside. There's no hating here....power be to the woman who finishes early, thereby eliminating the need to stroll through an overpacked shopping centre while listening to yet again another round of Transiberian Orchestra's greatest hits.
  10. Normally I'm done w/ all my Christmas shopping by now, because I refuse to enter stores in November. But this year I'm behind. I'm sure toddler twins have something to do w/ this (gotta have someone to blame ;-))
    We don't have a Kohl's, but are supposed to get one. I've heard such good things.
  11. I so wish that I could be that organized but alas, I still have no idea what Halloween costumes my kids will be wearing.

    Oh and my love for Kohl's and their awesome money savings is GREAT!
  12. Minivan Mommy says:
    LOVE Kohls. I am planning to start (and finish?) my Christmas shopping for the kids this weekend. I already know what I'm getting, and what stores I'm getting them from. I"m so excited to shop!
  13. I don't hate you, but I am extremely jealous. I had a 30% off card for Kohls, and I used it to buy all new towels and bath mats for our master bedroom. I never even thought to check the toys.
  14. Sounds like you got some great deal. I have my youngest's big present done(um...upcoming review from CSN LMAO!!!), but that's it. Though, we just get each boy one big thing and then a few smaller things. We don't go crazy at Christmas, which makes our shopping go faster. We also don't wrap clothes as presents(except for pjs on Christmas eve). My kids actually get bored opening presents and want to be done as soon as they open one thing that they want to play with.
  15. Your Christmas will be very stress free since you're done with shopping. I'm a Christmas eve shopper. And I usually make fun of early shoppers. But with those deals? It's impossible to find fault when you were simply taking advantage of the happy circumstances.

    And my last minute spree will happen from my computer. I love having things come to me instead of the dragging myself through the mall or walmart.
  16. Crazy Brunette says:
    You're a WHORE! Grrrr. I keep THINKING that I need to start, and then I don't.

    I'm horrible though, bc when I get something for anybody (especially the Mini CB's) I want to give it to them IMMEDIATELY! Screw the waiting for the occasion shit!
  17. Sheena Simpson says:
    Oh I would love to be you right now! Our third's bday is right before Halloween. I never start shopping till after that. And a lot of shopping done in November is mental lists.
  18. I think it's amazing! I've started my shopping and wish I was further along! I just need to start a few lists and I should be good to go!
  19. The Blogging Goddess says:
    So...I don't have any Christmas shopping...the joy of being Jewish.
  20. I'm totally hating.

    On the act though, not on you. As my mom always said "I don't not love you, I don't love what you DID."
  21. I'm so jealous!
    I can't even start to think of Christmas until after Halloween. In fact, I haven idea what Santa is bringing Miss Thing this year. Maybe a playhouse? Checking Toys R Us website next!
    And PS, Kohl's rocks!
  22. redriverpak says:
    My wife is addicted to Kohl's cash! She has been back every week for like 10 years....never ending cycle....she should just live there. :)
  23. I like the indoor kitchen idea but I think we're also gonna get babe this or some variation cause my baby girl loves her boy toys, lol.
  24. I won't hate; I'm an early shopper, too. And I think it's great when you can get 1 or 2 "big" gifts. We are going to get a video gaming system for Christmas this year to curb a lot of buying of gifts.
  25. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    Ok, Ok...

    I will cancel out the negative -25 Martha Points and give you an +10 point bonus for a major shopping score.

    But if you get your house decorated by the 5th of December and do a happy dance about it on Twitter, I am busting your little heiney back into negative numbers. ;)
  26. I am usually done right after Black Friday, but what I find happens with me is that if I finish too early, I still end up finding other things on sale and they're too great of deals to pass up...thereby exceeding my budget when all is said and done.

    I'll miss Black Friday this year since I'll be in SD. You did a great job!!!
  27. I am equal parts impressed and envious!
    Even if I finished early, I'd probably keep buying until Christmas because I have no holiday control whatsoever!
    Great job!
  28. Definitely not hating girl...I envy that you started and are done!
    I hope to start in November.

    I love Kohl's too and you got some serious deals!!!
  29. Belle's Butterfly says:
    I haven't started yet, but The Hubs and I decided over the weekend that were going to start in the next week or so. With the kids in the family at least. This is 2 months early for us. We already know what Santa is bringing Belle and we have some stocking ideas for her. We just have to figure out what we want to get her. And she will probably need some more clothes then too. But I want to wait on that since I just cleaned out the Carter's store.
  30. MommaKiss says:
    We have Kohl's too and my husband thinks the k's cash is a scam. Makes ya shop so much more. I'm ok w/ that. As for being ready for Christmas? I don't even think I've thought about ANY gifts. None.
  31. Well done! I'm not at all done yet, but I've finished my scoping and know what I want to get for pretty much everyone. I find if I get stuff too early I then find stuff I love just as much if not more later on and I get out of control. If I could make a career out of buying the perfect presents for people I would. I'm that good.
  32. I am proud of you! I used to do the same thing because my oldests birthday is in December and I wanted to be able to really celebrate and enjoy her birthday. I also loved those years because I would wrap everything before thanksgiving and really enjoy my holiday season! Now with 4 kids I have lost all control and I need to get back on that wagon! :)
  33. The Flying Chalupa says:
    I'm not gonna lie. I'm full of hate. Even more so because THERE'S NO KOHL'S NEAR ME. Can you believe it? And Target is hella far away too. I'm stuck with expensive mom-and-pop shops. Don't get me wrong. Love mom and pop, don't like their prices.
  34. Soge shirts says:
    Wow that is awesome. I am a last second procrastinator so to be done in October is quite the feat to me. Looks like you got some good deals too.
  35. Making It Work Mom says:
    Doesn't it feel Good!!!??? We have started our "Santa" shopping. Our state had a tax free weekend over the summer so we did get a laptop for my daughter and an x-box 360 for my son. We have also reserved the latest installment for the Wii. So we are feeling pretty good.
    The only problem I find with shopping so early is that I am constantly picking up one more thing because the children mentioned it or it was such a great deal!!!
  36. MultipleMum says:
    Poo bum wee to you. Bah humbug!

    We haven't even started our lists yet! We have one 4 year old B'day on Dec 17 and the twins on Xmas day too. Am.In.Denial.

  37. kris in larryville says:
    I wish I had any idea what I was getting my little pickles for Christmas. Then I might be able to start shopping. Good for you!
  38. Mrs.Mayhem says:
    Doesn't it feel awesome to score shopping deals?! Good for you!

    And I thought I was hot stuff (and getting a jump on the holiday season!) because I bought one gift for each of my girls. Boo.
  39. I have a very simple solution - since you are finished you can help all of us! ;) I love when those deal days come together when you least expect it! Good for you!

    But seriously, do my shopping! ;)
  40. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    Woohoo!!! You rock sister. We don't actually do Christmas cuz we are Baha'is, so I don't have any reason to hate anyway. But that is still awesome. And I'm a big friend of Kohl's too. And Belk. I usually get some wicked savings over there as well. Do you have a Belk around where you are?
  41. That was a fun trip! Even I made some headway with the Christmas shopping!
  42. MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) says:
    No hate here! I feel like I'm at least halfway "there", as I have my mental list together. :) I can't believe the holidays will be here in just a few's THAT I'm not ready for!
  43. Mommy Lisa says:
    If I see good deals I grab them too. Good for you!
  44. I am so jealous! The only Christmas shopping I have accomplished is a gift that I bought for my kids that I intend to give them on Thanksgiving... a Christmas story/picture book "Santa & The Little Teddy Bear," written by Peter John Lucking. The book is filled with stories and Christmas carols. Something that I thought would make their Holiday experience magical! However, reading this post just gave me the kick in the pants I needed to kick it up a notch and hurry up with the rest of my Christmas shopping! You are so lucky!