Chow Time

Please don’t get me wrong. My excitement to share this story isn’t because Hubby helped me with the girls. It’s because hubby chose to help me with one of the most difficult tasks that I do twice a day. 14 times a week. 60 times a month. You’ll appreciate these numbers more when you realize the effort it takes to feed the girls baby food twice a day, 14 times a week, 60 times a month (not including snacks). 

Hubby is a really big help with the kids, and is more participative in their care than a lot of dads I know. He takes Tater out to play and rough house. He takes him to the park. He takes him for rides around the block on the motorcycle. He tries to keep him out of my hair when he knows I’m near the breaking point. He changes his diapers (and remember, Tater is almost three, so it’s not baby poop anymore, it’s full on little man poop), helps feed him, gets him dressed…and rarely complains. When it comes to the girls, he does all the same (minus the rough housing and the motorcycle). But ask him who he’d prefer to help me with and he’ll pick Tater everytime.

The girls are just more difficult. For one thing, there’s two of them, so feeding/changing diapers/keeping them busy is twice the work, effort, and time. Heck, just picking them both up and taking them upstairs is a challenge. For another thing, they just aren’t as easy to deal with. Remember when your little ones were just babies? Everything with an infant is “hands on” and time consuming. And with two, of course, it presents some challenges. Giving them bottles requires us to sit on the floor in between the two of them, a bottle in each hand. They turn their heads, they try to watch Tater, and generally don’t pay attention so it takes a loooong time to get the job done. I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture.

And as for food-feeding time, well I’ve said before feeding them is similar to feeding time at the zoo. Food flies and gets everywhere (how does it end up up their nose and in their ears?). And remember that two babies = twice the mess. There’s screaming. I tend not to get it to each of them fast enough, apparantely I don’t meet their expectation of speediness, so there is a lot of kicking, grunting, and protesting while the other one is getting her spoonful. Feeding Tater is easy – throw a hotdog in the microwave, cut it up, and get him some juice and a napkin…done.

Needless to say, hubby’s not a huge fan of feeding the girls. So imagine my surprise the other day when I was getting ready to feed them and he said “I’ll feed them for you”.  Wow! He was volunteering to help me with one of the most tedious tasks I do everyday! He even knew what he was getting himself into and still wanted to do it! I love him. The feeding went as smoothly as could be expected. Shortly after they finished eating, I decided to give them a teething biscuit. Ms. M likes for me to hold hers for her so she can guide my hand to her mouth and have both hands free to play with the cookie and my hands while she makes her mess. Ms. L, on the other hand, wants to do it herself. Except she isn’t anywhere near close to mastering self-feeding yet. She gets VERY angry when she pulls her hand out of her mouth and hence, the cookie. She doesn’t understand where the cookie goes or how to get it back. Here is the result of her efforts:
Now I wish I was a better photographer because then you would’ve also seen her little arm off to her side, with her cookie clutched in her fist. I know, I know…I feel bad for her too, but how cute is this picture??!!
And so it goes…


  1. You had me at "two babies = twice the mess". How do they get food in their hair, ears and up there nose?

    That picture is priceless! I can just imagine her tiny fingers gripping the cookie.

    Glad you have such a participatory father. We are the lucky few, from what I understand.

  2. sunshine_73 says:
    love this! my very participatory hubby didn't really "get" to help me much in this arena, but when it was needed he was a champ! gotta love hubby's who are hands on!