I’m Not Here Because I’m At The Chiquita Moms Community!

After Blissdom, I’m still trying to catch up! I am so busy and tired it’s crazy! I know I’ve mentioned before that I’m one of the five Charter Chiquita Moms, and that I’ve asked you to help me grow the Chiquita Moms Community by joining, but did I mention I’m writing over there, too?

Photo Source: Pinterest via @ProjectAlicia

For this week’s post, I actually vlogged (yes! I tried to vlog again!) all about fun and healthy fruit snack ideas, like the one above. Cute, right? Well I give you a couple of more ideas too! And my kids love them!

I’ve also written about the kids’ nicknames, how to get picky eaters to eat vegetables, I introduced my family to the community ABC style, heck The Bidness even wrote a post!

So head over and check out the community! There’s lots of good stuff there!

Today’s also Jason’s birthday and I’m going to make his favorite meal: Steaks with a yummy sauce and hot spinach salad. Look for the recipes tomorrow!