Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 12

The Business Lila: I’m sure that you read my mom tell you about how we aren’t taking naps anymore. She says we are boycotting naps. But we just don’t need them anymore.


The Business Mia: Yeah, I have a lot of stuff I want to do. Like pull all the clothes out of our drawers. And put all the new diapers in the Diaper Genie. And pull Lila’s hair out.


Lila: And it hurts when she pulls my hair. It hurts a lot. She is mean. But putting diapers in the Diaper Genie is fun. And sometimes I bite her and that’s fun too.

Mia: But we wanted to tell you about when my mom and dad took us to Irvine Park. We got to go see the ducks and ride the train and see the animals in the zoo. They eat pumpkins.

Lila: We went without Tater cuz he had school. So we got to go all alone with mom and dad. That doesn’t happen very often. Usually Tater gets to go to the special places.

Mia: We got to see bears and raccoons and a mountain lion. And we got to feed goats.

bear eating pumpkin at Orange County Zoo racoon eating pumpkin at Orange County Zoo racoon eating pumpkin at Orange County Zoo mountain lion at Orange County Zoo

Lila: Don’t forget the train! We got to go on the choo-choo train. It says “Choo Choo!”

train at Orange County Zoo train at Orange County Zoo

Mia: And Tater still doesn’t know! Mom and dad says it is a secret. I guess that’s what happens when you go to school – people have secrets and fun when you are not at home.

Lila: Uh huh. That’s true. I don’t want to go to school. Nobody should have fun without me.

Mia: I want to go to school. Then I can do whatever I want and Mommy won’t say “NO NO”

Lila: But what if they do secrets without us? I will be mad.

Mia: Then we will just mess stuff up so they know that we know they have secrets!

Lila: Oh! That’s a good plan!

Mia: I know.

Lila: But anyways, the animals were so cute!

Mia: Look! We even have a video!

Lila: It was so much fun! So if you live in Southern California like we do and want to have fun this Saturday, go to the Halloween Zoo-tacular at the Orange County Zoo from10 a.m. to 4 p.m. inside Irvine Regional Park! The first 100 children ages 12 & under in costume will receive a free gift!

Mia: And they are gonna have crafts and face painting and trick-or-treating and you can watch the animals eat treats and go to a big pumpkin patch!

Lila: But don’t tell Tater what he was missing. He would be SO MAD! Uh oh! I think he’s coming!

Mia: Uh oh! He is! See you later!

Disclosure: I wrote this review after being invited to the Zoo-tacular event at the Orange County Zoo at Irvine Regional Park. We received free admission and parking, as well as tickets to come back again later this year. All opinions expressed are my own…they did not ask me to blog about our experience. However, we have enjoyed Irvine Park for years and will continue to, so I was happy to tell you all about it!

Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 10

The Business Lila: Well, we got into a lot of trouble this week. Mommy says we’re like little tornadoes and leave a mess wherever we go. She also says that as she cleans up one mess, we are already busy making another one. And I guess that’s why she wants us to tell you about what we did on Monday.


The Business Mia: Yeah, she was NOT happy with us at all. I’m surprised we didn’t get in big, BIG trouble.



Lila: I think it’s cuz we pushed her past the point of fighting with us – she just gave up. It was kind of nice to get away with no spanking or anything!

Mia: So here’s what happened. We decided to play in the toilet first. We got the little cups from our play kitchen and used them to scoop the water out of the toilet and on to the floor. It was my idea.

Lila: It makes the floor slippery and it’s fun to walk on it. We were going to clean it all up with toilet paper so we wouldn’t get caught, but Mommy found us.

Mia: She screamed a lot. And then she got a towel and cleaned it up so we didn’t even get to play with the toilet paper!

Lila: Then she made us get out of her room and closed the door so we couldn’t get back in. There’s this thing on the door that keeps us out. We are still trying to figure out how to open it.

Mia: But she started putting the laundry away that she had done in the morning and when she put stuff in her closet, she forgot to shut the bedroom door! Then she went downstairs. Daddy was on the computer upstairs. We had been playing in the toy room, but we snuck past him and went into the bedroom.

Lila: Cuz we love playing in her makeup and putting it on. The lipstick tastes yucky, but we like to try to eat it anyways. And we like scraping all of the pretty colors she puts on her eyes out of their cases…the colors are so sparkly and pretty!

Mia: Uh huh. That’ s true. But then last weekend I discovered it’s fun to play with mascara and make my blonde hair black. The black looks funny!

Lila: Yeah, and it feels weird when I put the mascara thingy in my mouth. The bristles are soft!

Mia: So we each took one of her mascaras and hid in the closet. We sat against the wall on the big pretty bedspread she put there since it is so hot, and we opened up the mascara.

Lila: I put it on Mia first, and then she put it on my eyes and lips. Then we decided to put it on the wall. We were coloring later Tater does with his crayons.

Mia: It was so much fun! And she didn’t come looking for us for a long time!

Lila: Cuz she thought Daddy was watching us!

Mia: We heard her come upstairs and call our names, and we were really quiet because we didn’t want her to find us because we knew we’d get into trouble. She asked Daddy if he put us down for a nap, and he said no that he thought we were with her. Then they both said a bad word and came in the bedroom closet.

Lila: They both started saying “Girls! Bad! Bad!”, and then Mommy told Daddy to get the camera.


Mia: After we got cleaned up, they told us to go downstairs and watch TV with Tater. We went downstairs and found a glass of water sitting on the counter.

Lila: We decided to dump it out so we could play with the water since she wouldn’t let us play in the toilet.

Mia: Yeah, and when she came down on caught us and said she was done for the day and that we were Daddy’s problem for the rest of the day.

Lila: So now we aren’t allowed to play with any cups of water OR in the toilet OR with her makeup! She never lets us have any fun.

Mia: Uh oh! She’s coming! She’s gonna be mad if she knows we got on the computer! Let’s go see if the bathroom door is open!

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Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 9

The Business Lila: You won’t believe this. My mom dumped us. Again. We went to San Diego last week and went to Sea World and Seaport Village and the beach, and she went back without us.





Lila: Oh relax. She will be back. Or at least that is what Daddy and Auntie and Gramma are telling us.

Mia: Well why couldn’t we go with her?

Lila: Because she is working. I don’t know why she can’t just be on the computer here. We have a computer.

Mia: Maybe she had to get on a special computer. She better not be at Sea World.

Lila: And you know what else? She is making us do some of her work! We have to tell you about something that she wants to do and she is so excited about it that she asked us to tell you since she isn’t here!

Mia: We were looking through her wedding album and she was showing us pictures before we were in her belly and her and daddy could do whatever they wanted.

Lila: Yeah, but she wants to see your favorite wedding picture! This is hers:


Mia: She says it makes her happy every time she sees it! And now look at this:


Lila: Isn’t it cute? We helped her make it!

Mia: No we didn’t!

Lila: Shhh! They don’t know that! She says stay tuned because she is going to tell you all about it next week! But she also wants you to start looking through your wedding album for your favorite picture!

Mia: Don’t forget The Empress, Lila! She always wants us to tell everybody what we do that’s naughty.

Lila: Well, you flipped out at Sea World and wanted to be held the whole time.

Mia: So? I love being held! You wouldn’t go to sleep at the hotel!

Lila: Well, I wanted to talk. I’m not used to getting to sleep with Mommy!

Mia: Okay everybody, we have been quite for Daddy long enough. Lila, let’s go start whining and maybe he’ll give us a treat!

Lila: That’s a good idea! See you all later!

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Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 8

The Business Remember last week when I told you that my mom dumped us? She didn’t. I guess she went to work way far away. She learned all kinds of things about something called SEO and someone named The Bloggess took a picture with her and she was really excited. She could’ve just stayed here and taken a picture with us!


The Business We missed her so much! We kept saying to Daddy “Mommy? Mommy?” and he said we were driving him crazy because she was at work and that she would be home soon. But it was a long time.


Lila: So we were really happy when she came home! And she took us to McDonald’s for lunch. We love french fries.

Mia: And we didn’t want to take a nap because we thought when we woke up that she would be gone again! But she wasn’t!

Lila: And then she started saying “I can’t believe I wanted to come home” because we were doing a lot of whining. She gives us what we want when we whine. She says she would rather have wine but I don’t know what that means.

Mia: But we have got into a lot of trouble this week. You know why? Because we figured out if we BOTH make a mess at one time, we don’t get in as much trouble because she just wants to clean up the mess!

Lila: But she says bad words when that happens. And Tater covers his ears. Most of the time he helps us make the mess but when Mommy finds us, he says “I didn’t do anything.” Sometimes she believes him even though it was his mess.

Hi. It’s me. Ladies, why don’t you tell everybody what you did that made me flip out?




Mia: I don’t know what you are talking about?

Lila: Are you talking about the dirty rice? Because you keep telling everybody about the dirty rice.

Mia: Oh, the dirty rice. We love dirty rice!

Lila: It’s fun to take our bowls and then dump them out on our heads! That’s funny!

Mia: And then I throw it! So then Lila throws it! And Mommy gets really mad. She said she will never make dirty rice again.

Lila: Yeah I heard her talking to Auntie A and she said “do you know how hard it is to get 2 cups of rice off of the tile floor?” She was not happy about it. That happened before she went away to work. She said she was glad she was leaving.

Oh, and The Empress? You always want to know what we do that’s naughty. We made Mommy flip out this week, too. We did two BAD BAD things.

Mia: Mommy made us chicken nuggets and tater tots for lunch. And we love the white dip!

Lila: Mommy calls it ranch dressing but we just call it white dip. Anyways, she was doing the dishes and not paying attention. So I put some white dip on my finger and put it on Mia’s belly. And then Mia put some in my hair.

Mia: And when Mommy figured out what we were doing she went crazy! She even started to cry. But we told her we were just painting each other. We even painted our hair. She let’s us paint so I don’t know why she was so mad.

Lila: Yeah, that was weird. And then yesterday we were outside playing and Mommy was getting dinner ready. We started throwing sand at each other. It was fun! But then Tater came outside and said “Oh, you’re gonna get in trouble!” and then he ratted us out to Mommy.

Mia: She just said “I am SO done” and then made us go take a shower because we had sand everywhere and she did not want it in the carpet and she didn’t know if she could get it out of our hair.

Lila: Wait! Mommy just got on the computer! Let’s ask Tater to go get us a sucker! See you all later!

Lila and Mia Host ‘The Bidness’ – Round 7

The Business You are not going to believe this. My mom dumped us. She told us that she was going to go away for a little bit, and she’s been gone FOREVER. I’m not sure if she’s ever coming back or not, and I’m not happy about it. Why would she want to leave us?


The Business What I want to know is where is she? Why couldn’t we go with her? I don’t understand why she would want to leave us, either…we always want to be with her! Tater seems to be having fun though. But I miss her.


Lila: Can you believe she is even making us do work for her? Her friend Dana at 18 Years To Life is hosting some party thing and she wanted my mom to tell you stuff she says to us that she can’t believe she really says.

Mia: Stuff like “Do you want a spanking?” Why would I ever want to get spanked?

Lila: Or “I’m not telling you again.” But then she always does.

Mia: Oh, and she says “ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?” and “I am SO done with you guys”.

Lila: She asks me a lot “Did you poop again?” She also says this one a lot: “Mia! Do NOT pull Lila’s hair or I’m going to pull yours!”

Mia: And she tells me “We don’t eat food in the bathroom” and “Don’t put your cup in the toilet”.

Lila: And she always tells us “DO NOT eat the dog food!” And snails. She says “What’s on your face? You guys better not be eating snails!”

Mia: Oh, and “Please keep your fingers off of your pee pee”.

Lila: And what about this one “You guys are driving me to drink”.

Mia: And she always says she understands why her daddy used to always say “Can’t you just go outside and play or go play on the freeway or something?”

Lila: She says a bunch of other ones, but those are the only ones we can think of right now. Anyways The Empress wants to know what the naughtiest thing we did all week was.

Mia: That’s easy! Mommy gave us those yummy cookies that taste like cake and they have the blue frosting and sprinkles all over them. She made us sit at the table to eat it so we wouldn’t make a mess. But we did make a mess…a big one! She was washing the dishes and not paying attention to us because we were so happy we got cookies.

Lila: At first we were just eating it but then Mia started mushing it up in her hands and they were all blue so she started shaking them all over the place and the cookie went everywhere! Then I copied her, but I got an itch behind my ear and got it in my hair.

Mia: So then I put it in my hair. And then there were crumbs all over the table so I tried to put them all on the floor so she wouldn’t see the mess.

Lila: But when she finally checked on us, she was mad! She was so mad that she didn’t even yell!

Mia: Yeah, she just said “Okay Ladies. No more cookies for you.” But she will give us another cookie, won’t she?

Lila and Mia: I don’t know…let’s go ask Tater if he can reach them. See you all later!