Check Out My New Monster Look!

Mommy of a Monster
Like my new look? I love it! But we’re still doing some tweaking and fine tuning so please excuse the dust. A special thanks to Alissa at Simple Sweet Design for making it happen!

Don’t forget to grab my new button because it’s pretty darn cute (thanks again Alissa)!! You can find it right under Google Friend Connect to the right of this post.

Yay! My blog is being reviewed today over at Blog Brew Review! Blog Brew Review is a cool blog dedicated to reviewing blogs and giving you a taste of what they’re all about so you don’t have to! It’s a super cool blog, so please check it out. I’m a contributor over there, so if you’d to have your blog reviewed please leave me a comment and let me know. Or you can email me at Thanks to Kristin from Taming Sanity for writing such a great review!

Don’t forget! Sunday is the last day to enter my first giveaway for a Waterpik Easy Select showerhead! Go check it out and leave me a comment on the post…that’s all you have to do to enter to win it!

Last but not least, I had a first time visitor here yesterday and so I went to check out his blog and thank him for swinging by…I found a new cool blog to read! He’s the Urban Cowboy, and he had a post titled 10 Signs You Might Be a Blog Addict, and it was too good not to share! So go check it out!

And so it goes…


  1. Courtney says:
    HOW CUTE IS THIS??? Great job! Love it! Grabbing your new button....
  2. I adore your new look and am grabbing your cute button. :)

    I think I'm a little scared to have my blog reviewed! LOL
  3. Tennessee Mom says:
    Great new button!

    I have a surprise for you in today's post. Stop by and check it out:
  4. VERY cute! i love how you are customizing your blog and how we can now get a button :) i had to see your post before i leave today...needed my morning dose of natalie!
  5. I'm new here, so I didn't see your old look, but I'm really likin' this one!
  6. Aging Mommy says:
    Hi Natalie, I just LOVE the new look to your blog!
  7. Allyson & Jere says:
    Cute! The funny thing is, the minute I see the "new" look, I literally have NO.IDEA what the old look was. Good? Bad? I'm not sure. But, your new look, totally fabulous.

    Oh, and you can review my blog. do I still have to e-mail you? Since we're like blog bff's and all. hehehehehe
  8. Cuuuuute! I just grabbed your button. I'm going to go bug my cousin about my button now.
  9. I'm a full-time mummy says:
    Love love love the button! Can't resist it... I'm grabbing it! Wishing you a happy Sunday from Malaysia! (oh well, we're 1 hour away from Sunday now)
  10. An Imperfect New Momma says:
    Thanks for stopping by. I like your blog look...though I dont know what it looked like before. Its cute though :O) Happy SITS Saturday
  11. Very cute!!! I love the little guy!
  12. love love the new perfect for your blog!
  13. Love it! Green is my fave color! Looks awesome! And I grabbed the button :)
  14. Your blog looks fabulous! I found you over at Blog Brew and am your newest follower. Nice to 'meet' you!
  15. Kristin Glasbergen says:
    It looks great! Love the Roseanne quote and the monster. I will get the button, I'm just not sure how to do that yet. It's my next task.
  16. Very cute Natalie!
  17. Super cute. Love that shade of green.
  18. Ms. Understood says:
    Love the new look. What a cute little monster.
  19. I found your blog over at Allyson VP's and I'm glad I stopped by.
    What intrigued me was your comment about Alli. I had great success with it, and I was wondering what your beef was? Just curious, and I'm adding you to my blogroll today. Have a feeling that I may need to keep up with you!
  20. Your blog looks amazing!!! I love the little monster. Grabbing the button!
  21. The Urban Cowboy says:
    Thanks for the shout out! I don't know what your blog used to look like, but I do think this look is awesome.
  22. I love the new look and monsters (most days)!

    You have inspired me to consider a change too.

    I am grabbing your button.

    Well done!
  23. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    I love the new look. What fun! Stopping from SITS!
  24. Great new look! It's so different and eye catching....great job! :)
  25. ericka @ alabaster cow says:
    love your new design and i'm grabbing your button.

    oh and i'd love for my blog to be reviewed!
  26. One Love Mama says:
    Oh my gosh Natalie, I LOVE your new blog!!
  27. The Boob Nazi says:
    That monster is pretty cute!
  28. The Boob Nazi says:
    Where'd my comment go? I'm confused.
  29. Maureen says:
    I am so diggin' the whole new look and the button is super cute! Can I put them on my blog pretty please with a cherry on top? :D
  30. If SHE can figure it out.......... says:
    Totally cute! Wish I had time to blog this week, but I'm taking the time to catch up on everyone else's instead. I love the new look!!
  31. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    Yay! I love it so much!
  32. Drama queens mum (Kimberly) says:
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is great.
  33. LOVE the button! Beyond adorable. And your blog? Looks amazing.
  34. Looks fantastic! Gonna have to snag your awesome button too!
  35. Christine says:
    This looks great!!
  36. I just found your blog from...hmmm...I can't remember now! So glad I did! I like your Friday flip-off days. I have something like that everyday- Take That Thursdays, Make Me Monday, Want Some of This Wednesdays???, Suck it Saturdays... Ha! You've inspired me!
  37. Taryn L. McCracken says:
    Wow! Great new look!
  38. Alex@LateEnough says:
    OMG! I LOVE IT!! It is SO perfect. The monster is so cute and monster-like. Just like a toddler ;)
  39. Ashley @ Little Miss Momma says:
    such an adorable and monster-tastic new design--LOVE it!