Christmas: Feelings Before and After The Big Day

A burned out string of lights - right in the middle of the tree - and a lone present are all that is left of Christmas.

A burned out string of lights – right in the middle of the tree – and a lone present are all that is left of Christmas.

I always feel a little let down the day after Christmas. There’s so much excitement and joy for the month leading up to it, and in just a few short hours, it’s all over.

Every Christmas Eve we let the kids open one gift it’s usually one that I pick for them so that they don’t pick one of the “really good ones” that they’ve been hoping to get. After all, part of the magic of Christmas morning is excitement and anticipation! This year, the girls opened up makeup that of course they loved. I love watching them put it on with such concentration…though they always look like clowns. It’s so cute. And hopefully will keep them out of my makeup!

On Christmas morning, Santa leaves gifts for them and this year they weren’t disappointed. Jason and I grab a cup of coffee and sit down to watch them tear through the rest of their gifts. This process usually takes about 3 minutes – it goes way to fast and I don’t even think they look at what they actually got until after they’ve opened everything.

Lila put on her new lipstick...all by herself.

Lila put on her new lipstick…all by herself.

We host Christmas brunch at our house. My siblings and parents come over and all the kids run around, happy to play with all of their cousins. This year my mom finally got the picture she’s been asking for every time we all get together: a picture of all 12 grandkids. It wasn’t an easy feat and I almost guarantee that at least 2 or 3 kids aren’t looking at the camera in every picture, but at least she has what she has wanted for so long. And by about 1 pm, everybody has gone home and Christmas is over.

I’m left with memories of my kids’ faces as they came in my room to tell me Santa had visited. I’m left with the thoughts of seeing family at a family party whom I don’t normally see except a couple of times a year. I’m left with memories of the kids all sitting around the tree singing carols and how excited they were.

I’m left with bits of wrapping paper and ribbons. I’m left stepping on Barbie shoes and pirate swords. I’m left with a tree that has a string of lights that is burned out (this happened about a week before Christmas and since the tree was decorated and their were presents underneath it, there was no way I was going to try to find that burned out bulb). I’m left with one lone present under the tree for my Papa who I will see next week. I’m left with approximately 1,562,286 boxes that need to be broken down and somehow stuffed in the recycling bin.

So now I’ll begin the tedious process of undecorating and putting the excitement of the holiday season away until next year, feeling a little like the Grinch. I wish this excitement could last year round.

This post was originally published December 26, 2012 on the Chiquita Moms site.


  1. I love this. Wrote a quick post about my Christmas hangover. Feeling the same but I think that we can make it last by trying to have mini moments throughout the year. Merry Christmas, my friend! Sili recently posted..The Christmas HangoverMy Profile
  2. I love the week that everyone goes back to school and work - it's the one time that I can actually sit among my Christmas-filled home and enjoy it all season. Your tree looks like ours - why do the lights go out right in the front? Andrea recently posted..Merry Christmas, DarlingsMy Profile
  3. My sentiments exactly. And it's hard to stay content when I'm hooked on excitement. One delights in the small moments, and the other craves the big. Happy holidays anyway. :-D Lady Jennie recently posted..Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristmasMy Profile