Ask and You Shall Receive

You’ve asked for this, suggested it, some of you have begged for it. After last week’s first round of Lila and Mia hosting The Bidness, I got tweets and emails saying “Hey! You should get The Business on video!”.

And so I did. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Why is this not viral yet? I may have crapped myself a little from fear...
  2. Oh, your girls are so stinkin' cute! And the bidness is just adorable.
  3. I love this! You got a great shot of "the business." You should put it on You Tube! :)
  4. Too cute! She certainly has it down pat!
  5. The Empress is on a plane as I type ....
  6. With those looks, they could strike fear in the heart of any babysitter. So cute.
  7. Oh my word! So flipping cute. :-) Those girls are T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
  8. Ha ha that was awesome! Those girls are so adorable! :)
  9. This is the cutest thing ever! I love it!
  10. As cute as that is, I hope to never run into your girls and their bidness in a dark alley!
  11. Oh Yeah! So stinking cute!
  12. YES~ I love it!!!!!!
  13. It's so funny she does it on demand!
  14. That is awesome. I can;t believe they do it when you ask. That totally rocks!
  15. Any way we can arrange a marriage? She'd be a good match for my Lil Kiss.
  16. I love that when you turn back to Lila she's already businessing you (yes, this is a verb now)
  17. LOVE this!!!! Everyone must see it.
  18. Oh FUNNY!
  19. Best video I've seen in ages! So cute!
  20. Oh I totally loved it!!!!! Garrett used to make a face like that but we called it "The Angry Face".
  21. I don't have the sound on being at work, but the video alone is enough! I'll be coming back here whenever I need a good laugh.
  22. Oh for the love of cuteness! A-DOR-A-BLE! Love it, lady! Excellent new series, yes? :)
  23. Ack! that is hilarious and so cute. and mildly scary. I am shaking a bit from a bit o the biz-nas.
  24. That is too funny!! Thanks for sharing!
  25. Cracks me up every time!
  26. That is so awesome! lol
  27. So cute. And scary. How do you say no to that?
  28. Oh, woman. It's YOU and not I can laugh. ADORABLE.
  29. Love it! They are too cute!
  30. SO cute but I can't help but think she is still going to be giving you the "bidness" in 10 years or so and it won't be quite as cute. :)
  31. Adorable! Waylon has been giving me a similar look. I have yet to capture it!
  32. Awesome! She's so serious about her bidness.
  33. I love the bidness!! Video does it so much better justice. Sleep with one eye open, Mom. One. Eye. Open.
  34. She's got a serious Mean Mug face! I know if I ever saw her in an alley, I would run the other way. I don't think you have anything to worry about with her :) Ava
  35. OH MY GOD— that is AMAZING. Also. That girl is going to rule the school in junior high. I am sure of it.
  36. How did I miss this when you first posted it. AWESOME! Off to tweet, stumble and all that other fun stuff that the business deserves. Nolie recently posted..My Favourite Blog Posts of 2011My Profile


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  2. [...] Lila, and I give The Business. My mom wanted you guys to see it so she took a video of me doing it. I don’t mess around when I give The [...]
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