Changes, They Are A Comin’

Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? When I started Mommy of a Monster and Twins in March of 2010 (can you believe my blog is turning SIX next week?!), the girls were only 7 months old and Ethan was 2. Here are the first pictures that I posted of the three of them:

Ethan with his Auntie Steff and Mia and Lia

And here they are just a few days ago:

Ethan, Lila, and Mia celebrating Daddy's birthday

Ethan, Lila, and Mia celebrating Daddy’s birthday

They have all grown so much, and I love that I get to share it with you!

But here’s the deal…they are getting to the age now where they are saying things like “Mom please don’t put that on your blog” and “Don’t share that on Facebook, Mom!”

It’s hard for me not to share everything, but I get it. I have to respect their feelings and their privacy. I have to be okay with them not living out life on the computer for all to see. Being a mom who blogs and has shared so much is who I am, but I need to realize that I have to ask them now if they want things shared. Soon they and their friends will be online and I don’t want their friends to find things that are embarrassing to them or too personal.

Changes are coming, my friends. You may have noticed over the years that I’ve went from blogging about being a mommy to including other things that interest me. Food. Wine. Books. Gardening. And while the kids are clearly visible and still referred to a lot, I’m not just blogging about them and what they are doing. I’m growing, just as they are.

All of this occurred to me recently as I was going back through years worth of blog posts with the kids. They LOVE looking at old posts about themselves. The pictures are their favorites. They grew up on my blog. They can see themselves growing up which is cool, but they don’t want everything out there all of the time now that they’re older.

Here’s where the changes are going to come in: I know a lot about being a mom of twins and raising three young children very close in age. I’m hoping to share that knowledge with new moms, moms of young kids close in age, and moms of twins. Those kinds of parenting shortcuts will stay. But I’m going to be switching gears. You’ll be seeing more about what goes on in my life outside of my job as a mom – the things that make me Natalie and not just Mommy.

I’m also going to be redesigning my blog, which I’m VERY excited about. Stay tuned!

What kinds of things would you like to see on Mommy of a Monster and Twins? I’m open to hearing any and all suggestions. Feel free to leave a comment or you can email me directly at